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�宇春 Li Yuchun (Chris Lee)

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æŽå®‡æ˜¥ / Chris Lee

(li yuchun)

Weibo: http://weibo.com/liyuchun

Instagram: @liyuchun.official @urnotchrislee

Fan Twitter: https://twitter.com/chrisleeweekly



Li Yuchun, also known as Chris Lee, is a Chinese singer, songwriter, actress, director, fashion icon and philanthropist, (born March 10, 1984. Chengdu, China), who became one of the country’s top pop stars after winning the nationally televised talent contest, Super Girl, in 2005. She has released 52 top singles and is beloved for her free spirit, unique style, charisma, authenticity, and artistry.



This section shows the latest single and studio album release. To view past discography, see the next post.



Real Love / Only You (2015)

double-sided single in collaboration with PC Music


1. Real Love/ Only You

2. 爱有引力 [MV]/ 混蛋,我想你 /



8th Studio Album

Growing Wild 野蛮生长 (2016)

The 8th studio album released by Li Yuchun (a.k.a. Chris Lee) in 2016 as a series of 3 EPs. The first EP "Wild" (野 yě) of Growing Wild was sold more than 3 million copies in the 16 days following its release in May 2016.


EP1 "


. 1.Sense of Presence 存在感

2. open up 开放

3. So What é‚£åˆæ€Žæ ·


EP2 è›®

1. If (è‹¥)

2. Blue è“

3. Magical Show


EP3 生

1. Fig 无花果

2. åˆç†å“€ä¼¤

3. 夹克还我


Concert / Tours

(Under Construction)


Select Features, other special appearances from 2016

(Under construction)


2016-01-01 Li Yuchun - Ordinary DISCO on 2016 Hunan TV New Year Concert


2016-05-21 Jolin Tsai -Spy J feat. Li Yuchun [email protected] PLAY in World Tour Concert in Shanghai

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Past Work

Most recent are shown first


Studio Albums


1987 A Magical Encounter (2014)


*My favorite track is 6.


1. "Dance to the Music"

2. "The Goddness Bible" (女神經)

3. "A Magical Encounter 1987" (1987我ä¸çŸ¥ä¼šé‡è§ä½ )

4. "What Is" (什么)

5. "Beyond" (超)

6. "This Unfeeling World" (冷暖)

7. "Cool" (é…·)

8. "Rock Heart"

9. "Play Your Solo" (弹你的SOLO)

10. "Stay Gold" (如åˆ)


Old If Not Wild (2012)


The title is a Chinese idiom, so the translation is a little off. Note that track 10 is a different version of track 1.


1. "Burning Life" (ä¼¼ç«å¹´åŽ)

2. "Deaf" (è‹å­)

3. "Moon on the Sea" (海上的月亮) [Audio]

4. "Thanks for Affecting Me" (感谢你感动我)

5. "Lifeline" (生命线)

6. "Hello Baby"

7. "At that Moment" (当时)

8. "Say Goodbye"

9. "Forbidden" (ç¦ç•Œ)

10. "Old If Not Wild" (å†ä¸ç–¯ç‹‚我们就è€äº†)


To Do:


The Literary Youth Who Can Dance (2011)

Chris Lee (2009)

N+1 Evolution (2008)

Youth of China (2008)

Mine 2008 Version Spring Festival (2008)

Mine (2007)

The Queen and the Dreams (2006)

The Special Greetings for Chris' Birthday (2006)

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