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Official data shows TWICE Tzuyu’s influence on Korea’s economy

Bae Yu Bin

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Since her debut in JYP Entertainment rookie girl group TWICETzuyu has reached unprecedented levels of popularity. 

Despite having just turned eighteen, Tzuyu has won the hearts of fans all over South Korea and all over the world with her elite visuals and hilariously straightforward personality. In fact, Tzuyu has become such an icon in Korea that she’s single-handedly changing the cultural landscape of the country.

According to recent statistics from the Korean Tourism Association, there has been a 55.6% increase in visitors to South Korea this August, with a recorded 1.66 million compared to last year’s 1.07 million last year. Even accounting for the MERS epidemic that drove last year’s numbers so low, the amount of tourists entering Korea this year has reportedly increased by almost 15% compared to in 2014.

And while many may question what this statistic has to do with Tzuyu, it was further revealed that among the increased tourists this year, Taiwanese visitors have increased by a whopping 310% compared to last year (more than a 33% increase compared to 2014).

Experts are suggesting that the country has risen in popularity among Taiwanese people because of the improving relationship between South Korea and Taiwan. Due to Tzuyu’s status as TWICE’s mascot, her popularity in Korea has painted the country and its entertainment industry in a more favorable light to the Taiwanese people, making South Korea a more desirable place to visit.

Source: Herald Corp

Cr: http://www.koreaboo.com/news/korean-government-data-shows-the-effect-twice-tzuyu-has-had-on-korean-tourism/

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Apperently everything she did become a news in Taiwan  like when she came to participate the national test, her mom cafe opening and the latest one is when she recently came back for holiday they even interviewed her mom lol

Tzuyu's desk became a taiwanese national treasure :lol:



The media seems quite bitter now :lol:  :lol: .

Appledaily even talking about her ninja skill in one of their article about her return. From what I know Appledaily is the most stalker tabloid newspaper in Taiwan (but with the highest readers), I bet they are so ready to stalk her so thats why they are so bitter and writes about how ninja she is with her return LOL  :hurr:  :hurr:

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