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Most anticipated celebrities after army discharge


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1.  JYJ Jaejoong-1005156 points

2. Lee Seung Gi-476991 points

3. TVXQ Yunho-222957 points

4. JYJ  Yoochun-48195 points

5. SS501 Hyunjoong-13644 points

6. TVXQ Changmin-7749 points


Credits: DC Jaejoong gallery, jaejoong baidu_bar


4 more months till jaejoong discharge.  :meow: Still jamming to 'All that glitters',anticipating japanese album~



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4. JYJ  Yoochun-48195 points



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Jaejoong at no #1 with such a huge gap!! damnnnn! I am so impatient for him to come back and slay me with Japanese album or any new activity really!  :rlytearpls:


lmao Jaejoong alone has more votes than all them others. Shows how eager people are for him. Truly god  :chu:

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