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� pannchoa 】 Korean anime movie plagiarizing Spirited Away?


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(T/N: if you look at the dislike bar, it's pretty obvious that the Korean public is frustrated with it ^^; All the youtube comments are mentioning how it looks similar to Spirited away)
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1. Wow but this really has so many similarities to Spirited away
2. Please don't use Changdeokgung Palace like this...
3. As soon as I watched the trailer, I got that feeling tooã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ They're so hopeless
4. Daebak... Do they not know how famous Spirited away is... I just watched the trailer and the voice actors can't even act, they're just reading off a text...
5. Oh.. The poster kinda looks similar
6. ã…Žã…Ž...Just thinking about the Japanese kids seeing this online and swearing at us makes me so ashamed already
7. ...? This is 100% plagiarized.. Especially that girl riding the dragon.. They should know how popular Spirirted away is before doing that.. ã… ã… 
8. Ah what a fail... That's an intergalactic fail..
9. Ugh so embarrassing.. That's a national failure... Even the voice actors are bad..ã… 
10. I'm so embarrassed seriously ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹


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The perfect dragon is actually Falkor, though I love Spirited Away and Haku


I see some similarities, the characters look similar, but





I'm not seeing the similarity between these two pics, there seems to be a different atmosphere tbh

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I can see the similarity in some parts but not all of it? Really the main ones (small characters, dragon) are noticeable. If they did the whole car thing and walking into a tunnel then thats obvious lol.

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there's a few similarities, but if the plot of this Korean movie doesn't involve the main girl's parents getting turned into pigs or some other animals as punishment for eating the gods' food, the girl being forced to work in a bathhouse to pay off debt to free her parents, and a No Face character, then it's not straight up plagiarism.


And unless the dragon is also human like Haku then it is not a ripoff of Haku if its just a dragon with no human form.

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