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[CHN: QQ] When 4000 years beauty meets nation's daughter, this battle of visual is so intense

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1. [+59619] Please! Guan Xiaotong is so much prettier! Stop with the 4000 years thing, she is a beauty, but 4000 years is too much, now the streets are filled with beauties, there are many beauties in the past too, nobody deserves to be called 4000 years beauty. 


2. [+48172] Guan Xiaotong is pretty, tall beautiful white, those who like her raise your hands 


3. [+30381] Guan Xiaotong totally beats the other, what 4000 years beauty, there are many 5000 6000 ones on the street


4. [+11022] Whoever who calls her 4000 years beauty again is a bastard, because people can't live that long! 


5. [+16839] 4000 years beauty is too much! Obviously Guan Xiaotong is a lot prettier!


6. [+7537] 😂😂😂 She's totally just a random passer-by after removing her make up!!! What 4000 years beauty, it's so funny I'm gonna pee


7. [+6937] Of course Xiaotong's the pretty one 


8. [+6707] Ju Jingyi's facial structures are more delicate 


9. [+7584] 4000 years beauty, not even worth Â¥4000, at most Â¥500! 


10. [+3798] Actually I just want to ask, who are they? 


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They're both pretty. This is probably a situation similar to koreans when an idol and an actress get compared and people side with the actress. They say that Ju Jingyi is less pretty because she's an idol LOL if someone didn't know them they'd probably just think that both are pretty.

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they say Kiku is basic without makeup but Guan Xiaotang is the one who looks like a mess without complimentary styling. I remember another article before where they compared these two and Kiku looked ten times better there, yet the cnetz still kept lying through their teeth just because Kiku is an idol. The actress' legs are prettier though if it counts.  :meow:

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jingyi is def prettier, even when barefaced. xiaotong, on the other hand... i've heard some cnetz say she looks "old" or like an "aunty" esp without makeup and i def agree 💀💀


i also find jingyu a lot more talented than xiaotong. sure, xiaotong is a lot better at acting, but jingyi has been getting better, and she is also a talented singer and performer, which makes her a total package. the only thing xiaotong's got going for her is her acting skills and her long legs that for some reason so many cnetz go gaga over. i've heard seen her perform some songs onstage and she's so... boring to look at.

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