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The Official Masaki Suda Thread

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Stage Name: Masaki Suda   Birth Name: Taisho Sugo Born: February 21, 1993 Birthplace: Daito City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan Height: 176 cm Blood Type: A Agency: Topcoa

Happy birthday Sudacchi!!!

I love your edit!!!   there's a similar scene from the making of Sayonara Elegy   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J156zfTzMTM

Edit-some old gifs i madelaugh.png




When haters say that you should not like Suda bc he's not an Ikemen




Better chemistry than most shoujos











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Apparently it's a 3 episode SP drama.Suda was only on the 2nd ep.


Suda also played comedian Sanma in this mini bio sp-



Also Summer Break movie


And his recent CM with Sometani Shota.

Ohh I see. Thank you!!


Shota looked so old lately, I kinda hope Suda isn't following his path


Is that the new CM with Tori? Umm THE LIPS GLOSS THO :D

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His tee shirttwitch.gif



btw this was taken on april fools





















Guys how do you like Sudacchi's new hair


looks like yet another perfectly sane characterhttps://onehallyu.com//public/style_emot... 



Caligula IT IS!!




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His tee shirt:twitch:



btw this was taken on april fools





I saw this and I was screaming!!!!


Suda's gonna own that role though, I wish I can watch it ;_; I bought tickets to Japan weeks ago

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