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The Official Masaki Suda Thread

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I really love his acting. Without a doubt one of the most talented young male actors in Japan right now.

One of my fave movies he's done:


Have u watched Pink and Gray. He was fucking awesome in it.


Anyway finally he cut his hair and he looks so goooood. Bless



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He was so good in Dele! I’ve always liked him but it’s always been that I’ve happened to see him in things not that I was actively seeking him out but after Dele I really wanted to see him in as many things as I can find him in. So I was wondering if ppl of his thread had any big recommendations for what to watch. I mean I’ve watched most of his dramas and I’ve worked off of the MDL stalkers guide I’m just curious what everyone’s favorite work of his is.

movies : Pink and Gray is amazing imo, The backwater, Drownig Love, The light only shines there, Teiichi no Kuni, Princess Jellyfish are my favorite. I also like Piece of Cake and Double Life bc of his kissing scenes lmaooooo no joke his kissing/sex scenes are sf hot


dramas : jimi ni sugoi, runaway aisuru wo kimi no tame ni (also stars Ueda of Kat-Tun)


this article might help you too


Edited by Suda Masaki

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Pics from the latest live













finally, a normal hair! lol

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Edited by nttllng

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I'm using google translate so feel free to correct 0u0plz.png




melon sweat?amgplz.png




Wtf Melon sweat looool








rankingoo.net è…田将暉ã®å¥½ããªã¨ã“ã‚ランキングï¼

ã‚ãªãŸã¯ã€ä¿³å„ªãƒ»è…田将暉ã®ã©ã“ãŒå¥½ã…? [Rough Trans] This is a ranking where they ask 17,004 people “What’s the thing you like about Masaki Suda the most?â€

Introduction says: Actor Masaki Suda, who is no exaggeration to say that he is the most important person in the Japanese drama and film world now.

Mr. Suda who has plenty of charm but what do you like about Sugata-san?

Here’s the result of the survey:

1st Can play a wide range of roles

Suda, whose impressions differ greatly depending on the role he plays.

This is an actor!

Every time I see movie or drama, he showed a new look, so I will never get tired of watching it

From the thugs to geniuses, he can play any role with persuasive power

2nd Unpretentious personality

3rd There’s a side of him which is like a naughty little boy.

“It’s cute†“wanna have him as my little brother!â€

4th Innocent smile that shows on CM etc.

“It’s cute. Every time I see his cm, I feel like being healedâ€

“Oni-chan is so lovable†(Oni-chan is suda’s charater on au CM which is very famous in japan)

5th Appeared in various works

6th His talking is funny

7th Have a dangerous aura [ dangerous/strong sex appeal ]

8th It’s always seems fun to work!

â€Feeling like enjoying life"

“The attitude to work is wonderful, and it is great that friendships are wide."

"I feel that he’s a person with an ideal work and play balance.â€

Suda’s attitude to work on everything with everything really makes me feel good. A positive atmosphere will gather people around you!

9th play Guitar well, can compose songs

“I feel talent"

"Ofcourse his singing is good, but to be able to make a song is amazing."

"Even if it mixes with the song of a luxury squad, it was not buriedâ€

「YuraYura〠in his album PLAY and「Soft Vinyl Figure〠in his 4th single Long hope Philia are shining masterpiece of his song writing.

10th strong eye power

“Expressing emotions with movement of eyes in acting"

"From the first time I saw it, I thought it was an impressive eye.â€












All of it lol!!


He looks so good these days I want to cry

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he was probably drunk when replying this laugh.png






I think he was talking about Fumi in his book (?) https://girlschannel.net/topics/2027671/





Sayonara Elegy has spent 56 non-consecutive weeks in Billboard Japan Hot 100. That's an impressive feat!


Wow..even though the drama ratings weren't that good. That's amazing

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I never thought the song was even that popular. It's already got a platinum certification back in May, but it seemed that almost nobody in this forum ever talked about how popular the song is.


I think there are few threads about Most Watched Youtube videos, Top streaming songs, etc. 


I didn't know that it's still charting though, might as well because Suda's current drama becomes really popular

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I don't want this drama to end because it means we won't see much of him for period of time until Arcimedes promo

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eh?all kids wearing them and he even gave one to kippei and other staff members.



I don't understand why people desperately ship suda with mei she's not his type and they don't give that vibe.like at all.

Lol yeah I just saw this on Twitter. Though we were getting some rumours again.


IKR. Nanao, Tsubasa and Yua all have something in common with each other and it seems like that's Sudacchi's type. I'm not saying that it is a fact but Mei is really different to them :lol: 

Plus Mei is so young, at least pair her with someone closer to her age like Takumi or Macken. I feel sorry that she's often paired with older guys.

Netizens seem to think that she's into mature and muscular guys. Idk why

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I wish someone would sub this



Goddess Hikari Mitsushima so good

Suda's eyebrows ...I'm scaredunsure.png





an SP drama? I didn't know he had worked with Hikari 0u0plz.png

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Apparently it's a 3 episode SP drama.Suda was only on the 2nd ep.


Suda also played comedian Sanma in this mini bio sp-



Also Summer Break movie


And his recent CM with Sometani Shota.

Ohh I see. Thank you!!


Shota looked so old lately, I kinda hope Suda isn't following his path


Is that the new CM with Tori? Umm THE LIPS GLOSS THO :D

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Suda's new song will serve as the main theme for Tori's new drama. Woot this gonna be another anthem of 2019!!

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