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The Official Masaki Suda Thread

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i just watched teiichi no kuni and suda's acting is splendid as always. this is gonna be one of his best roles for me. i love the manga so much and he really did justice to the character and all of the other cast. it was such a great movie overall. i hope setoutsumi gets subbed. i've been waiting for like forever. 


I agree. He's fearless! Add the fact that he's very talented too.

My most favorite movie of Sudacchi is The Light Shines Only There, and that one is not something that I'd recommend for people to watch even though it's a good film because the scenes and situations of the characters are very disturbing. Same with Tomogui.





I don't think so. But not 100% sure on that since I only skimmed through the movie



TLSOT is my favorite too! i have yet to see tomogui tho. are there any eng subs available? 

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