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The Official Goddess Sandara Park Thread


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I really appreciate Jjangme (did I spell it correctly), the crazy things he does for/with dara :har:  :har:  :har:




His like the senior manager in YG right? I've seen him with Winner and ikon , but he always comes back to Dara.


He's Dara's mascot and partner in her craziness! :lol:  He even had a cameo on Dara's Etude CF before.  I love how he's always game with Dara's crazy antics and doesn't even mind when she dresses him up and put makeup on him.  :har: 

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Sandara X Penshoppe press conference video



Highlights from the interview:


"The Philippines always makes me feel like I'm home."

Dara described her fashion style as "casual." She said she loves colorful pieces and oversized items.
She said she loves Penshoppe and that she wears their clothes when she travels, with friends and when she goes out. 
She also wants to do a rom-com daw with Star Cinema or to become a judge on a talent show. She wants to do a comedy movie with Vice Ganda. Sandara said she's still open to doing movies in the Philippines. "Star Cinema are you listening?"
Sandara hopes to be able to do a Kdrama similar to Descendants of the Sun  
She misses the food so much in Manila. Sisig for example.
When Dara was asked about how she is as a student, Dara said her favorite is recess and doing extracurricular activities.
Dara revealed that she used to sing for "Linggo ng Wika" and she sang a bit of "Dadalhin" with VJ Chino.
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[160401] IG Vid:  Dara Thanks PH BJs




Seriously… 1f631.png1f631.png1f631.png1f62e.png1f62e.png1f62e.png1f60d.png1f60d.png1f60d.png I miss you, I miss your scream! Thank u BJ’s, thank u Manila, thank u Penshoppe






The sound of the shouts today were really lively… I miss the sound of these shouts… Manila~ Make some noise~~~!!! 1f606.png Although today was such a tiring day, I got energy well instead! Completely charged!!!




Translated by : WeLoveDara

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Instagram Updates




[TRANS] Thank you Jollibee!!! It's delicious! I feel very stuffed right now, I'm ready for the meet and greet!!! Are you ready?!#SandaraXPenshoppescreeeeeeaaaaaaammmmmm!!!


Credit: We Love Dara IG




"Thank you Blackjack PH â¤â¤â¤"



TOP: 1st and 2nd pic: cake (meet and greet backstage), dried mangoes with pet toys and peanut-chocolate package with bouquet (still backstage)

BOTTOM: 1st and 2nd pic: Welcome Package at hotel (shirt, tumbler, dried mangoes, lots of food), cupcakes.






With the number 1 host~ Robi Domingo!!! Ang saya saya ng meet and greet kanina with Blackjacks and Robi!!! Thank u!!!





[TRANS] This was my idea for the fans who weren't able to enter the venue earlier. Thank you also for coming and I hope we see each other again next time!!! Today at the fanmeeting venue for the fans who can't enter, I opened the sun roof. I promise next time... I also had fun today.  #산다ë¼ë°•


Credit: We Love Dara IG

Edited by Monimon
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Videos and photos of Dara at the Denim Lab fashion show on Friday































Edited by Monimon
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Jerry Telan's IG updates with Dara in Philippines





Anyong haseyo @daraxxi. It's more FUNdesal in the Philippines! It's more FUNcit in Philippines! ✌ï¸ðŸ™â¤ï¸ #SandaraXPenshoppe @penshoppe @ilovetrinoma • "Thank God! Some things never really change. Once my Krung Krung, always my Krung Krung!" ✔ï¸ðŸ’¯





naguTom & Jerry after the presscon @daraxxi #SandaraXPenshoppe







Bravo! Forever Pinoy at Heart.â¤ï¸ It was April Krung Krung's Day in Manila. #SandaraXPenshoppe @daraxxi





Kapamilya 👀. #SandaraParkForItsShowtime after hearty brekky buffet with Sandy. â¤ï¸ðŸ™â˜•ï¸ðŸµðŸ¶ðŸðŸ›ðŸ£ðŸ´Heat then Hit the road for @itsshowtimeofficial_ig guesting in bit 🚘👀📺
I'm ready! 🙊 Ay si Krung pala guest @daraxxi heto na #SandaraParkForItsShowtime TrabaHula @itsshowtimeofficial_ig



Showtime online KrungPaoie @hashtag_ryle @daraxxi Hey Shiy @sherilynrtan L👀k ðŸ˜





Skydome is the limit for #SandaraXPenshoppe Meet & Greet @smnorthedsa @daraxxi @iamrobidomingo





#RoJerSan Barber's Tale after Crabbing @daraxxi @iamrobidomingo





I Rob crabbing beside Krung. Dining with few real friends in the biz has never been this meaningful for every crab stick. We stick together through thick and thin, highs and lows. I stopped chasing people. I started living my dreams and purpose in life. ðŸ™â¤ï¸âœ”ï¸ðŸŽ¯ðŸ’¯ðŸš˜âœˆï¸





congratulations @iamrobidomingo for a great hosting job earlier today @penshoppe @daraxxi #SandaraXPenshoppe meet & greet at skydome @smnorthedsa



Credit: Jerry Telan's IG



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[160403] Dara's Instagram Update




While posing, I stumbled but thanks to the bodyguards, they saved me~ Phew..Thank you~1f64f.png1f64f.png1f64f.pngThanks to the security guards!!! I'm safe because of them 1f601.png1f44d.png




Translated by:  KIMJ1WON

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[160404] Dara's Instagram Updates




Good morning!!! 2600.png





This is Philippine San Miguel 1f37a.png1f37b.png






Thank you again penshoppe!!! This is one of my happiest trip to manila!!! :) Together with Blackjacks and my friends. I'm going back to Korea but I don't wanna say bye. See you again Manila!!! I love you all!!! 1f64f.png1f64f.png1f618.png1f618.png2764.png2764.png2708.png#SandaraXPenshoppe




Translated by:  WeLoveDara

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  • love changed the title to The Official Goddess Sandara Park Thread

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