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Announcement OneHallyu Press is recruiting!

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I have a few questions if you don't mind.


Is there any type of compensation? I hate to be that person, but I'm curious. Even if it's something that can count, like a reference for a future job. It'd be very helpful for those looking for internships in journalism and fields like that.


How 'serious' is this job? As in, are users creating opinionated pieces, or are they only fact-based, supported by objective perspective, very professional etc? Basically, is this a legit job or more of a casual thing?


What do you mean by interviews with companies? Not every user who's accepted will receive this opportunity, correct?


What is the purpose of this entire thing? If OH! is getting big interviews with ent. companies, this is because OH! wishes to expand as a brand, right? Or is this more of a "if the opportunity arrises" kind of deal? 


Sorry for all the questions! I'm just a bit unsure of what this position entails. Thanks :-)

No problem!


1. There is no compensation, but past writers have used their works on our blog on their resumes. You can do that if you would like. 

2. It's as serious as you make it. Sometimes you'll see thoughtful pieces. Sometimes you'll see someone's summer music picks. You write about what you want to write about most of the time. And not everyone's voice is professional. Mine, for instance, is more casual.

3. Every user will get the opportunity to interview artists. It has a lot to do with whether or not the company will accept our request. But if you want to contact 50 companies, we'll help you do that.

4. It's mostly for fun.. and to branch out into different platforms as a brand. OneHallyu has something like 50,000 registered users and receives nearly 60 million hits each month. We're huge. So as we move as a brand, you'll see our blog, YouTube, and Facebook accounts become more active.


If you want to ask anything else, let me know ^^!

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Wish I could apply but I have no previous experience T.T good luck to all applicant though!!! I look forward to reading what the new team members will produce

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