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Appreciation Have you met Jei? The queen of the Bandalland kids #JeiHolic

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Jei is one of the Bandalland kids from WINNER's newest show Half Moon Friends (you can watch the episodes with subs on http://winnergalaxy.com/  they are awsome).
She is 4 years old and she has a super protective brother but most of all she is THE CUTEST KID ON EARTH (yes even cuter than my nephew and niece).
Her number one love in life is food (equal with her oppa)








The greeks didnt bother to name a god/godess of food, because they knew the REAL godess of food is Jei.
In this video, the PD ask each kid in which team they want to be, Jei says Juju ssaem, and then the PD just cant get any word from her because she is too busy eating her banana bread
 Start at 0:23




tumblr_o6tkh2wMF51tk9czwo1_400.gif  tumblr_o6tkh2wMF51tk9czwo4_r1_400.gif


tumblr_o6tkh2wMF51tk9czwo6_r1_400.gif  tumblr_o6tkh2wMF51tk9czwo2_r1_400.gif


tumblr_o6tkh2wMF51tk9czwo7_r1_400.gif  tumblr_o6tkh2wMF51tk9czwo5_400.gif


source: ygmino


Jei was in Juju team but once she heard Candy would go get the snacks she jumps to him. Jei knows her priorities. 
Jei reassures Mino that she can eat the whole bowl alone, no pressure. And she DOES


She has her own rules to the games and she is so cute the teachers help her.


You know that heart sign all the idols do with their fingers? Well here is queen Jei's version of it. And its awsome





Jei doing ballet like a PRO



Also she doesnt bother with everyday things like answering questions. Its too maintstream



And of course all the teachers and staff are complete Jeiholics



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Jei is so cute. I love how everyone on set- from the Winner guys to the cameramen and producers- fall over themselves every time she so much as speaks.

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Jei-holic is real




And her brother MinJoon is such a sweetheart

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If Jei is  an idol she's like the fandom babe. Everyone adores her bias or not.  :lub:  :lub:  :lub:


#Jei-holic  :datass: 

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she's like adult Jei, who's the cutest adult on earth, and also lives for food  :lol:


EVgQBnZ.gif   rCt309I.gif
LVYq69a.gif   mXrp5GM.gif



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JEI! This little girl is so adorable, lovely, and fluffy. I want to pinch her mochi cheeks! 4 episodes in a row we get to see her epic bathroom scene :lol:  and her high pitched voice when she screams, Hoon : "I got the dolphin!" :lol:



also, I keep repeat this part and because of that the BGM song 'sugar honey honey' was stuck in my head








She is so cuutee! Hoon was right, she triggers protective instincts.




look at Yoon, he couldn't hide his inner Jei Holic


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She's adorable beyond belief  :ilove:

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