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May 2016 Fancafe Rankings of Boy and Girl K-Pop Groups

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A recent blog from Naver had created a chart ranking the K-Pop idol groups by the size of the fandom. The charts were divided by gender with rankings accordingly. One chart ranked the boy groups with each other, and the other with the girls.


Within the boy bands, TVXQ continued to top the chart with a solid difference between their next competitor. BTS followed next with the help of a high surge in additional members. Beast followed at 3rd, beating Big Bang by just a few thousand.


The queens of K-Pop continue to reign the girl group fandom charts as Girls’ Generation (SNSD) had placed first once again. One woman wonder, IU followed next with APink following close behind.


Check out the two charts to see where your fandom places on the list!








Did the chart match up with your predictions?

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ya for bts and mamamoo


I thought twices ranking was way higher


I expected Twice to be higher! Do their fans just not use fancafe?


Nu'est aren't really flops though. They're in a weird place imo not popular but not unknown


JYPE groups use FANS there own cafe type thing the twice fancafe was made when the taiwan hackers shut down JYPE website thats why its low in #'s 

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ARMYS are really increasing in number  :rlytearpls:

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