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Netizens react to the nominees and winners of the 55th Japan Record Awards

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<Best Songs> (*These are already winners of the 'excellence awards', and are automatically nominated for the “Japan Record Award†grand prize TBA on Dec. 30, 2013)

Ise Meguri / Kaori Mizumori 
Egao / Ikimonogakari
EXILE PRIDE ~Konna Sekai wo Aisuru Tame~ / EXILE
Otoko no Hi Matsuri / Fuyumi Sakamoto 
Koi Oto to Amazora / AAA
Koisuru Fortune Cookie / AKB48
Sayonara / Kana Nishino
Taiyou no Megami / Leo Ieiri 
Ninjari Ban Ban / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Manten no Hoshi / Kiyoshi Hikawa

<New Artist Award> (* These are already winners of the 'excellence awards', and are automatically nominated for the “Japan Record Best New Artist Award†grand prize TBA on Dec. 30, 2013)
Juice = Juice
Shinzato Kota
Fukuda Kohei
Mori Konomi

<Album of the Year>
LAND - Yuzu

<Album Excellence Awards>
sakanaction / Sakanaction
Showa No Uta Yo, Arigato / Shigeru Izumiya 
Jirudeko 5 / JiLL-Decoy association
Nanda Collection / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

<Special Award>
Golden Bomber
Masashi Sada 

<Best Vocal Performance>
Miyako Otsuki

<Best Composer>
Yoshihide Otomo

<Best Songwriter>
Takagi Yoichiro

<Best Arranger>
Mitsuo Hagita 

<Project Award>
Inori~Mirai e no Utagoe / M.S.D.F.Tokyo Band, Yukari Miyake (Universal Music Japan Ltd.)
Kakumei Dualism / Nana Mizuki x T.M.Revolution (King Records Co. Ltd.)
Preserved Roses - T.M.Revolution x Nana Mizuki (Epic Records Japan Ltd.)
Dialogue-Miki Imai Sings Yuming Classics- / Miki Imai (Universal Music Japan Ltd.)
TBS Sunday Theater Hanzawa Naoki Original Soundtrack / Takayuki Hattori (Anchor Records)
Furusato wa Ima mo Kawarazu Symphonic Ver./Chorus Ver. / Kenji Niinuma , Suginami Junior Chorus (Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd.)
Yume ga Samete / Seiko Matsuda & Chris Hart (Universal Music Japan Ltd.); Heart Song - Chris Hart (Universal Music Japan Ltd.)
Watashi no Okinawa / Hiroko Shimabukuro  (Avex Entertainment Inc. SONIC GROOVE)

<Encouragement Award – By the Japan Composer’s Association>
Hiroshi Takeshima 

<Achievement Award>
Jerry Fujio, Jiro Shinkawa, Norimasa Nakamura 

<Special Achievement Award>
Hideyoshi Aizawa, Masao Ishizaka, Tokiko Iwatani, Chiyoko Shimakura, Yoshio Tabata, Yukio Nishikawa, Keiko Fuji
It's becoming a pain, just give it to AKB already
Judging by the list, Kaori Mizumori should win the Grand Prize
Juice=Juice is the only idol group there, huh
     The nightmare of Smileage revisited
EXILE will probably win since HIRO's retiring, right?
[special Award]
Golden Bomber
It hasn't been a year yet since "Memeshikute", it's the super one-hit wonder band who have disappeared, huh
I see. So it will be EXILE because HIRO will retire. Thanks for your hard work.
Sakanaction feels out of place. I think "Fortune Cookie" should win. I think that's a good song.
AKB then Sashihara will be reduced to tears. So predictable.
The tricks are out of the bag so they should put an end to these awards already. Something like this is like a relic of the Showa period.
To think that people even died before. What was all that passion all about?
It's already determined that the Grand Prize will go to AKB. AKB's the only group who sold over a million this year. AKB and the AKB group's sales are overwhelmingly on top of the rest.
       EXILE is also approaching a million
      CD sales are irrelevant to the Record Awards. The award giving body for CD sales is the Japan Gold Disc Award.
What should I do... I don't know most of the songs
The misery of not knowing a single artist in the Best New Artist nominees
      The only good fight in recent years for the Best New Artist was the year of Ai Otsuka vs. Ayaka Hirahara.
AAA www
Anyone's fine I guess, huh?
Why is AAA in there?
Everything is so finished, I just can't stop grinning
Best New Artist Historical Winners 
1993 Yasuhiro Yamane - "Get Along Together"
1994 Yuki Nishio - "Kaikyo Renka"
1995 Junko Miyama - "Momo to Ringo no Monogatari"
1996 PUFFY - "Asia no junshin"
1997 Rina Chinen - "precious delicious"
1998 Morning Musume - "Daite HOLD ON ME!"
1999 Amika Hattan - "SHOOTING STAR"
2000 Kiyoshi Hikawa - "Hakone Hachiri no Hanjiro"
2001 w-inds. - "Paradox"
2002 Mika Nakajima - "STARS"
2003 Hitotoyo - "Morai Naki"
2004 Ai Otsuka - "Sakuranbo"
2005 AAA - "BLOOD on FIRE"
2006 Ayaka - "Mikazuki"
2007 ℃-ute - "Tokaikko Junjou"
2008 Jero - "Umi Yuki"
2009 BIGBANG - "Garagara GO!!"
2010 Smileage - "Yumemiru 15-sai"
2011 Fairies - "More Kiss"
2012 Leo Ieiri - "Shine"
Let AKB win this time. Kyary's song is the only other one I've heard of.
AKB should get it this year. But I think it's already rigged so that EXILE will win it.
They shouldn't include the groups that have issues with their selling methods w
If the best songs and the project awards were inverted then I think this award would've still been more credible
"Koitune" and "Ninjari Ban Ban" are wonderful songs. Everything else is trash.
It should be "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" out of these, I don't know any of the newcomers.
So "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" is being rated highly by the musicians, huh
I don't know any of those newcomers. Where's HKT48?





The EXILE song nominated is the one that was criticized for having a much more evil selling method than AKB's, right?
I kind of remember people telling them that they've got no pride despite having the word "pride" in the title of their song.





Shiosai no memory...






You guys seem to have forgotten about Gouriki. That was this year, right?




       Gouriki-san is busy preparing for the Kouhaku in Sachiko's place





I can't believe Gouriki-san isn't in there! This is unjust! Please award a special newcomer award to Gouriki-san!




As for the grand prize, it should go to AKB's "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" which wasn't just strong in CD sales, but also in downloads and karaoke. Even the music video caused buzz. Honestly, I don't know a single one of the newcomers.





Was the statement "This is the current state of Japan's music industry" said last year? Look, nothing has changed at all.


       It even got worse





Gouriki could've won the Best Newcomer. So Oscar doesn't overpush their talents here, huh. Could it be that they have no connections?


      They're not a music-related agency.They aren't involved.






AAA is seriously popular with the young ones, as well as the grannies. But "Koioto to Amazora" really is a good song. I hear it all around.





I think EXILE will win this year. "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" is the one that deserves to win this year, unlike last year and 2 years ago, but tough luck for them this year.



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