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Is SMROOKIES Donghyuk the new Shindong?


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As many of us know, SM hasn't debuted a variety-dol since SNSD and Super Junior. It seems like Donghyuk is going to be the comedian of whatever group he joins. 



Will he be the first variety-dol from SM since 2007? I could see him being a lot like Shindong, hosting shows and gaining love for himself and his group being a class clown.

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He's hilarious and a total variety natural, but nah, kid is talented AS FUCK and a future main vocal:




He also is the one that sings in this version of The 7th Sense (it's his voice in the background):



Omg he sounds good in 7th Sense. Is that Mark rapping Ten's part? I wonder why they did that
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he is good at game too he won in 90:2014 game i think XD


they are

esp in kpop golden era when at the time many good variety shows



SNSD were / are variety queens, they did the inaugural season of Hello Baby and it was fucking brilliant~



I had no idea. Granted, I've never seen their stuff but I never hear people mentioning it either which is weird. 

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Talented and funny as well? Sounds like somebody i'll stan!


But I have always wondered why the new SM groups are not so variety savvy, have always thought that's ONE of the biggest reason why SNSD made it so big.

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That's exactly why I thought when those vids first came out.

I feel like he'll be the shindong or leeteuk of nct. There's a reason his 'wannabe' sunbae is leeteuk. I'm sure he sees himself doing and wants to do all the things that Leeteuk has done in his career.


Plus he could totally be a main vocal in any unit. There's really no stopping this kid. He could literally do anything. I honestly look forward to it.

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