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Does anyone else fear for Jessica's safety?


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Those fans who went to music shows are just teens though.

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SNSD were extremely hated during their first couple years and never got attacked, T-ara were/are hated and never got attacked, Taeyeon had her huge dating scandal and was rumoured to be the mastermind behind 30/9 and probably 9/11 and she never got attacked (well she did get pulled off stage but that wasnt triggered by anything bad she did). I think Jessica will be fine.

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Taeyeon and sm are probably planning something evil


LOL at this... Taeyeon probably will just do what she has always done and just ignore and rpetend the whole situation. Will be a hella more awks for Tiff as she will be doing promos alongside her fellow Cali girl... I would love for them both to get a muic show win or be on the same sales and chart the same... can't stand whiny bitches on either camp!




Man reminds me of when people called SNSD



I shouldn't laugh but its hilarious to me that they are called that. 



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