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♡ Official I.O.I (아이오아이) Thread ♡

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New Star Singer Award at Asia Model Award in Suwon [21st May 2016] Best New Female Artist at MAMA 2016 [2nd December 2016] Female Rookie of the Year at KCon8 (Philippine) [18th December 2016] Rooki

They're predicted to win Music Bank today, unless they're is a huge difference in "broadcast points"



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is the last ioi unit the same as whatta man unit?


We don't know yet, though probably. We don't even know if they're going to promote. Gugudan definitely has plans, i'd imagine WJSN has plans considering they're not respecting IOI's promotions time, DIA has the Cathy/Yebin unit so who knows about Chaeyeon, Fantagio has that comic deal I don't know if it will interfere with IOI, It seems like Pledis is going to wait until 2017 to debut, and the other 3 don't have plans.

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not me waking up to this sexist (yes it can go both ways) comments smh take your fragile masculinity somewhere else pls thanks everyone knows how homophobic korea is you just adding to the problem smh kms OTL because men cannot be emotional apparently nor show affection #rip what time are we living? 1950's? just fucking support it takes 0 dollars to do so and no one will force u to watch teenage boys trying to live their dream if that triggers u so much so fragile smh







nah dont think too far, i was crying while watching produce101 sobbing like crybaby, then swear i will stan them all :lol:


actually there might be some male who will watch it, but i can relate to you or peoples who won't watch it. it's hard for male to be interested in what others male does, there has to be something special. the only male survival i watch real time is "mix&match" n that because someone said ikon like next big bang. so it's hard to attract male viewers to watch p101 boys ver. but it's not a bad idea for a program, they just can attract a lot female viewers. 



even honestly, i didn't interested in p101 at first until i see the top11 after the show end n see doyeon there. n at first most IOI fans are male too



is it a wrong thing to do that? i think neither pinky or ioi fans need to apologize tho.

There's a lot male cast show i watch like youth over flowers , 2d1n etc, but they are labelled as brotherhood broadcast, where they are friend doing fun stuff together, and those show also have the biggest rating in k-variety.But the idea watching mnet drama + lot of boys competing doesnt really suit most male preference, but maybe i'm overexagerating, maybe mnet can display it differently from the girls series. Not against the boys but if mnet use season 1 style in season 2, i think most male wont watch. If mnet doing it like Hit the stage , where they just dance it and singing without drama, it's actually really cool.

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