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Lee Moon Sae, Lee Hayi communicates through music



Solo artist Lee Moon Sae and Lee Hayi met each other through SBS Thank You.


Lee Hayi sang “Whistle†together with Lee Moon Sae, a senior singer who she respect a lot. They showed music communication beyond the era. Lee Moon Sae said during the interview: “It seems cool to communicate with Lee Hayi through music.â€


During the recording, Hayi’s sudden appearance surprised him. Even Ha Ji Won, Seo Hee Tae and Cha In Pyeo could not conceal their surprised expression. Lee Hayi sang Lee Moon Se’s hit song “Whistle†with her own style. Lee Moon Sae then sang together. Everyone were moved by them, Ha Ji Won even gave Hayi a warm hug.


translated by: seugnri@flyhayi

Source: FlyHayi






KBS upholds their ban on Psy’s “Gentleman†even after reconsideration



KBS has decided to maintain their ban on Psy‘s music video for “Gentleman“.


The broadcast station had decided to reevaluate the MV because of a flaw in the judging procedure. However, the committee decided to keep their decision that the MV was unsuitable for broadcast.


Back on April 18, only 3 out of the 7 judges were present for evaluation even though rules stated that there had to be 4 or more. For the reevaluation, a new head was appointed for the decision. Even though all 7 were present, all 7 agreed unanimously to uphold their decision.


KBS added, “If the problematic parts in the MV are edited, we will evaluate the music video again.“


Source: AllKPop

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BIGBANG Facebook & Weibo Update (130430)

What’s up VIPs in Beijing! We are excited to announce that Seungri will be joining 2013 G-DRAGON 1st World Tour: ONE OF A KIND in Beijing as a special guest!!! Beijing, see you soon!â€


Via Ygfamilyy

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PSY Turns The Dodgers Into Gentlemen!



When the Dodgers hit the clubhouse, little did they know they had a little class waiting from them all the way from South Korea!

That’s right! PSY stopped by to say hello to the team!


We like to think he was just stopping by to pick up the jersey he ordered, instead of them just giving him one. It feels like he’s more of a true fan that way!



Check out the madness of his visit (above)!!



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Global star Psy unites with Ryu Hyun-jin in the U.S.


Two big stars from South Korea were united in America. Baseballer of LA Dodgers Ryu Hyun-jin met with Psy in person to exchange greetings, and he also posted a photograph of Psy and his teammate Hanley Ramirez.


Ramirez, after the game against Colorado, tweeted, “Met @psy_oppa after tonight’s game #ISeeYou PSY!â€, along with posting a photograph. The Dominican baseball player helped Ryu Hyun-jin win with his homerun and 4-for-2.


Psy and Ramirez, in the photograph, are fingering ‘OK’. The big-hit baseball player seemed to be very pleased to have met with the world star.


Psy was at the stadium to cheer on his fellow Korean baseballer as Ryu was taking the mound as the starting pitcher. Before the game started, Psy showed off his “arrogant danceâ€, with his mega-hit new song “Gentleman†playing in the background.


The same song flooded the stadium when Ryu appeared in the stadium. After the game was over, the two warmed the hearts of the audience when the rapper gave the baseballer his sunglasses, while he received Ryu’s uniform in return.


On the day of Psy’s visit, Ryu had the best record of his career with 12 strikeouts in six innings to a 6-2 win over the Colorado Rockies.



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MINZY x SEAN - 130430 Twitter Convo!




Sean: “Minji who gave gifts to our little angels at Holt today. Saw Minji holding their hands and bringing them to different rooms to play a few times^^ Their date time^^ Hope all children are growing up while receiving love at home… (Photo above)â€

Minzy: “@jinuSEAN3000 The babies are so beautiful^^I’d like to go see them another time~he heâ€

Sean: “Minji seems to have been totally popular with the babies today~ hehe (RT-ed Minzy’s reply)â€

Minzy: “@jinuSEAN3000 How I looked like today when feeding the babies milk ã… ã… Sigh…and how Sean oppa looked ã… ã… (You looked) so cool^^# I’m looking forward to the talk concert too^^â€

Sean: “I did feed them milk once did I^^Sean-mum mode^^You worked hard today! The babies made you really happy today didn’t they? (RT-ed Minzy’s Reply)â€

Minzy: “@jinuSEAN3000 Yes^^ I loved it so much~ heh Somehow when I see the cute babies my heart feels refreshed~^^â€

(Source: ygladies.com)

GD's Twitter Update



“Thank you for everything! I love y’all! xoxo G.
#gd #gdragon #giyongchy #oneofakindworldtour in Japan #osaka"

MINZY's Twitter Update



“So Good :)â€

PSY's Twitter Updates



“I’ll be at #SocialStarAwards on May 23rd!!! Are you ready Singapore!?#Gentlemanâ€


"met Paul Rudd..:-)â€

CL's Instagram Update



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2NE1′s Minzy spends time with orphans at Holt Children’s Services


2NE1‘s Minzy shared her love for orphans at Holt Children’s Services.


Sean tweeted the above photo of her playing with the children, writing, “Minzy was a present to the small angels we had today at Holt. They haven’t seen her often, but they took her hand everywhere and asked her to play with them. ^^ She had a date with them. ^^ I hope all the children grow up in a loving family…â€


Quite the opposite from her fierce persona on stage, Minzy wore glasses and didn’t wear fierce stage makeup or a fancy outfit. She was smiling happily as she spent time with the children. Sean and his wife Jung Hye Yougn are ambassadors of Holt Children’s Services’, and Sean has always been the first to step up to help children in need.


Source: AllKPop


Comments: Translated by Netizen Buzz


1. [+121, -16] Let’s please praise good deeds when they happen. Minzy, good to see you~!

2. [+103, -17] Honestly, how many idols are there that do charity work while promoting?? Even this much is amazing. Her heart is pretty.

3. [+91, -18] Unlike other celebrities, she seems to be doing it from a genuine place in her heart… Her heart seems pure. 

4. [+25, -3] How can you guys criticize her face when she’s doing good deeds…

5. [+25, -5] Oh~~~ She’s an angel. I didn’t think Minzy would do good deeds like this.

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Seungri's Twitter Update/GD's Reply


“Bambi’s Like me! 1f63b.pngâ€
GD (Commented on the Update): “kekekekekekekeâ€

Lydia's Twitter Update

 â€œAnother emoji-E05A.pngdrawing emoji-E404.png in kang seung yoon’s notebook hihihihihi..â€

BIGTONE (YG Producer) Twitter Update

“Still up in hea..â€



G-Dragon's Instagram Update




Hwang Ssabu's Official Instagram Updates


Note: This is from Daesung's Concert on May 1st & 2nd

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