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Muslim OH! Members Thread


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most of rules of islam were made by sexist, racist arab men thousands of years ago, im not gonna believe their BS, i interpret and believe in islam in my own, which is what every muslim should do instead of just being indoctrinated by them. Its also hard to translate arabic into other languages and the arabic the quran is written in is very old and isnt used now, so there is gonna be mistranslations. Allah is against hating people, the people of lot isnt a way to justify homophobia.


i dont agree with most of the quranic translations

1/2. they were committing adultery or having sex BEFORE marriage

3. english is a very non descriptive language, you cant translate properly/correctly from arabic to english


stop being homophobic, stop telling me i cant be muslim and bi, u and the other are fukin horrible for sayin this BS when it isnt tru


Just random come here, I'm not arab or muslim, wanted to say, go slay girl Edited by Art-B
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