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Username: Hirano

Nationality/Ethnicity: British, my mum is from the Philippines and my dad in from Jamaica.

It's too strict, everything in the Quran was relevant to how things used to be, things have changed so much yet the Quran remains the same. Also, Women's rights is a huge problem for me, I've been told that they can't move to a different country without a Male relative another thing is that the Quran constantly insults other religions and the death sentences and such things still apply till this day when clearly there are other ways of punishing people, it teaches that killing is wrong but people get killed for killing which is dumb logic.

That's how I feel. I'm a boy and I notice the disparity between how males and females are presented and expected to behave in the Qur'an. It feels so restrictive and irrelevant to today's society. And that's among other things that I have conflicted feelings about in Islamic teachings. 

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i can fukin swear if i want 2, homosexuality isnt wrong, youre an ugly homophobe, crawl into a hole and never leave

Calm down.  :unsure:

I agree since I don't think homosexuality is wrong either, but commenting in an aggressive manner isn't doing you any favours. 

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