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OH!Snap [GIRLSCHANNEL:JPN] I Want a Movie Made Out of This Person's Life

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[GIRLSCHANNEL:JPN] I Want a Movie Made Out of This Person's Life


Translated by Owatari @ www.onehallyu.com



[+18 -44]. Seiko Matsuda. I think it would be an amazing drama


[+140 -4]



[+75 -14] Tetsuya Komoru. A horrible half-century


[+21] SMAP's Mori-kun


[+42] Sanma


[+29] The Darvish brothers. The older brother became a star with baseball. I want to see something like the younger brother repeating the crime.


[+41 -17] Yutaka Ozaki


[+11 -30] Becky in a midday drama style


[+69 -13] With recent news of his death, David Bowie


[+67 -20] Amuro Namie. I think her life was intense. 


[+19 -31] If it's a Japanese person it'll be boring.


[113 -12] Kijima Kanae*. I want to know what it's like to walk that kind of life


[+43 -21]


Takakura Ken and those surrounding him



* A woman accused of killing three of her lovers was sentenced to death Friday in a high-profile lay judge trial that was based solely on circumstantial evidence.

The Saitama District Court ruled that Kanae Kijima, 37, killed the three men in 2009 and attempted to disguise their deaths as suicides.






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