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Official Computer Specs Thread


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Currently in the midst of buying a new PC, got all of my new peripherals down, just need to get onto the main course (meaning the PC itself).


So far I got:

- Steelseries Rival 110 Gaming Mouse (need a mouse that can fit my tiny hands, frustated at all those PGM mouses being the size of a gorilla's hand, ugh)

- Logitech G413 mechanical keyboard

- Iiyama G-MASTER GE2288HS 22" screen (I ain't about that 4k life anyway, I don't need more atm)

- HyperX Cloud Alpha headset (currently mostly being used for the PS4 though, but will definitely use it whenever I'll need for PC as well).


Now I just gotta get onto the PC tower and I'll be done ahmagahplz.png

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