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What makes you stan Kun?  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. What makes you stan Kun?

    • His voice
    • His looks
    • His personality
    • His awesome magic tricks
    • His surreal level of fanservice
    • Everything!! <3
  2. 2. Are you anticipating Kun's debut in China unit?

    • YES!
    • Ofc why are u even asking?
  3. 3. What's your favorite Kun nickname?

    • Kun-ge
    • Xiaodan
    • DanDan
    • Fat Kun (side eyeing whoever picks this one)
    • Other (pls post which one)

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200413 KUN's Weibo update 

“It was supposed to be just a dicussion on what to eat for dinner... it turned out to be the noisiest phone call I have ever had.”



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200418 KUN IG Update


I miss u guys 

Edited by d7thsense

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kun : “ we as well , will definitely wear on masks when we leave the house , yes yes yes , the company bought for us especially many many masks , and put it at our door , everyday going out everyone takes one , everyone takes one , it’s quite good “ ~



Kun said he won't spoil anything, he said if it weren't for previews of magazine or things that are being revealed (like for example the skechers video that shows their hair/etc), he won't even upload a selfie XD and he said he's constantly composing songs~



kun said when they have decided on the day that they will cook , then some of them chosen to go to the supermarket to buy ingredients back , then at home they will split the work , for example the last time yangyang hendery and winwin the three of them assisted him , the other three will be at the back washing the dishes , they will split the work , and then kun will be in charge of making ( the food ) , its most of the time like this when they cook , he’ll usually do 4 / 5 dishes , and he mentioned that eating like this is quite good . ~



Kun said he usually cook on weekends... and the members decided the role mostly by rock paper scissors, there will be members who helps Kun cook and prepare things and there are members who do the dishes but usually they all want to avoid washing dishes
He also said doing the dishes is tiring even though they tidy up as they cook, Guanheng once lost alone in rock paper scissors and he had to do the dishes alone, it took 1 hour because 7 guys were eating... of course it will take a lot of time to do the dishes!



“ i see the vision “ 


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kun: 2020? I really dont know about this, don't ask me, really don't know. it's okay, forget about it



Since the fans want kun talk some  spoiler , but kun don't want to talk so kun says:
“Don't let me tell you the spoiler! u guys!Don't make me play "chu" song(I'll play "chu" song)”
Kun wants to use “Chu" song asks fans not to 'force' him to spoiled kkkkk
so  cute



kun: my mother taught me how to cook when I was in junior high. sometimes my parents came back late from work, i went home after school. I got hungry at home and cooked for myself. at that time, I didn't learn much, easy home-cooked food such as stir-fried vegetables, fried pork



Kun said he made many songs but he couldn't reveal it to us yet~ he said when he finished a song, he sent it to manager first and then manager sent them to the company so it takes time, Kun said "I like this kind of music that came out in Taeyong Hyung's SuperM teaser!"
Kun said he made many songs but these days he likes the kind of music style that's usually made for teasers~



kun said the soundproof thing they tried to stick on the door was not useful at all. when they first did it, xiaojun felt it was very useful because of the psychological effect, but in fact it didn't work at all, not even a bit. people outside the door can still hear their sound



Kun said all the people who went to the aquarium yesterday were parents with children or couples, and only they were boys
They felt strange as they walked in the Aquariums.



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200422 KUN Bubble


[Elementary school birthday diary] 
How did you spend the day? ❤️ After waking up I went out to buy some coffee with Yang Yang earlier today (we wore masks~😷) And then I went home to watch some videos to continue my music overdub learning~ I spent quite some money on buying the plug-in components💸💸💸🤣 Afterwards I went online to watch many seniors’ past performance stages! They’re really so cool! Now I’m gonna go back to making music~ Goodnight~~~ ❤️

Translated by XXjaehyun_1402

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