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The latest sales for 12/01 with 3 hours left before the final numbers



Cr: @Real__Miko27


WOW  :shock: omg, this is amazing!

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Almost 50k in 2 days, they killing it


Yes! Definitely! These numbers are beautiful to look at. 

Also, are you going to edit the first post when the first week of sales is out? 


waaaaay better than expected 

I wonder if the sales will decline by a lot. pt1 sold very consistently. even now it does. 

they collected a lot of fans during the break. there could be a huge surge in beginning and it'll fall off as the pre orders and initial purchases end? 


mte. Let's hope for consistency and hoping for pt.1 to reach 200k mark  :rlytearpls:

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And from what I heard there are shops that are out of stock, so the albums of fans who ordered their album from those, will be added to the hanteo numbers later (when it gets shipped out).


I'm still confused tho I already know that pre-order will be recorded on Gaon, right? Does it mean hanteo sales who already almost 80k different from 150k pre-order? So, 80k + 150k on Gaon chart no? enlighten me pls. 

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Gaon: counts shipments to shops that report to Gaon. 

Hanteo: counts albums that are sold to customers in shops that report to Hanteo. 



Lets say I have a shop that reports to both Gaon and Hanteo. I order 100 hyyhpt2 albums -> 100 albums reported to Gaon when the 100 album arrives into my shop. 

I sell 80 albums from those this week -> I report 80 album to hanteo after I sold them. 


Now not all shops report to Gaon, not all report to hanteo. 


That 150k preorder are not done by fans, but by shops. Various shops preordered that many before the first week so they would have the album in stock in order to be able to sell it, once the album is officially released.

Obviously the preorders that fans did at online shops are included since those shops also needed to preorder those albums from BH in order to be able to sell it to the customers. 



It looks like this:

                                                     Gaon counts these                    Hanteo counts these

BigHit produces the album -> ships it out to shops based on -> shops sell it to fans


oh, now I know! Thank you for telling me about this. I was really confused since I saw a tweet asking about it and didn't get an answer. I'll probably tell her too. 



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Shall we make a thread about bts first week sales or are we just gonna leave it here on general sales thread?

We might get a proper article or something just like when they reached 90k with pt2 but idk.

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So the hanteo thread updates the total every day for sales, but is there anywhere there is a list of the daily abum sales since release for bts?


when you pretend you don't know a sht but since I'm an immature armys I'll help your way so you can ask them or post there directly.


Here is the Official Hanteo Sales Thread

Your own Sales thread




you can just ask a MOD to ban yourself from this thread so you can rest in peace and not to worry that much about groups you don't even stan.

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I looked up for weekly GAON digital sales since BTS debut and that's what I came with:




Ad.1 - 23/2016 (for example) means 23rd week of 2016 according to GAON.


Summa summarum:



2Cool4School (single album)


No More Dream (title) - 57,932

I Like It - 7,992


All: 65,924


O!RUL8,2? (1st mini-album)


N.O (title) - 46,358

Coffee - 6,543

Satoori Rap - 4,326

Rise of Bangtan - 3,769

We On - 3,590


All: 64,586


Skool Luv Affair (2nd mini-album)


Boy in Luv (title) - 197,144

Just One Day (title) - 31,662

Where did you come from? - 11,729

Tomorrow - 6,808

Jump - 6,320

Spine Breaker - 6,027

BTS Cypher PT 2_Triptych - 5,606

Outro: Propose - 4,977


All: 270,273


Skool Luv Affair Special Addition (2nd mini-album repackage)


Miss Right - 70,772

I Like It (slow jam remix) - 7,080


All: 77,852


Dark & Wild (1st full-album)


Danger (title) - 81,980

War of Hormone (title) - 36,674

Rain - 11,658

Blanket Kick - 11,565

24/7=Heaven - 10,505

Look Here - 10,370

Let Me Know - 10,338

Turn off your phone - 10,158

2nd Grade - 9,350

HipHop Lover - 9,102

BTS Cypher PT.3 _ KILLER - 8,707

Intro: What am I to you? - 7,785

Outro: Does that make sense? - 7,754 

Interclude: What are you doing - 7,376


Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix), ft. THANH - 7,063 (not included in album)


All: 233,322 + 7,063


The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, pt.1 (3rd mini-album)


I Need U (title) - 813,410

Dope (title) - 342,238

Hold Me Tight - 64,254

Converse High - 52,676

Boyz with Fun - 41,355

Move - 36,921

Outro: Love is not over - 24,796 

Intro: HwaYangYongHwa - 34,584

SKIT: Expectation! - 15,095


All: 1,425,329


YOUTH (2nd full-album) (Japanese ver.)


For You (single) - 4,846


The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, pt.2 (4th mini-album)


Run (title) - 608,637

Butterfly - 241,978

Whalien 52 - 90,664

Dead Leaves -  85,793

Ma City - 84,951

Baepsae - 70,468

Outro: House of Cards - 47,240 

Intro: Nevermind - 44,443

SKIT: One night in a strange city - 32,799


All: 1,306,973


The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (compilation album)


Fire (title) - 444,546

Save ME (title) - 212,850

Epilogue: Young Forever (title) - 103,724

Love is not over (full) - 40,996

House of Cards (full) - 40,749

Butterfly (prologue mix) - 40,604

Run (ballad mix) - 36,124

I Need U (urban mix) - 30,063

I Need U (remix) - 24,857

Butterfly (alternative mix) - 23,073

Run (alternative mix) - 22,709


All: 1,020,295



I added older songs downloads from Young Forever album to their original albums (ex. Hold Me Tight) but I didn't add different versions of songs or full-lenght (ex. Run (ballad mix) or House of Cards (full version)).

Let me know if you find something strange or if you have any question after reading excel file.





wow look at that difference between hyyh and D&W  :rlytearpls:


also I remember people talking about it and still don't know what's the deal but is it good if their title tracks reached 400k downloads? Because iirc some are hoping Run can reach 400k dls. Even tho I don't know how this charts works I feel relieved when I saw Run has 600k and even Fire reached 400k.


and look at INU tho :rlytearpls:  :rlytearpls:  

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Honestly my question was useless because the answer is the same anyway; there is no way to know who is contributing more. That being said, it is fair to say that digitally K-Army and GP are those who are contributing the most because making an account for a sk music site is a pain in the A** for ifans.


is it possible that GP is checking them out more this time? i know it's only been 2 days but it makes me wonder how they're doing domestically. I'm actually really amazed on how their kfandom become this big making their songs chart that high even with strong competition. 

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22.30 KST.


Promotion start tomorrow. Let's how that can make any differences for this.


what does this mean? Whose artists is this?

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That's red cheek teenager


edit: wait no, that's park bogum



Top 5 is BTS


That screenshot is for Park Bogum's soundtrack.




Meant to quote @stranger101




do know if we have one for bst?

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thank you!  :chu:


does the charting looks promising so far? All I know is they're doing better than fire and see people glad with the ichart position.

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How long can they keep this up tho?...as long as they can go or are they trying for a goal? Without big public support (I believe that BTS has peaked public's interest because I don't think even a fandom alone couldn't hold them up like this but not compared to singers like these) if ARMY stop constant streaming they will fall  :rlytearpls:


it doesn't matter how long they gonna be on top 10, what matters is that they're doing doing better for themselves and slowly getting there. We need to hope for longevity. If they fall, they fall what else can we do? They're competing with with digital monsters and it's a fact. You should not discourage yourself just because of how bad they're doing digitally or how people are going to come after them if they fall. This is not the last album they'll release, they can always try again and again. just saying.

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BTS is still top 10 today on melon!! Did something happen for them to chart back into the top 10?


fans probably have more time to stream since it's weekend

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BST will have already outsold the other 3's 10 weeks.... next week. Insane 


It's amazing to see bst doing so well . I can't help but to feel kinda sad to see Run's sales compare to inu and fire on this chart. tho i prefer inu but still ..



Edited by stranger101

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looks like bst will soon cross the 500k



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As of 1 AM kst bst is at #4 so I'm assuming this is their demo right?




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Is it true that the taejin ost debuted at no. 1?


no, not yet. It probably the 5 min chart. we still have 35 mins to wait.

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5pm kst 

414k  :ahmagah:  :rlytearpls:

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they did (367,335 total)

they did (367,335 total)



332k from kion chart it seems




what was bst dl for 3rd week btw?

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better start keeping a list of all the articles that call them "million sellers"






heartbeat usually has a post that keeps track 


i think it'd be good if she took over the 2nd post in this thread and put her chart up there. cause it aint being updated rn


I was planning to backtrack but I'm not sure many pages it'll take lol my internet sucks rn TT

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I think we will see it, but I hope it kinda steadies at 15-18k DLs... because the bottom of the chart is around 13.5k downloads generally. Fire managed to hang on for quite some time. That being said, it'll prob be on the mid year chart anyway even if it charts out. So, we'll see numbers through June, and I'm pretty confident it'll be 1 million by then if we don't see it week to week.


BST had something like 614k downloads in 2016. So, it has 300k ish from 2017. 300k+ should be enough to chart in the top 100 for mid year... I hope... lol we'll see. =D


do you think we'll get to see fire too? its probably at 900k too ohdearplz.png

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