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BUMP OF CHICKEN to Appear on Kohaku for the First Time

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BUMP to Appear on Kohaku for the First Time


Translated by Owatari @ www.onehallyu.com



127. How sad


4. The band Sekai Owari is modeled after


5. People that want to be valued with liquid crystal 


6. The favorite: Tentai Kansoku 

The counter: ray

The long shot: karma


16. >> 6

The biggest long shot "Mahou no Ryouri


8. The founders of junior high rock




12. This news is being shown all over other news broadcasting.


17. Oh, it better be karma



21. Because they have a lot of famous tunes besides Tentai Kansoku I'm looking forward to this. 


24. Certainly it'll be ray


34. Are fans accepting this? It thought they seemed to not have the desire of them to appear on tv. Or are they glad?


171. Please perform with Miku-san 



230. I used to go to their lives a lot in the past. 





Edited by Owatari

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TToTT I love Bump of Chicken, but i dont really follow them...(And i rarely show my love for them...)

I want to watch Kouhaku too TToTT


I love Karma and Tentai too, but what about...Planetarium? One of my favs :")

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