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Official BLACKPINK Thread [Everything I need is on the ground~♡] ROSÉ First Single Album -R- OUT NOW!

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who else loves to play chess



another story that's sad & true

“April 28th 2pm CEST on YSL .com , let's all go & watch it together”

“^ mood after watching the show .
Congratulations @ anthonyvaccarello . that was an insane show ! Quiet the experience

Photographed by Juergen Teller"

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I need help finding a specific Blackpink video on youtube. It got accidentally deleted from my bookmarks.

It was a blackpink mashup or compilation mix. I remember alot of mixing going on in the background and foreground music, so it wasn't just snippets of songs.

The one shot that sticks out were shots of Jisoo looking over her shoulder and smiling at the camera while on stage at a concert. This shot was about halfway or maybe further in the video. I think clips from Rose's new solo were also in this video I'm looking for.

The video I'm looking for is similar in style to the below.


HALP Please.

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