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Maeda Atsuko and Onoe Matsuya revealed to be dating


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On the 24th, it was revealed that former AKB member Maeda Atsuko (22) was seriously dating Kabuki actor Onoe Matsuya (28). It has been one year since her graduation from AKB, which enforced a love ban rule. After transitioning from being a top idol to an actress, Maeda chose a lover for the first time in her life – a young, handsome Prince of Rien. It is the first romance for the original super ace of AKB. It is the birth of a big couple.


One year removed from the love ban. Maeda became my lover. Those are the words of young Kabuki actor Matsuya. He wears the sweet face of a Korean star and is tall and long-limbed. He has a lot of young female fans and is a leading actor who can also play female roles.


The two have known each other since the beginning of this year and “seems to have developed into full-scale dating.†Matsuya and Maeda both enjoy watching movies and theater and hit it off as soon as they met one another. Matsuya’s father died in 2005 but his mother has met Maeda. Maeda has also notified her mother about the relationship to ensure that both families are accepting of the couple.




Good for her  :chu:

acchan could do better tbh
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Hearts of thousands Atsumina's fans have been broken today RIP :hurr:


Chinese fans in Australia did this on Valentine day too  :cry:






It's Japan...There is always a chance...  :._.:


Acchan is skinnier 

The guy don't have buzz cut. 

They're still stars...wtf do Japan have to do with it. If anything eastern celebs are more image conscious  :._.:

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