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▿ SAY THE NAME — SEVENTEEN! ﹥ The Official Seventeen (세븐틴) Thread ▿ #Heng:garæ #Left&Right ⇆

Favourite song(s) on '헹가래[Heng:garæ]'?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Favourite song(s) on '헹가래[Heng:garæ]'?

    • Fearless
    • Left & Right
    • 좋겠다 (I Wish)
    • My My
    • 어른 아이 (Kidult)
    • 같이 가요 (Together)

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130504 Seventeen Twitter


[Doogi PD]Last episode of ‘Finding music friends’next week! Before saying goodbye, SEVENTEEN prepared a little present for the music friends


[17’s 지훈]ìž ì‹œ 휴ì‹ì‹œê°„ì— ì² ì´í˜•ì´ëž‘ 축구중ì¸ë° ì—¬ëŸ¬ë¶„ë“¤ì€ ìš´ë™í•˜ëŠ”ê±° 좋아하시나요?~~

[17's JiHoon]Playing football with SeungCheol Hyung During resting time, Do you like sports?~~~~~~~~~~


[17’s 지훈] ì „ ì´ë§Œ ë°¥ì„먹어야해서… . ã…œ 배고파요! 가보겠슴ë ~~~
[17's Jihoon]I need to have my meal so....T So hungry! I leave first~~~


Lee Chan
[17’s ì°¬] 안녕하세요^^저지금 ì €ë…먹구잠ê¹ì†Œí™”시키면서쉬고있어요~~ì—¬ëŸ¬ë¶„ì€ ì €ë…맛있게 ì €ë…드셨어요??ã…Žã…Ž

[17's Chan] Hello^^ I have now eaten dinner(,) waiting for digesting while resting~~ Everyone(,) did you enjoy your dinner in the evening?? ã…Žã…Ž


[17’s ì°¬] 다시 연습시작~ ë˜ ë†€ëŸ¬ì˜¬ê²Œìš” ì €ì—게 힘ì„주세요 여러분!

[17's Chan] Practice is starting again~ Give me strength everyone!


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Lol seokmin hehe. Hello again :smile: all those updates lost on last thread...

Hope we can get this one moving. Cheers for updates.

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^ Im not alone on this thread:D glad you found it!! I hope so hopefully when they make their debut it will get a move on


130507 SEVENTEEN Twitter


[17’s Seunggwan] Seventeen Show D-4 our Seungcheollie hyung is hospitalized… but I believe you’ll recover soon. Be strong!!


he broke his finger >.<


130508 Seventeen Twitter

(Jihoon & Soonyoung)


 [Doogi PD] Parent’s Day special! 17’s making carnation corsages and getting ready for the SEVENTEEN SHOW. See you at 7!



Everyone except Seungcheol and Dongjin



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130508 SEVENTEEN Twitter
[Doogi PD]17TV Season 2! Last episode of Finding Music Friends,'SEVENTEEN SHOW' will be on air at 3pm(Korea GMT+9) on 11th May.See you then!


130509 SEVENTEEN Twitter

[Doogi PD] Getting ready for the show, covering the mirror with a black curtain..Where’s Wonwoo? Find him! 


Highlight from EP 6

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They held their first 17TV Showcase today!

130511 SEVENTEEN Twitter



[Doogi PD] 세ë¸í‹´ì‡¼ 3시간 ì „! 무대설치가 드디어 완료! ìž ì‹œ 후 세시 부터 시작ë˜ëŠ” 세ë¸í‹´ 티비 시즌2 마지막 방송 절대 놓치지마세요~! http://m.ustream.tv/17tv


[Doogi PD] 3 hours before Seventeen Show! The stage is finally completed! Make sure to not miss the last episode of Seventeen TV Season 2 that will start on 3PM! http://m.ustream.tv/17tv



[17’s Seunggwan] Ta-da!



[17’s Samuel]^~^



[17’s Hansol]the 17tv showcase is going 2 start soon~ only 30 minutes left!!



[Doogi PD] End of 17TV Season 2 & 17 Show! We will miss you.. Hope to see you soon!♥





130511 Seventeen Show

Audio in the vids is not great

Before the show [x] [x] [


Opening dance [x] [


Show opening [

] [
] [

Seventeen show [x] [


Black team [x] [


Blue team [

] [x]

Red team [


Yellow team [x]

Hello cut [x] (Performing to NU'EST's Hello)

Gangnam style and Gentleman [x]

Jihoon playing the cap [


Doyoon cutie [


Cute moments [


X or O Game [x] [x]

Jackson Seven talk [x]\

Backstage cut [x]

Ending [



Hello with NU'EST's audio


Mingming & Junhui


Lee Chan










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Blue team wow they dance so well together. Will there be a season 3? We still have two members that need to be revealed :smile:

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^ I think so but there's been no word on when it will air. Hopefully we will see the final two members being introduced then.


The boy circled here could be another member he was in both FACE and HV's Venus MV





Highlight from Seventeen Show!

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17 Diary

130513 Lee Chan


Today our school will be having field trip....
My friends even used pretty clothes and at the school field
They're all gathering and preparing to go
but I'm the only one using the school uniform
I feel so lonely
Then I go practice after it
The practice was fun but I just hate today
A teacher felt sorry for me then gave me a chocolate and candy

It's delicious
but I'm so lonely..
I guess I should go next time...

Source: Seventeen's Official Facebook
Translated by: jroyalsmile @DORM17


Jihoon - Seokmin

Today Seokmin-ie practices singing very loudly
All the other kids told him loudly, “Shut up!†because he’s becoming a nuisance
It’s not a bad thing but Seokmin seems a little down today
I think I’ll buy him a triangular kimbab on our way back to dorm HH

cr : 17FB
trans credit: [email protected]



SoonYoung & Seungcheol


-Soonyoung 1
With the members today, if we can’t goal in penalty kick we’ll get ttakbam. Seungcheol said to do it at the practice room since there’s no time.
But kekekekekeke
Everyone forgot (^3^)
I’m a Lucky Guy kekekekekekeke

It’ll forever be a secret kekekekekeke
During exercise time I clearly made a soccer bet
But I forgot to flip Soonyoung and Doyoon foreheads if they lose

I’ll get hit soon…
Seungcheol have appeared and write the diary thus calling me..
Huk…must’ve remembered while writing the diary…
I’ll die ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

cr : 17FB
trans credit: [email protected]


130515 Wonwoo - Lyrics


Today, during the rap class I have been waiting for I received praise from the teacher for the lyrics I wrote.
From now on I should put more effort into trying to write good lyrics!

trans credit: dokyungsoo





Today I’m practicing choreography with Soonyoung hyung
As expected…Soonyoung hyung is a tiger teacher.
He’s not the leader of Jackson Seven for nothing.
Thanks to Soonyoung hyung the choreo is almost perfect
I really like it
Let’s do this together again Soonyoung hyung
Hyung….I love you.

*A/N Tiger like teacher : very strict. keke

cr : 17FB |
trans credit: [email protected]

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17 Diary

TRANS: DOYOON-2013/05/17 ‘lanterns’


I came down to my hometown after a long time.
There’s a definite difference between Seoul and Busan smell.
Because it was Buddha’s Birthday I went to the “Beomeosa†temple and the lights were really pretty.

cr: aveng & 17i-wasseoyo.tumblr.com



I took picture in front of the pretty lanterns but the only thing that came out is the silhouette of my mother and I.
It’s like my aura is weaker than the lanterns

my appearance should be brighter by now …please ㅎㅎ

cr: aveng & 17i-wasseoyo.tumblr.com


TRANS: SEUNGKWAN- 2013/05/18 ‘It’s Seunggwan’

Today after practice we went to the store which is in front of the dorm.
It’s the seven eleven store where 17 is a regular customer.
I felt like buying blue lemonade and decided to bought it.

When I was paying for it the store clerk asked

"You’ve been drinking this a lot Seonggwan-ssi."

Source: Seventeen's Official Facebook
Translated by: Jihee
Via:17-iwasseoyo @tumblr


TRANS: JUNHUI- 130521 'I'm fortunate'

“Junhui~†manager came in front of me and said, “Remember you have to arrive at the airport at 2 o’clock tomorrowâ€.
I nodded, feeling a little excited on the inside.

With the feeling of being able to take a four day rest after picking up my parents and younger brother (and dropping them off at a hotel) I continued to sleep.

The next day, I woke up early next morning, foolishly took my parents and brother into “Lotte Worldâ€.
This is a famous amusement park in Korea that the members told me about, I wanted to take my family and spend time happily.
But the result is that while I was thrilled to death, my parents and brother were tired half way to death.
Still we took advantage of the good weather and spent it ordinarily, having heart to hearts with my parents, looking at korea’s customs and habits, visited sites here and there.

Ai~ the me right now, naturally went back to the practice room, as for my parents they also boarded their plane.
After my family left, I’m left feeling a little empty. Thankfully I always have brothers at my side saying “Jia Youâ€.

[translation by @dokyungsoo]
via. YaoMingMing17


TRANS: SEOKMIN- 130522 'Dinner'



I always eat dinner in the practice room.
Today on the way inside to the practice room I saw our Aunties*
Whenever they see me they always smile while talking to me.
Perhaps that makes it more tasty?~ ke

Today we have Jabchae*!! I like it even more than home made (jabchae).
From now on please make more tasty banchan*~
Aunties = staff that make their food *o*
Jabchae = stir fried clear noodles and veggies
Banchan = side dishes

translation by dokyungsoo

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17 Diary

TRANS: SOOYOUNG 2013/05/23 'It’s a Shame'


During vocal class with Wonwoo, while recording, our teacher told us to monitor as well but just then the recording machine broke down so we couldn’t do it today.
Such a shame.
We must proceed on Tuesday!
I want to record rather than practice and also hurry and make our own song.
Until the day 17 records their own song gogogo!

translated by @/dokyungsoo


[17’s Diary - Jisoo,Seunggwan,Seungheol,Soonyoung,Chan&Meerkat] 2013/05/25~26 ‘Creating Memories’
Thanks to Soonyoung’s father who provided the banner. Abeonim’s sense is the best!

(Jisoo) Today we went on an mt through this mt we were able to open our hearts and got to know each other a lot better than before. I think we got a lot closer as a group and as friends through this trip

[seunggwan] We went for camping together to make a meaningful unity. The venue is recommended by Soonyoung hyung, it’s the famous Daeseong-ri! We grilled meat, played game, and shared stories from the heart. It was really refreshing.It was a very short 2 days and 1 night stay…now it’s bittersweet, when will we go againㅜ?

[seungcheol] I think this is the first time we went to play together since I became a trainee. I really like the time when we sit around the campfire and I can know about the dongsaengs’ feeling, I also can pour my heart out. Also, we’ve always been together but we don’t have the time to let know of each other’s feelings, I am sorry for that. I hope the next time we can do this a little longer.

[soonyoung] I really enjoyed myself playing without thinking about anything!! Especially the memory of playing with water at the valley keep coming. I keep remembering Seungkwan and Seokmin playing on the bridge, and the never tiring Mingyu playing water. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Everyone looked happy as it’s been a long time since we played in the water. During dinner dad surprisingly showed up while saying ‘’I was in the neighborhood so I came’’ , I’m really thankful to the other kids who look happier to see my dad than me. Appa…for the banner ㅎㅎㅎㅎ as expected my dad is the best!!

[Chan] Today I went to MT with the hyungs. I can’t go to my class vacation but this feels like I’m going (to the class vacation), it makes me so happy. During the day I had fun playing with the hyung, at night we had the time to tell each other our stories. í˜•ë“¤ì€ ìžê¸°ë“¤ì—게 ê³ ë¯¼ì„ í„¸ì–´ë†“ì§€ 않는게 서운하다고 했다. 우리는 í˜•ë“¤ë„ íž˜ë“¤í…ë°â€¦ 형들ì—게 우리까지 힘들게 하지 ë§ìžê³  약ì†í•´ì„œ 그렇다고 얘기했다. ë§¤ë‹ˆì ¸ë‹˜ì´ ë¨¸ë¦¬ë¥¼ 툭 치시며 서로 ìƒê°í•˜ë„¤~ë¼ê³  해주셨다. We did not say anything to each other but suddenly I wrinkled my nose . But since I’m a man, I didn’t cry. I’m thinking that by meeting this kind of hyung and dongsaeng, I’m very thankful. Seventeen…it’d be nice if we stay together like this.

A/N : sorry for the un-trans part. Daeseongri is a famous tourist attraction in Korea, located in Gyeonggi-do

Translated by: aveng / 17i-wasseoyo


[17's Diary- Soonyoung] 'Vacuum Cleaner'
Today is the start of the 2nd month of having this vacuum cleaner.
Last week we had a sneak peak about the vacuum cleaner in the box. Starting from today,we can practise in the practice room and clean it off.
This cleaner has made cleaning easier for 17 members. Seungcheol-hyung was saying that the tube looked like the elephant's nose and Seunggwan and Seokmin were playing around with it, saying that it is fun stuff. The box was on sale and nobody wanted to buy it.ã… ã… ã… ã… 
Take me back. Nobody wants me.ã… ã… ã… ã… 

Translated by: SEVENTEEN_ID
via: Seventeen_Intl


[130527] Seventeen’s Twitter Update


[soonyoung On Sale] Price: for free / Contact number: 0117171717 / Details: He could be your vitamin but he talks a lot…you might not be able to go to bed due to his chitchat / Warning: If you play music, he might come out of the box and dance to it.

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Hello thread :)

Awww the creating memories diary entry :ahmagah:




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^ Almost forgot about that missed heaps of updates >.<


[iNFO]SEVENTEEN TV Season 3 First on air: June 18th 2013! Special guerrilla broadcasting: June 4th 2013 at 7PM KST (17TV Season 3 date and time may change. Please wait for the notice for further information.)

source: @pledis_17



17 Diary

JIHOON 2013/05/27 'I hate you!!'

Rain suddenly fall heavily when I was on my way to the practice room after school today.
I don't know that the rain will come so I don't bring umbrella....
I came to the practice room when it was raining hard.
I hate rain the most

It's raining again today
I don't bring umbrella again today.
It's raining so hard again today.
I hate rain the most

Translated by: jroyalsmile @ Dorm17


MINGYU - 2013/05/30


Today.. This morning... When I woke up there was no one in the dorm..When Jihoon hyung woke me up, I thought I was late for school..I showered in 4 minutes... When I came out I was lucky to get a taxi..! But the thing is I didn't check the time...School starts at 8:30 but when I arrive there ... it was 7:40 ...
Then .. when did i woke up and where did all the members go
Translated by: Admin Hanna @7TEENWORLD


SEUNGCHEOL-2013/06/01 '......'


"I've been having many thoughts on things... The training teachers told me it was just one of the many phases trainees go through, so he gave me a day off.
I went down to Daegu and hung out with my friends for the first time in ages.
I felt a bit bitter thinking about how I hung out with my friends today. I nearly cried when I was eating the meal grandma pr
epared for me.
When she asked if anything was wrong I just replied with a 'no'.
It's been three years...
I have to work hard for my dreams and everyone whose cheering me on but unnecessary thoughts just won't go away.
The (SEVENTEEN) kids who should be in the middle of practicing, my dad and my grandma... the training teachers...
The end of todays nearing, just like any other days."

Source: Seventeen's Official Facebook
Trans by Admin Joy 7TEENWORLD


SEUNGKWAN- 2013/06/01 'Jeju Island! Good Good!'


This is Jeju Island!
Since I came down to Jeju Island, I held my mom’s hand as we walked along the coastal roads.
My heart leaped and felt clear.

I can’t remember the last time I saw the ocean with my mom, that’s how long it’s been.
I feel like even the inside of my mind feels clear.
Good good!!

Today was a day without Seungwan…
He went to his hometown Jeju Island.
Do something good for your mother and father before you comeback!!
Don’t forget to bring the hallabong!! Keke you said you’ll bring it!! Keke
Since Seungwan wasn’t here it was a lonely day!

Source: Seventeen's Official Facebook
Trans by: Ghost 7TEEN WORLD


130531 Seventeen Twitter



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17 Profiles


[PROFILE] Jang Doyoon 

Name: Jang Do Yun / 장ë„윤 /ãƒãƒ£ãƒ³ãƒ»ãƒ‰ãƒ¦ãƒ³
Birth date : 95.08.31
Blood Type: O

  • NU’EST ‘Face’ M/V
  • HELLO VENUS ‘Venus’ M/V
  • 2012 HAPPY PLEDIS ‘Love Letter’ M/V

This 17-year-old Busan boy Doyun is also known as SEVENTEEN’s mom, with ‘DoDo’ as his nickname.
The boy with a sweet personality and smile has been training for the longest time out of all.He leads and motivates other trainees along with strict Seung Cheol (a.k.a SEVENTEEN’s dad). 
He is the man of men with ‘Man should not do shameful conduct’ as his motto.
He says guys have the responsibility to protect girls and he does his best for his people.
He tries to be a prudent and comfortable person and trains hard to acheive his dream as a SEVENTEEN member.

- l  Song that identifies me: Norajo - Hyung
: It is a song that says ‘Life is not finished yet’. I’d like to comfort SEVENTEEN members as well as myself with this song whenever we fall on hard times.



[PROFILE] Hansol Vernon Chwe

Name: Hansol Vernon Chwe / 최한솔 / ãƒã‚§ãƒ»ãƒãƒ³ã‚½ãƒ« 

Birth date : 98.02.18

Blood Type: A


Hansol is a 14 year old half-American and half-Korean boy. He has a unique sense of humor and he sees things in a different way. He is interested in fashion and owns quite a lot of hats. He might seem like a cynical boy due to his bluey eyes but you can see that he is such a warm-hearted boy as his recent biggest worry was the fact that Soonyoung caught a cold. He always has a smile on his face and is ready to become an artist  that would make people happy.

- Song that describes me: Kendrick Lamar-now or never

: It’s a song that makes me keep going



[PROFILE] Wen Junhui

Name:  æ–‡ä¿Šè¾‰ / Wen Junhui / 문준휘 / ãƒ ãƒ³ãƒ»ã‚¸ãƒ¥ãƒ³ãƒ•ã‚£

Birth date : 96.06.10

Blood Type: B



Probably because he has an  experience in acting back in China, Junhui has an ability to adapt to new environment. He may seem shy due to his Korean skills that need to be improved but he is a very thoughtful boy with specific goals. Seeing how serious he is with his goal becoming a member of SEVENTEEN, you know his dream will true oneday. He says his role model is Jackie Chan, for being good at everything so he is trying to become a pro at everything like him. Junhui plays the piano and reads books in his spare time but also acts like a kid of that age along with Mingming. He wants to be known as Junhui of SEVENTEEN. He is ready to fly!

-       Song that describes me:   Beyound -  æµ·é˜”天空  It talks about the importance of keep trying no matter what. I moved to Korea after having some acting experience in China. I’m 18 and I know it’s quite a late start to become an idol. I know it’s not going to be easy but I know I can do it!




Name:  BOO SEUNGKWAN / 부승관 / ブ・スングァン
Birth date : 98.01.16
Blood Type: B


Now we are used to SeungKwan with a mic than SeungKwan running around in Jeju Island. SeungKwan, also known as MC Boo or DJ Boo, is quite off-the-wall saying that what he wants the most is battery for his mobile phone.

He is a softhearted boy, crying more than Chan when meeting Chan’s father and a very cheerful boy, too, laughing at Seokmin, who just woke up, so much that he fell off.

He can joke around even with new-faced staff but when it comes to singing, he is absorbed in it.

He says he still has too much to learn but he can’t stop sighing as dance lesson time approaches. He feels alive when people smile and laugh… Probably he is born with the talent as an entertainer.

 - Song that describes me: Kim bum soo - Last love

I sang this song at the audition. It’s the song that I’m comfortable with and want to sing to people.



[PROFILE] Lee Jihun

Name: LEE JIHUN / ì´ì§€í›ˆ /イ・ジフン

Birth date : 96.11.22

Blood Type: A

Career: NU’EST â€˜Face’ M/V 

          HELLO VENUS â€˜Venus’ M/V 


Jihun’s daily routine is just training and training. He wants to show the best he got, aiming for more. He says he hasn’t experienced a slump yet during 3 years of training and even when he feels he’s falling into a slump, he tells himself that “it will be over if I try harderâ€. He always endures pain and keeps on practicing; he even went on SEVENTEEN SHOW on painkillers.

He has many nicknames such as ‘White puppy’, ‘white cake’, ‘tofu’, something that sounds soft and tender.

Looking at him practicing, sweating and the fringe all tied up, he looks exactly like ‘White puppy (the puppy from 짱구). New trainees often take training easy in front of Jihun, thinking that he is a soft and shy guy but then they get scolded by him. Jihun loves music, and he thinks he still needs more training… He is running towards his dream harder and faster.

-       Song that describes me: Chris Brown ‘Don’t judge me’

It’s the song that I listen to everyday. I like the line “Don’t judge me†and this song just makes me relaxe


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Live stream is on now. Season three will be on tues, thurs and sat.





:shock: When was this I don't remember seeing this?

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10 June 2013 - Junhui’s Birthday #17JunhuiDay

15 June 2013 - Soonyoung’s Birthday

                          - Guerrilla Broadcast

18 June 2013 - SEVENTEEN TV Season 3 (Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8PM - 11PM)

17 August 2013 - SEVENTEEN SHOW ‘Like 17!’


[iNFO]A new member will be announced on 18 June according to Seungkwan



130604 17 Twitter



[Doogi PD] You didn’t forget you’re going to see us on 7PM right?!



We’re starting now!!!!



Singing Officialy missing you Chan rapping


Intro song Audio is kinda bad



Live stream is on now. Season three will be on tues, thurs and sat.


:shock: When was this I don't remember seeing this?

It was in season two they camped in the practice room^^

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Singing Officialy missing you Chan rapping



It was in season two they camped in the practice room^^

oh I didn't watch the streams then just the catch up vids. Chan so cute in that vid he raps well.


Mingyu :lol: :lol:



Joshua :ahmagah:


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130606 Seventeen Twitter



[Doogi PD] Big Raiding of ‘Idae* & Donam-dong’ ends!! Where to next~~?

* Idae (ì´ëŒ€) is the short term for Ewha Womans University (ì´í™”ì—¬ìžëŒ€í•™êµ).



The last guerilla broadcasting before season 3 will be on 6/15(Sat)! Time will be confirmed again~! Here’s an additional photo!


130606 Seventeen @ Ewha Womans University

SeungCheol, DoYoon, WonWoo, Mingyu, Seokmin & Hansol took part














Hansol & WonWoo
















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Trying to get the attention of Noona fans :hehe: Doyun is so cute :ahmagah:

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 [130611] Junhui’s Weibo Update 

[Trans] This can be counted as my first birthday in a unfamiliar country~Thank you mother for taking me to this world 17 years ago and thank you to my friends who have always been there for me, even though most of you guys aren’t nearby me now but there will be chances for us to gather~

trans cr: Admin Yumicarrotwins @ 7TEEN WORLD


His hair is so pretty :ahmagah:


Random gifs of Seungkwan I feel bad for laughing :hehe:


 Don’t talk with your mouth full, Seungkwan.

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[ETC] Special Vid ‘Jihun’s Self Camera’

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