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Official Plastic Surgery Thread

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#6061 starlight___



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Posted Yesterday, 07:17 AM

Jennie is pretty much natural imo. The glowup is probably just from puberty, makeup & other nonsurgical treatments. She had the exotic asian girl look since she's very young, judging by her past photos.

I think the only BP girls that have done ps are Lisa & Rose. Lisa's nose is very unnatural looking tbh and her skin whitening is obv, idk if it's from surgical treatment or just antioxidant injection.

Rose's eyelid job is too obvious, judging by her past photos.

Everytime SNSD wants to comeback i notice their faces changed. In this case, Sooyoung, her face looks 5x younger in this pic.

sooyoung's just look like hairstyle changed, i noticed as well with my friends that short hair makes them look younger 

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#6062 starlight___



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Posted Yesterday, 07:53 AM

is it true that if you get a jaw shave, you also get a double chin even though you're not fat? (unless you get surgery to tighten(?) the skin) 




also, to add to NCT, i know Taeyong had been discussed to be completely natural but i saw this and:

he suddenly gets very distinct double eyelids, and a taller nose, in between the third and fourth picture

is this a natural puberty thing or is it surgery? or maybe those old pics were not of him at all?

(and im laughing lmao watching that vid gets really uncomfortable at some point)

despite popular beliefs double eyelids can be defined over time...not too sure about going from mono to double but from my own experience i was born with double eyelids but they got a lot more defined when i was 11/12, at first they would be uneven but eventually became almost identical and more defined, my mum said it was because i slept on them weirdly but i'm not sure and with the nose too i used to get told if you pinch the bridge and tip from when you're young it'll help it become taller, i pinched my nose everyday twice a day or more since i was 3 and i still do it and my nose is semi high but not caucasian level, compared to my sister who never pinched her nose and has a flat nose so i think 'puberty' or growing up can really transform your face, of course it won't be to an extent like ps but it can make your features more defined

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#6063 abra


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Posted Yesterday, 08:24 AM

Can someone explain to me why I find chungha's face so plastic. I can't pinpoint what she got done but she has that stereotypical "tight" plastic look. Her eyes and nose in particular look plastic

Her make-up/styling also makes her look more plastic. This is the case for a lot of kpop idols actually.


She looks more natural barefaced/with little makeup:




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Posted Yesterday, 02:49 PM

what are some idols that had a nose job that looks nice and isn't obvious?


TVXQ! Changmin



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#6065 Nochu Jungkook

Nochu Jungkook

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Posted Yesterday, 09:24 PM (Edited by Nochu Jungkook, Yesterday, 09:28 PM.)

Changmin sunbae is obvious with bare face. BTW I remember Changmin will be discharge on August (military service) rlytearpls.png ahmagahplz.png

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