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[OFFICIAL THREAD] TWICE's Yu Jeongyeon [유정연] Goddess of the Sea — Dance The Night Away #WelcomeToTheYuniverse

Jeongyeon's poll  

113 members have voted

  1. 1. Are Yu?

    • a fangirl
    • a fanboy
    • none of the above
  2. 2. Are Yu?

    • older than Jeongyeon
    • 96-liner!
    • younger than Jeongyeon
  3. 3. What's Your Favourite OTP?

    • 2Yeon (Jeongyeon/Nayeon)
    • JeongMo (Jeongyeon/Momo)
    • SaJeong (Jeongyeon/Sana)
    • JeongHyo (Jeongyeon/Jihyo)
    • JeongMi (Jeongyeon/Mina)
    • JeongDa (Jeongyeon/Dahyun)
    • NoJam (Jeongyeon/Chaeyoung)
    • JeongTzu (Jeongyeon/Tzuyu)
    • YuSis (Jeongyeon/Seungyeon)
    • JeongPhone (Jeongyeon/Iphone)
  4. 4. What's Your Favourite Jeongyeon Era?

    • Sixteen Era
    • Like Ooh Ahh Era
    • Cheer Up Era
    • TT Era
    • Knock Knock Era
    • Signal Era
    • Twicetagram Era
    • Heart Shaker Era
    • What Is Love? Era
    • Dance The Night Away Era
    • Yes Or Yes Era

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Active Jeongyeon Fansites:



Black PaintTwitterYoutube
Eleven And One [Former Black Dust, also former OTP9 fansite A-Heung!] - TwitterTistoryYoutube
Wherever Yu Are [Former Silver Lining, FixYu, On ItTwitterTistory
No Jam Jeongyeon MomTwitterYoutube
Brilliant Topaz [Former DIC_Express] - TwitterTistory
Jeongyeon Bakery (정연빵집)TwitterTistory
JY Diary - Twitter
Yutopia - Twitter
Yu DogTwitter
Crushtwice (JeongTzu OTP fansite) - Twitter
Coup De Foudre (JeongMi OTP Fansite) - Twitter
Bongjuice (2Yeon OTP fansite)[Former NJPanda] - Twitter
Down Under (YuSis OTP Fansite) - Twitter
마쉬멜로우 (SaJeongTzu OTP Fansite) - Twitter
Beyond Words (JeongMiChaeng OTP Fansite) - Twitter
LIMERENCE SY.R9 [Former ã…ˆã…ã…Œ] - TwitterTistory
Ant (개미) - Twitter
Your Domino - Twitter
Yootiful - Twitter
Yoolife Twitter
Crush On Yu [Former Yu Only Live Once] - Twitter
Jeongyeon Syndrome - Twitter
Do YouTwitterYoutube
All Of My Life - Twitter
Secret J [Former Gyeon]- Twitter
호잉~ - Twitter
Jeongyeon_Go (정연스쿨) - Twitter
유우 - Twitter
JYcam YU Youtube
Triple Heart - Twitter, Youtube
Inactive Jeongyeon Fansites:
Jeongyeon Studio - TwitterYoutube, Tistory (closed)
Winter Kid [Former Dear My Lady] - TwitterTistory
HitchhikerTistoryYoutube, Twitter (last known handle - account deactivated)
SeeYu Twitter (last known handle - account deactivated)
Fairy AttackTwitter
Yunicorn EyesTwitter
Platform 1101Twitter
Heart PunchTwitter
Goodnight BabyTwitter
12ì›”ì˜ ë´„ Dece SpringTwitter
Want UTwitter


If you wish to be added to this list, please post in the thread using this form:




Why I stan Jeongyeon:


Name: Kris
Age: Not saying
Location: France
Why I stan Jeongyeon: There are no words for it, because she is who she is, and she is just too lovable and talented not to stan â¤â¤â¤




Name: momone (it's a combo of mine's and momo's real name :3)
Age: 21 (hence, why jy is my child and needs my protection and praise)
Location: us of a
Why I stan Jeongyeon: because she's only like the most amazing human being on earth everyone must stan her or die. but for real though, she just somehow lured me into twice trashiness after the LOA fancam of her (the bish has superpowers). and then i started watching vids, and she always took the time to take care of the members and make sure they were safe/okay. it's so admirable that she places others before herself. plus, she totally rocks a short haircut, is basically a model, flipping talented, hilarious to boot, and my child is perfect and can do no wrong raepfaceplz.png
I WILL AWAIT THE DAY HER HAIR GROWS LONG im obsessed with the idea of long-haired jy and how much she'll slay the fandom.


Name: sanha (or kel idc which u decide to use tbh)
Age: 19
Location: usa
Why I stan Jeongyeon: when I first got into twice i'm ngl it was bc tzuyu was so beautiful and loa was so catchy but then I heard about sixteen and I went back and watched it and lit fell in love with jungyeon bc she was so surly but then so silly and like?? precious weird mom child tbh. I just love her interactions with literally everyone and she's always so consistent like in everything she does whether it's on stage or in photoshoots she's always consistent and she's twice's rock basically and I love her v much for it she's the reason why I can't just have one bias. she's so talented and so slept on all the time and it just makes me so sad so I feel like I need to love her more to make up for the people who sleep on and wrongly criticize her (like who tf thinks they can come for her vocals ... like go watch applause or happy and tell me she can't sing ... go watch every twice mr removed and tell me she isn't the most consistently stable ... i will FIGHT ...) so she's my second child and I love her v much


Name: Nathanael
Age: #94Liner so just calculate
Location: Philippines
Why I stan Jeongyeon: I dont know what to say.. how do you even describe that person who's your ideal incarnate? The way she dress, the way she acts, the way she looks, the way she speaks her mind, not caring what the world thinks. How do you describe someone like that? One word: Perfect. That's Why.


Name: Shutter(Sab)
Age: 28
Location: Philippines
Why I stan Jeongyeon: She is basically the girl with everything I ask for a bias. I have never stan anyone as hard as I do for her, ever. She may not be the most beautiful(to me she is), but her heart is overflowing with kindness and her humor, being not afraid to make fun of herself to make others smile or laugh is what I love the best about her.



Jeongyeon~My Ultimate Bias


Name: Jeongyeon~My Ultimate Bias

Age: Late 20's

Location: Toronto, Canada

Why I stan Jeongyeon: The first time I saw Jeongyeon was when I watched Like Ooh Ahh for the first time. The moment I saw her she immediately caught my attention. She is the main reason that I got into Twice. The more I watched their variety show guestings I discovered that Jeongyeon and I have a lot in common. That draws me more into her. She is so talented, humble, easy going, very caring and protective with her co-members, humorous, beautiful inside and out.






^ Leaving this cause I had the hardest time finding it during the game T.T Blue come back!


Edited by Twicebreaker
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It really surprised me to find out Jungyeon didn't have her own personal thread. I guess she has less int fans or people assumed she already her own thread and thus didn't make one. I hope she gets more love in the future, she seems so charismatic and constantly calm.


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Edited by Twice
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Yay, finally Jungyeon thread has been born..


Excited to spazz abt her here..

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One Two Three

Three Two One

Jungyeon Jungyeon



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finally, jungyeon tread omg 

Edited by missH
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badass biker chick  :ahmagah:  :har: 

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She has the best teaser so far :)

And i liked her strong image .

Do well Jungyeon.

Since she is 96liner like me , i feel sympathy for her already ^.^

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tumblr_nwh72iRSad1uxdroio1_250.gif tumblr_nwh72iRSad1uxdroio2_250.gif

tumblr_nwh72iRSad1uxdroio3_250.gif tumblr_nwh72iRSad1uxdroio4_250.gif

Gorgeous  :chu:

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