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[TWITTER] 130721 Jaejoong Twitter Update



[TRANS] Can I make a good song?







[TWITTER] 130721 Jaejoong Twitter Update 2: Jaejoong Continues to be Poetic



[TRANS] Waiting can make you endure many more..
can make you see farther..
can make you have bright eyes in the dark.


[TRANS] Ah.. Finally, I cried in a second after reading this page..
“In the corner that we have walked in each of our life, someone who goes to see you off the longest and farthest is our family.â€



[TRANS] Family.. has various meanings..
The common things that we have felt in this world as a human.. not belong to anything
Not to talk about justified reasons such as nation, blood relations or something..
Anyway, the most significant thing is..
Now I’m really thankful to my family..



[TRANS] I like it.. If it’s only one or a hundred.
If he/she is only one or they are a hundred, you just should take care of your business..



[TRANS] Did you already risk your life because of matters like these things today?

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my hubby's thread.   :ahmagah:  :ahmagah:  :ahmagah:  :ahmagah: 







wae sho flawless ?   :omgwtf:





forever my loveeee.   :ilove:  :ilove:

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[PICS + INFO] 130727 Japanese Asahi Shinbun Newspaper reported a girl who began to cross-dress yearning to emulate Kim Jaejoong


“Asahi Shinbun†Newspaper (literally Morning Sun Newspaper, English: Asahi News) is one of the largest Japanese daily newspapers.


Previously Asahi Shinbum Newspaper reported: “Popularity Born from Fans’ Hunger†(Read more here) just after Jaejoong finished his concerts in Yokohama, and now they are featuring a girl who began to cross-dress yearning to emulate Kim Jaejoong.











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[LINE] 130727 JYJ Naver Line Update: Jaejoong on the Piano






Sitting at piano..

Which song to play…?



Summer is here and..
It is Saturday and..um…




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Jaejoong on MBC News



My oppa appears in the national news more than he appears in entertainment news.......... lolololol, he's a public figure!

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LOL, this is pretty random, but.........  By the way, this is satirical!!!!  I repeat, satirical.  This will be full of sarcasm just for the humor.  So, don't bash me before you google the term 'satirical' (I saw it in asianfanfic before, and I decided to do one for Jaejoong here, this thread needs to be spiced up a lil.  Don't bash me, or I'll sulk  :wut: Nah just kidding, I won't sulk.  But if you do want me to stop, tell me politely)



100 things to do if you're a Jaejoong fan





Sure, do that if you happens to meet him.  It's not like it'll creep him out anyway.  That is so~ normal.



2.  Hey, guess what?  You should totally sign up as one of his sasaengs.  I'm sure he'll appreciate a horde of zombie-like fangirls following him around!



3. Situation 1:

Jaejoong: Girls, you really like me for my music?

Fangirl 1: Yes.  








Will add more soon.

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Singer Kim Jae-Joong of the K-pop trio JYJ has taken the next big step as a solo artist, having released his first full-length album at the end of October.


Along with the album, Jae-joong also kicked off his latest Asia tour last weekend, starting at the COEX mall in southeastern Seoul for some 14,000 fans.


In addition to a high-energy show, Jae-joong surprised his fans with some big-name guests, including singers Kim Bum-soo and Gumi.

Unusually for the world of K-pop, Jae-joong writes or co-writes a large number of his songs, and rather than K-pop’s typical dance-pop, Jae-joong focuses more on emo-rock. He released a mini-album in January, but this is his first full album.


Next up for the star are four more concerts over the next month, as his tour takes him to Yokohama on Nov. 15 and 16, to Taipei on Nov. 23, and Nanjing, China, on Dec. 7.


Q. How would you describe your coming concert tour?
A. I’m going to sing more Japanese songs for the Japan concerts. Also, I’ll have different concepts with the audience “dress code†in different countries.
What does the album title “WWW (Who When Why)†mean?
Those are the basic words you have when you fall in love. To love, you have to have someone, and it is important where you meet that person and why you meet. Depending on the style of the songs, I sometimes try to express love in a direct way and other times in a smoother way.
Did you expect to see your album top the iTunes charts in 12 countries?
I was very surprised. I was especially amazed to see I was No. 1 in rock music. I think some who don’t know Kim Jae-joong listened to the album.
Is there any reason why you prefer to play rock music?
It is a genre I’ve liked since I was young. I worried it might be hard for me to pursue it professionally, but I wanted to try at least once. So I took up the challenge and am trying to develop my own style.
After a decade in the music business, what is your biggest worry?
After a month, I’m celebrating my 10th year since my debut. I think I’m returning [to the basics] as I reach 10 years. I want to go back and try achieving new goals.

BY KIM JIN-SEOK [[email protected]]

Credit: koreajoongangdaily
Shared by PrinceJJ

Edited by Butterfly

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JYJ Weibo Update



Holy Shit he looks so attrative on this picture. Dat arm. Dat side profile.



Edited by creampuff

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Btw, Jaejoong's global chat times:


China: 3PM in KST (1 hour from now)

Japan: 8PM in KST

Europe: 12AM in KST (technically, 11/7)

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Compilation of tweets during Jae's fansigning event


When the fans clapped their hands, Jaejoong opened his arms to make them look like he's hugging :3 (C: 籽言)

Jaejoong is 58KG now~ (C: 籽言)

There might be an encore concert in Seoul on Jaejoong's birthday. (C: 籽言)

Jaejoong is in a good mood now. He clapped and used different languages to greet the fans. He also asked if yesterday was fun~ (C: 籽言)

Jaejoong hasn't had his meal yet, he's in full black outfit. Fan said that he's as skinny as a poster ;n; (C: STAR_LENG)

Jaejoong wanted to pluck the pen's cap out but he couldn't ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ (C: STAR_LENG)

Fan asked if Jaejoong will attend Happy Camp after concert in Nanjing & Jae personally confirmed saying yes~ (C: HELLO_OPPA)

A fan gave Jaejoong a dinosaur plushie and when she placed it on the table, Jaejoong stared at it. Everyone laughed (bcos of Jae's reaction) & manager repositioned the plushie to the corner. Jaejoong then asked what was that OTL (C: 莲藕娃娃)

The dinosaur plushie the fan gave Jaejoong is a T-rex by the way

Another fan gave a racoon-shaped backpack (for children) to Jaejoong. Jae looked at it helplessly until manager kept it awayㅎㅎ (C: 莲藕娃娃)

Jaejoong said it's thanks to everybody he can be nominated as first on Music Bank

Everyone's clapping for Jaejoong in the fansign now aww ;n; ♡ congratulations baby!

Announced Jaejoong is nominee for 1st in the fansign & everybody cheered. Jaejoong waved his hands & said he knew the news this morning. Jaejoong said he has zero album promotion but he's still 1st. (C: 籽言)

Jaejoong was cheering like a kid for his solo album's results ^_^♡ (C: 籽言)

A fan gave Jaejoong a bottle of beer and Jaejoong immediately acted like he's going to drink itã…‹ã…‹ (C: HELLO_OPPA)

Fan fan brought along her child, Jaejoong stretched out his hand to the child. The child hid away but Jae still smiled at him~ (C: 籽言)

A fan gave Jaejoong a dinosaur plushie (?) to Jaejoong. Jaejoong said it was scary and asked the fan why did she gave him thatㅋㅋㅋ (C: 籽言)

Fan: I'll wait for you at Nanjing. JJ: Nanjing-ah~ Fan: I'm from NJ. JJ: Ah, really~ Fan: Thank you~ I love you. JJ: I love you too (C: 莲藕娃娃)

A fan gave Jaejoong a winder toy (those that will move after being wind) & Jae played with the toy on the table lmao (C: 莲藕娃娃)

Jaejoong pointed to star_leng's name asking if that means the moon. So he drew a moon beside her name~ pic.twitter.com/4cYfQYp7yh

Jaejoong's outfit today is black, he's extremely skinny and seems like he's wearing leather pants. His legs are very skinny T_T (C: 莲藕娃娃)

At the start of the talk Jaejoong kept releasing lazy sounds like "em, mmm, uh"ㅋㅋㅋ (C: 莲藕娃娃)

When Jaejoong saw the Thai name, he laughed out loud and acted like he fainted pfft ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ (C: 莲藕娃娃)

Jaejoong explained that the reason why he back-faced the audience while singing Paradise was bcos he thought of the feelings while composing the song and he felt like he couldn't continue singing (the song). (C: 籽言_沈二胜是男神)

Jaejoong said there are no plans (for concerts) in Hongkong currently. (C: 籽言_沈二胜是男神)

Jaejoong said that he will put in all his efforts in making his album. Manager kept hinting Jae to sign but Jae continued talking (C: 籽言)

A fan shouted Jaejoong is first and Jaejoong stand up and dance and did the dance-ending movement to thank the fan :3 (C: 籽言)

A fan shouted Jae is first and everyone applaud & Jae even stood up happily but after fan clarified is 2nd Jae was a bit disappointed

A fan gave a drink (not sure if it's wine) Jaejoong used the pen cap to open and drank it LOL

Jaejoong's body trembled after drinking the beerㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (C: 莲藕娃娃)

A fan gave Jaejoong the king's hat & everyone asked him to wear, manager probably thought Jae couldn't wear it so he kept it away. Fans weren't happy & Jae acted like he's serious & said that time isn't enough & he has schedule to rush so he can't mess up his hair

Jaejoong signed 'Yunjae' in Korean for @yjblackhole ;n; pic.twitter.com/YwnliZMTsn

Fan asked Jae if the doll looks like him. Jae said no bcos the doll is 'naked' but fan retorted Jae was naked too. pic.twitter.com/x8XcMjwcBB

Fan asked for the eyeliner brand Jae used. Jae said he doesn't know & pointed to his eye saying he didn't draw too thickly today. (C: 彤è‰èŽ“é…±)

The fansign ended and Jaejoong signed for the MC. Fans were not allowed to leave yet to ensure they won't chase after Jaejoong. (C: 籽言)

The pen which Jaejoong used to sign is given to a fan omg *__*

Fan asked if Jaejoong has a mole on his left inner arm, and he said no! So the mole on this person's arm... (C: å­—é€æƒ…生)

There is a fan who told Jaejoong that she was going to get married after Jaejoong signed for her. She then ran down the stage immediately. Jaejoong was startled for a moment and then retorted, "Then why did you come to see me for?!" ( ¬д¬。) (C:Jaejee_大在在皇é¢å¨˜)



Omgggg Jaejoong is finally here and signing already ã… ã…  Hope I get to say everything I want to ã… ã…  pic.twitter.com/uR9pJarEC6

Gonna gift Jaejoong San Miguel Beer and Dried Mangoes~!♥ Thanks to my sponsors ㅋ pic.twitter.com/asDLhmxxpR

BTW Jaejoong said he has plans of having an ENCORE BIRTHDAY CONCERT~!!


Jaejoong said he likes San Miguel beer a lot!!! ã… ã… ã… ã… ã…  OMG GUYSSSS I'M DYING HERE MY DREAM OF "DRINKING W/ JJ" SEMI CAME TRUE OMGGGG

He was so cool when he opened the beer, with just a pen OMG HOW DID THAT HAPPEN HE WAS SO AWESOME OMGGG














☆ 2013.11.09 (Sat) ♡ 1st Album 'WWW' Fansign

1) 2PM KST (Synnara)

2) 7PM KST (Hottracks)


cr shinkipeia

Edited by creampuff

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