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Nurse XIA

Announcement Events Coordinator Applications

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OneHallyu Events Coordinator Recruitment


 Good luck to everyone that applies, and I look forward to reading all of your applications. 



As the Events Coordinator, you are responsible planning, organizing and overseeing the execution of all events (both small and large). In order to be successful at this you are expected to take on a leadership role. The events team look to their coordinator for direction on all things events related, so keep in mind that we are looking for an individual that possesses the necessary skills to lead the events accordingly. 



  • All applicants must have the time, communication skills, and motivation necessary to effectively lead the events team.
  • All applicants must have proficient time management skills 
  • All applicants must be organized
  • If chosen applicant must behave in appropriate and professional manner (especially when communicating with users)

Brief Summary of Duties as Coordinator:

  • Collaborating with events team to decide dates of both small and large events

  • Updating Events calendar

  • Making necessary forum/Twitter announcements to promote upcoming events

  • Collaborating with events team to decide who will host each individual event

  • Answering user questions regarding events (rules, guidelines, prizes, and etc)

  • Collaborating with events team to decide prizes/amount of tokens given out for events


​Application Form:



How many hours a day/week are you on OneHallyu?:

Do you have any leadership experience? If so, please elaborate:

What are your strengths?:

What are your weaknesses?:

Describe your idea of leadership and detail how you will use that idea as Events Coordinator:

Describe 1 game or event you'd like to create/organize: 

If not chosen as coordinator, would you be interested in joining as a regular events team member?:



If you are interested in applying for the position of OneHallyu's Events Coordinator, please PM your application to XIA Fan with the title Events Coordinator Application by 08/10/2015

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Good luck to everyone. You've got big shoes to fill after mes


My talents are better suited for Head Moderator though..

Lol. Are they now? 


I have a few questions if that's alright with you?


  • How would we be making the Forum/Twitter announcements?
  • How would we be collaborating with the events team to decide dates of both small and large events?

  • How would we update the Events Calender?

  • Are we expected to be on everyday of the week?

  • If we lead, would that give us the right to make certified changes for the betterment of the Events?

Thank you, and good luck to everyone applying!  :ohbi:

  • You would be given the information to login to the OH games Twitter to promote events and games.
  • In short, communication. You have discussions with the team about events to host and the date/times. 
  • As for the calendar, that would be something you would be shown if you are picked.
  • You are expected to be on a reasonable amount of time. I cannot give you an exact number, but you will have to be fairly active.
  • You can make changes within reason. There would be a discussion between you, the team, and myself. However, you would facilitate that discussion and definitely have a say.  
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Hah. I beat you.

I win. Reinstate me pls.

Apply and let's see what happens.  :chu:

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Shouldn't you guys do an internal promotion from amongst those that are already in the events team, and recruit a new events team member instead? That way, whoever gets the gig would already be familiar with the internal dynamics of the events team and with what the job entails.


Or are none of them able to take on the added responsibility due to time constraints?


In any case, good luck to those applying.

They are allowed to apply if they choose to. I am looking for the best person for the job, and if one of the current members is that person, then I have no problem with promoting that individual. That's how it works will real life jobs too. 

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That wasn't how it worked when it came to choosing the head moderator though :hurr:

The head moderator also didn't leave the staff. She was promoted. I didn't just take the position after she was promoted either. I proved myself. Sooooooooooooooooo.. My point still stands.  :chu:

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Wow I look weird in Orange.

I like it. Congrats. 

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if you are no longer in the events team.. who do we go to when we want to buy/sell tokens??



also good luck everyone who's gonna apply! 

For now you are going to PM either Tee or Babysnatcher. 

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/gasps you're no longer just a moderator.. when did that happen :O 

either way congratulations~   :ahmagah:


also thank you for replying :3

Last week, and no problem.  Thanks.  :chu:

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