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Ask A Mod Thread ~ FAQ in OP


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Thanks so much Shay.


Also does it mean that we lost all our awards and have to work for it again right?



Yep. Users will have to work from scratch again. 

Those with unique awards however will be able to get their unique awards back.

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Please post "Blank" in the Infinite thread (and any others of those, there were multiple; check the Random), and post the links to all the threads here.


I think these are the only two:



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It's not really a question, but I just wanted to let you guys know I have been occasionally getting the 503 page since there's so much traffic already. Just wanted to make you all aware of it! I honestly couldn't be more happy to see that page.  :lol:


We're aware, but thanks ^_^ 

i get notfi when i reply to a thread and im automatically following that thread too 

how do i get rid of it

Uncheck the box for it in settings. 

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There's a chance I'm being neg stalked. Plz check up on this. Thx.

Thank you. Person stalking you has been dealt with. If it persists, please tell us. 



Thankyou!! And welcome back Marvin :lol:

Thank you <3.

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Hi there


I was wondering if I can reclaim the OPs for Jpop for Dummies and Jpop Fanturd thread please? :)

Done the JPop Fanturd for you ^^. 

Please could you post a blank message in the JPop for dummies thread? From there I can easily make you OP =).

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