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Ask A Mod Thread ~ FAQ in OP


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thank you Marvin 

It's great to see you back.

and you need to show me a selca one day.

I will never forget

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Is my sadface dongsaeng's face less sad now the he is a junior moderator?

no, Noona, my face has always been cheery. My username was meant to be an irony at its finest!

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dear mods


which users that you like  have not migrated here, yet?



Maybe faux-chan. I havent seen her. And i havent seen hazee noona either.
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Could a mod please double check if there is a K-Hip Hop thread already? I remember there was one in H8 but after going through the thread list in the music section it seems that one hasn't been made/carried over 


If it's all clear I'd like to start one up


Its pretty dead though. Try hard to revive it

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Please buy me Yunho's and Changmin's dogs?

If u manage to convince me to :)


Which one?

Why do you want to know?

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Is it possible to move the order of ours marketplace items? For them to be shown in order? Or to choose which items on which line?

(for example, I'd like to separate my albums from my Bubble teas)

I think for now there isnt a way. You need to purchase it in order :(

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sighh why is the red rose bouquet very expensive :

Because the red rose bouquet represents love


At onehallyu, we believe love is a luxurious thing. Who needs love when we have oppars/unnirs?


That explains our rationale for that exorbitant price tag


But to be honest, I don't know why it is so expensive either

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meg will always like me the best


we r perfect

love can't be forced !



Dear Mods


Can I have some wons?

if you will be my slave

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U combo breaker


Minimum is 50k


She is gonna be a doctor when u marry her u won't need to worry about being poor

i will pay you in instalment 

100 for everyday

i will have enough on the day she turns legal

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I have the most rep on this forum. Can I please be rewarded for such good behavior and contributions with won? :)




and I fifthed #nogifformiguel

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I already gave me reasoning for this.

Plus i put everything in spoilers so it shouldn't even matter, people wanna see the pictures. It's a artist thread for updates. Not for off-topic spam. Which alot of people do in these threads. I never reported them for doing that, but i guess i will start doing that now.

I asked people in the threads, and no got a problem with it, only that one guy. Everyone wants to see the updates.

Well, I actually appreciate a lot the effort you spend on getting all those pictures and such, that requires a lot of dedication.

About the complaint we received, the problem is that youre taking 5-6 consecutive posts to do so. Your reasoning about updating it is valid, however, It would be great if you to keep it in the span of 2-3 posts if possible, posting some representative images of the set, and provide a link if possible.

I think, as you do reuploading, you can link to the reuploaded pic folder, and that would be more convenient for you, and to other users who may not have a fast internet connection. As you know, the online pic folder will give thumbnail images so users can preview, that wil not take as much load as opening a spoiler full of HQ pics.

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I already gave a reasoning for some of the things you said, but whatever that pm is ignored so whatever.And i understand why i got reported in the girls day thread with my 5 consecutive posts most of the pictures were very similar so i can understand that.But in other threads this isn't the case. So i will stop doing the similar pictures posts.Btw Lenalee does exactly the same as me spamming pictures in artist threads, but the difference is that she does it in a busy artist threads, people will keep posting there so her posts will never look like a double-tripple-etc post.I post in threads which aren't talked in alot, so if i dont do the consecutive posts i sometimes have to wait for like 2 days before i can post the next picture batch.

Uhm, I really can't help you about the thread with lack of replies lol. We will Probably give leeway to you if you really wish to update yet there is no other post in a long period of time. I will trust you with your judgement of how much is enough lol. I will try to discuss with other mods about this. Thank you for understanding!

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Mods, what is your favorite weather type?


Mine is Thunderstorms.



My favorite weather is aircon-ed room weather. I no like the outside.

Butnif i must say, dry and cool. A tad breezy



I realized the purpose of the ask a mod thread was to democratize us

how sinister

I hope you dont't think bad about me :(
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Well if i have a batch of pics from one site, im gonna post them all at once. I'm not gonna wait or hope someone will reply and keep those links saved in a notepad somewhere. Everyone loves the picture updates, it was just my fault for posting too similar-like pictures in the girl's day thread that one time.

Uhm, I mean, if you have like 10 pics from a site, and another 12 pics from another site, and you wanna post all of them, that would be a heavy load. So you can show 4 pics from the first site, 4 pics from the other site, of course with spoilers, while posting a link to your minus folders which has the rest of the pics. That would be not double-posting, reduce the loads on the users. Wouldn't it be better?

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I didn't know you had a kid when this started...


I need some time to think about this  :wut:

i'm sexy free single and ready to bingo if you're interested!

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How do you get sick so you can miss an exam?

Anyone? I'm desperate.  :>_>:

don't drink water and stay up the whole night.

may not work if you're too stronk

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