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Ask A Mod Thread ~ FAQ in OP


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am i the only one not getting notifications when i'm quoted? i just wanted to know if this was a feature not currenly on 1h or if my account is just effed up


I'm not getting them either. well my notifications are a little iffy right now, not everything is showing up



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Storm's Changmin gif has appealed to my biased ass and I have now taken your complaint to heart. 

Since I'm not allowed to edit the rules myself to include what you deem 'bad gif usage', your problem has been forwarded onto admin Shaysonic to take further action. 


Stay safe all. 


Bless you.






Sorry not sorry. I don't want ppl to think I stan Gorillas Generation.

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Do Google, Bing, Facebook, and other sites still lurk this site and cache the results for their search engines? I know it used to do that on the other forums but I haven't seen them around here. Maybe I'm just not paying attention.


Also want to break perd's attempt to take over the front page.


she's been trying for like an hour now and still can't accomplish it



If I reported someone for something the put in a pm, are you able to look at it for proof?


thirsty as usual i c


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Can you check your settings under the notification section and see if the boxes you want are ticked?


Everything was checked except for the "get notification for threads I'm following" option so I checked that. I have yet to see if that will work tho.

And strangely enough, I got a notification when you quoted me but I didn't get notifications when people quoted me in the Hyoyeon thread.

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Just curious, do you follow the Hyoyeon thread? I know with threads you follow you get a notification when there's been a post, but not necessarily if that post quotes you.


Yes I do! I actually started getting notifications from the new posts in that thread once I followed Marvin's instructions. I noticed I'm getting notifications from quotes outside of the thread but not when people quote me inside it.

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Then it's probably because you follow it. I never get notifications for quotes on threads that I follow, just a notification that someone in general posted. I believe it's because the system doesn't want to give you a double notification. I'm not quite sure how that works though.

Sorry for jumping in! I had noticed it wasn't answered yet and thought that might be the problem. 


Ah I see. That does make sense!

No need to apologize. Thanks a lot for explaining, and thanks to Marvin for originally helping out.


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