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Official NEO Thread // #VIXXMomAndDad #SEXYCOUPLE #Real #Dalmatian

NE - O  

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  1. 1. What do you want to call Neo? (Multi-choice)

    • Mom & Dad of VIXX
    • Dalmatian Couple
    • Choco Marble Couple
    • Long Life Friends

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★They are both 90 liners so Leo doesn't call N hyung.
★N and Leo had the most crying incidents when winning.
★They had a major fight predebut. It all ended the next day when Leo came to N.
★Leo’s 2014 wishes for N
1. I hope you talk a little less
2. I hope you don’t go to cafe for a break anymore
3. Let’s stop playing
★N’s 2014 wishes for Leo
1. I hope you talk a lot
2.I hope you take a break in a cafe often
3. I wish you can play with me
★Leo is envious of N's ability of getting ignored by the members.
★Both are born on Saturday.
★N gave Leo coffee on his 2014 birthday.
★They understand each other the most.
★"If N is the mom, then I am the dad" - Leo
★When they first met, N helped Leo in stretching.
★There was a fansign event where a fan said to Leo, "I put my dibs on you". When she went to N, he said that "Leo is mine"
★No one in VIXX can force Leo to do something except N.
★Leo says that N has no fear whenever about VIXX. He says N is a man he has confidence in.
★"He’s the very ideal leader. I have a tendency to let my emotions get ahead of me, but N is able to give caution or advice with a rational thought. As the eldest-line, don’t we make a good combo?" -Leo
★Leo labeled N as his "lifelong friend".
★"He may seem aloof but he is very warm hearted" -N

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>"N is not food. Must resist.


>N looks terribly hot in here.


>Now N is just pure handsome.

>That smile......

>Leo was like.. "N is mine bitch"

>Too cute to even handle.

>Tbh.. I can kiss that all day.



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arent Ravi their main dancer tho?


arent Ravi their main dancer tho?

Usually the main title goes to the member in charge of that part..


N is the best dancer and is in charge of dance in VIXX.. so...

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~going back to Weekly Idol.


When Doni/Coni said that VIXX is better without N and with Leo in the middle, they asked Leo to say that he is the new leader.. He just chanted their usual Real V greeting instead.


He loves our lideo. ♥

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This thread is the equivalent to love!!😳

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1. ..lips that you might aswell just bite. Yes. Bite.


2. ..hotness that the two different perfections give off.


3. ..visuals that you will want to see every morning you wake up.


4. ..cuteness these two boys expell when together.


5. ..picture that is so spazz worthy.


For short, Neo is quite irresistible.


Another here ♥



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