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SHOWTIME, NU'EST TIME • Official 뉴이스트 Thread

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I just wanted to write this before the 10th. I can’t believe it has been almost 4 months since Produce 101 Season 2 ended. I believed that night of June 16th was a turning point for many people here

Hi, thank you for the post. First of all, welcome to OH, and I hope you'd have a good time here. Next, I'm going to delve further on your points given, I hope you don't mind. I'm not here to offend; y

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On 2/21/2021 at 10:37 AM, arinsen said:

I haven't posted here in ages but been silently following...

Is it just me or Pledis seems to have given up (again). They only had 1 comeback last year and Pledis has been constantly rejecting opportunities for the boys. 

I'm so disappointed with that company, they've been handed a golden opportunity but they couldn't be arsed to do the bare minimum and wasted so much potential.

Hello there! Nice to meet you on the thread!

I genuinely wonder if Pledis just doesn't have the needed manpower/enough staff or if it's just gross incompetence on their part.. Makes me a little nervous thinking they will supposedly debut a new group this year..

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On 3/8/2021 at 6:02 PM, Lee said:

Good news! They're reportedly having a comeback in April.


Confirmed with a full album.


oh wow the last full length Album was 7 years ago in 2014. I'm so looking forward to what kind of sound it'll have and a good 30-40 minutes of new music! 

Thank you for the article,  interesting to learn that 정규앨범 is studio/full length album and 미니앨범 is Mini album. 

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Posted (edited)

^ No worries. I'm excited to hear the releases too.

This came from their recent website homepage, so I will embed it here:



04.04 Concept Homepage Romanticize #1
04.05 Official Photo #1
04.06 Official Photo #2
04.07 Official Photo #3
04.08 Official Photo #4
04.09 Official Photo #5
04.10 Official Photo #6
04.10 Concept Homepage Romanticize #2
04.11 Official Photo #7
04.12 Album Trailer
04.12 Track List
04.13 Pre-Listening #1
04.14 Pre-Listening #2
04.14 Concept Homepage Romanticize #3
04.15 M/V Teaser #1
04.17 M/V Teaser #2
04.19 Album & M/V Release

Naver also published an article about it.

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Posted (edited)

[NOTICE] ARON’s Participation in NU’EST 2nd Studio Album Activities

This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

We would like to provide some information regarding NU’EST member ARON and his participation in promotional activities for the group’s second studio album “Romanticize”.

Following physician advice in January that Aron required sufficient rest and recuperation due to symptoms of anxiety, he has focused on his recovery efforts.

His foremost concern has been making sure that he does not cause concern to fans who have eagerly been waiting for the new album from NU’EST, and has thus been working closely with physicians to prepare himself for the comeback.

While the artist himself wishes to fully take part in the group’s second studio album promotions, the company has determined that taking part in all official activities and performances may place undue strain on ARON. We plan to place the highest priority on artist health and well-being, and exercise flexibility in ARON’s participation in album promotions. We ask for your generous understanding.

We will strive to assist our artist in making sure he stays healthy and ready to appear before our fans. We will provide a separate notice on more details about ARON joining official promotional activities.

We would like to express our appreciation to all fans who support NU’EST and their second studio album “Romanticize”. We ask for your continued love and support for NU’EST.

Thank you.

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