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Official BiS/BiSH/EMPiRE and related thread - EMPiRE debut MV "Akaru Imi Rai" 12/6 ~ WACK General Election - The Results Are In!

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Posted Yesterday, 04:45 AM

Here's Ling Ling's interview with Ototoy!


──I watched 「SHARR」at the WACK Fes and was impressed.

Ling Ling: Thank you. Were you able to hear my voice?

──I heard you. Don’t you think right now it’s the turning point of BiSH’s performances? Above all, I felt the awakening of BiSH after hearing Ling Ling in 「SHARR」. Did you always want to try shouting?

Ling Ling: Not particularly (laughs). When we started recording, Matsukuma-san said “I’ll have Ling Ling sing a lot”, but I thought only Aina the End can do shouting like this. First of all, I don’t even know what counts as death growls* so I was just like “I’ll just try shouting”, and sang with the voice that came out. (* she said “death voice” but I don’t think it was called that in English so I tried googling it and this is what came up but I’m not sure if it’s correct lol).

──Shouting like this isn’t something everybody can do. What was the reaction of the people around you?

Ling Ling: I was praised, but I don’t really get it. That wasn’t death growl right? If someone who was expecting death growl heard that, I think they would think “What is she doing?”. I’m sure there are opinions from both sides.

──I think it closely resembled envy (Shows a video of envy).

Ling Ling: Eh! I’m happy.

──What kind of album was 『THE GUERRiLLA BiSH』 to Ling Ling?

Ling Ling: Lots of songs. I like all the songs so much that I can’t decide which one I like the most.

──But out of all of them which one do you like?

Ling Ling: Probably 「FOR HiM」. I like the melody.

──What kind of song is 「Here's looking at you, kid.」 that Ling Ling wrote?

Ling Ling: It is the continuation of 「My distinction」, and I wrote about how even if there is a childish person like Peter Pan, if they understand the feeling of others, they will be able to grow up. It’s about how there are things you are able to see because you took a step outside. When I wrote 「My distinction」 I was very depressed.

──Is it because being in BiSH was difficult?

Ling Ling: No, not BiSH. Also I’m using words to connect 「My distinction」 and 「Here's looking at you, kid.」 because there is a difference of 2 years between the two so I wrote the lyrics “Look at two years ago”.

──When you say “I’m happy I realized it!☆”, you’re not being sarcastic right?

Ling Ling: Yes. I’m happy right now!

──Are you able to balance out BiSH and your private life now? A little while back you were in your ‘not wanting to meet people’ mood.

Ling Ling: I’ve gotten used to being busy now. Before, while I went to school, the others didn’t have anything, and then we would all gather at night for interviews, but now the members separately have work during the day, and everyone is about equally busy so my mood is a bit different.

──To Ling Ling, that’s a good thing?

Ling Ling: Yes. Because I’m able to think that everyone is the same.

──What kind of live was Makuhari Messe to Ling Ling?

Ling Ling: It was fun! I was excited the whole time. To be honest, I only want to do lives on the days I feel like it. I don’t do it because I want everyone to feel excited or because I want to be seen, but because I want to do it, and I don’t really want to pump up the crowd. My mood is different each time, so I hate deciding what I’m going to say ahead of time. But I got too excited for Makuhari, that when we had rehearsals the day before the live, I volunteered to do it myself, saying “I will pump up the crowd for 「GiANT KiLLERS」!”. I thought of the phrase on my own and said, “I want to say ‘fire’”, and originally the fire was only supposed to come out during the chorus, but they changed it so it comes out when I say ‘fire’, so I was happy about that.

──Generally the words you say to pump up the crowd and the stage effects are decided before the live right?

Ling Ling: Yes. Everyone else plans ahead of time, but when I’m put in charge of pumping up the crowd on days I really don’t want to do it, I say “I might not want to do it today” and stay quiet.

──There are times you quit!

Ling Ling: But there are times I go out on stage and see the atmosphere of the audience, and feel that I can easily do it, so it’s difficult.

──Out of 100, how many points would you give for your live at Makuhari Messe?

Ling Ling: 95 points.

──That’s high! Why did you dock 5 points?

Ling Ling: I accidentally did the wrong choreography for the intro of 「Marionette」, mine was the opposite of everyone else. Also everyone’s MC was too long. It would’ve been better if we could smoothly tell everyone what we wanted to say. That’s about it.

──It was your biggest stage yet, what did you think about that?

Ling Ling: I like big stages better because it feels like we’re on display.

──Display (laughs). Well there were 14,000 eyes.

Ling Ling: It’s unbelievable (laughs)!

──Was there something memorable that happened between Makuhari and the release of 『THE GUERRiLLA BiSH』?

Ling Ling: Uh…I wonder if there was something?

──For example TBS or the BLITZ live you attended in the place of BiS.

Ling Ling: BLITZ’s live went bad. At that time I couldn’t keep up with everything like physical strength. But I end up forgetting most of the lives from the past anyways. Everytime we just f*ck and leave (The term she used is “yari nige”. The literal translation is doing something and running away, which is kind of the way she used it, but the more well known use of the word is having sex and one person runs away right after)

──F*ck and leave (laughs).

Ling Ling: Oh, Dotonbori and Roppongi’s guerrilla live was fun. That was literally like f*cking and leaving so it was awesome.

──So the guerrilla promotions was something exciting to you.

Ling Ling: Yes! Also, the songs that music videos are created for seem like we’re feigning innocence, so instead of beautiful songs, I want to show the public loud and crazy songs.

──What were the TV promotions like?

Ling Ling: I was happy about it, but my part is usually in the second verse because it seems like my voice is peculiar, so I heard that people start to like my voice around the time they start getting tired of the song. So I felt like a background actor for TV appearances. I wasn’t nervous, and felt relaxed. The other day when we were recording, Matsukuma-san was like “I watched ‘Sukkiri!’ and ‘Music Station’ but Ling Ling was the only member who didn’t get to sing. I’m sorry”, so for our new song, he let me sing the first verse. But he said, “I’m sorry if you guys don’t get to perform on TV this time”.

──It’s becoming a joke now (laughs).

Ling Ling: Hahaha (laughs). I wonder why people only sing the first verse on TV?

──The length of the appearance is different for each person/group even for Music Station, so if you become bigger artists, maybe you can sing until the end?

Ling Ling: I see! Then it’s okay.

──Also, I said this towards the beginning too, but I think Ling Ling’s sense of existence suddenly increased with this album.

Ling Ling: Is that so? But it’s true that I shout more than before.

──Is shouting becoming your identity?

Ling Ling: There are many times I want to sing cutely too. Shouting is something the other members can’t do, so I guess that’s good too.

──What is the relationship between the members like after the release of your album?

Ling Ling: Normal.

──What is considered normal for BiSH?

Ling Ling: We talk.

──(Laughs). Are you working hard for your next tour right now?

Ling Ling: I think everyone is nervous for Yokohama Arena. But during 〈BiSH’s Gakuen Tengoku (Academy Heaven)Tour〉 and 〈BiSH About a Girl Tour〉, the set list was mostly the same, but we made mistakes so many times. We went to the next song without the MC, and also we skipped one song and went straight to MC and the live ended without performing that song. So lately, instead of thinking about the future, we decided to calm down and get back into our own pace.

──Is Yokohama Arena a big goal for you?

Ling Ling: Yes. It’s the place Michishige-san graduated (from Morning Musume) so it’s a grand place! Nakano Sun Plaza is also a sacred place for Hello Project so I’m excited and happy that I can get close to the same stage. Because I’m able to think things like “Hello Project also used this water!” (laughs).

──You’re a fan (laughs). Which group do you like?

Ling Ling: Morning Musume. I’ve liked them since the second year of middle school.

──You like them regardless of generation?

Ling Ling: They’re always the best! One time we were together for the recording of the show〈Do Mayonaka (Extremely Midnight) Fes!! #2〉, and my favorite member was next to me, so I was shaking the entire time. My header for Twitter is the picture we took together. I like Sato Masaki-chan (Ma-chan), she’s an angel! She’s from Hokkaido, and she was still carrying a randoseru (backpacks that elementary school students use) when she joined Morning Musume. Her carrying a randoseru is already cute right? (laughs). And during the behind the scenes of their tour, she was eating catering, and she looked like a child that doesn’t know anything yet. I was defeated by her innocence and kept watching thinking she’s so cute, but now she’s like the ace of Morning Musume ‘17. I’ve been watching all this time, but I haven’t stopped and I don’t get tired of her/them.

──Ling Ling looks so lively when talking about Sato-san (laughs). What kind of live do you want Yokohama Arena to be?

Ling Ling: Yokohama Arena is where BiS-san disbanded right? I want to fill up all the seats.

──I’m sure Ling Ling who likes big stages will have fun.

Ling Ling: I get more excited for big stages, so I can properly show my energy.

──You’re completely the rock star type. Is there a stage that you want to hold a live at?

Ling Ling: Budokan and Tokyo Dome. But the other members often say “We want to continue having lives at small stages, not just big” and I’m just like ‘Is that so?’. I also want to hold a live at somewhere round. Is Saitama Super Arena round?

──The exterior wall is round, but overall it’s rectangular.

Ling Ling: Oh really?

──But I guess you can say it’s round. Anyhow it’s big.

Ling Ling: I want to perform somewhere where we get to the center through the traverse stage!

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Posted Yesterday, 10:45 PM (Edited by telecasterstripes, Yesterday, 10:46 PM.)

It seems like all the members that had the flu recovered! In Momoland's case I'm not sure if she fully recovered though.


"I'm allowed to go out now, and since it's been a while since I last went outside, I' fidgety. I've caused everyone so much trouble and made them worry about me. I apologize. It's been a while since I met people and went out so it feels weird,,, I'm nervous,,,"


"I apologize not all of us were there for our tour in Nagoya. I recovered! I'm sorry for making you worried!!"


"I'm living because of everyone's love. Love is scary, I'm gonna work hard, Thank you,  love you"


"Ohaland (Good morning + land). When I had to stay in bed, ginger tea helped me, I drank it for the first time but it tasted so good that I felt touched, so it's something I look forward to drinking everyday"


"I'm sorry for causing trouble to everyone since the 10th, I safely recovered, so I will start working hard again today! I've been restraining myself from tweeting everything except notifications, but I will start tweeting again! I was so lonely! tears. We all have to continue being careful not to get sick (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾!"


"Sorry for worrying everyone. I've recovered, so please take care of me from today again!!"

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Posted Today, 01:35 AM (Edited by Sasori, Today, 01:52 AM.)

Those messages are so Japanese, lol.


Great interview with Ling Ling. She's such a character! I liked how they talked about her role in the group and how her attitude towards work has changed.


Ling Ling never gets tired of talking about Morning Musume, lol. Seriously, they need to work something out so BiSH and Momusu can do a collab. I think a bunch of other members of the WACK Family are also H!P fans. It would be Epic!

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