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Official Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) thread

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8 songs have been recorded!

The new album will be released at the end of this year (November according to some articles).


Elva's new single has been described as a "warm-up" for the new album, so I guess that means it will be in it?

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A MV for a new song called 舞舞舞 Dance Dance Dance has been revealed in late March, it's the theme song of Taiwanese drama 動物系戀人啊 Animal Type Lovers. This new single has only been released yesterday, and uploaded on Elva's Youtube channel.



Elva's agent said she has not resumed work yet, but she's recovering*. She has been able recently to leave her house to go to the gym for simple exercises.

About the upcoming album:
â–º There is no release date scheduled at the moment
► 舞舞舞 Dance Dance Dance will be in it
► So right now two songs from the new album have been revealed: 舞舞舞 Dance Dance Dance and 明天的秘密 Secret.



*In March it has been revealed that all her activities have been postponed indefinitely (new album release, events, upcoming Tour starting in June...). She had to cancel events and concerts and lost lots of money.

Elva was overstressed at the end of last year while working on her new album and ended suffering from a severe bronchial inflammation. She rested for 2 months in Vancouver but her condition is still very unstable, with fevers, poor physical strength, and severe migraine attacks. Sometimes she even loses her voice.

Elva is currently undergoing acupuncture treatment and is gradually getting better. She is hoping to resume work this summer.

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