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How a sasaeng became a normal fan


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[130816] The story of how I became a normal fan after being a sasaeng

"Thinking about it now it’s really embarrassing and stupid but just few months ago, I was a sasaeng.. 
I’m a high schooler but, school or not, I would always leave during school hours or secretly ditch and follow EXO, where ever they were. I would really follow them around everyday. It’s not a thing to brag about being a sasaeng, but I was even very close with the sasaeng taxi ahjuhssis. To the point, where whenever I called they would come.. I would unconditionally go to music broadcasts, even if we weren’t allow I would act like I was part of another fandom and go in. I would also stand in front of SM’s practice room. I have, also, went in front to EXO’s dorm and I would even spend the night there. I who had little allowance but I would work a part-time job and get the money and keep following them around. When I think about it now, I don’t know why I did that.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

But still the present is more important than the past. 
Now I’m a main room(normal) fan that supports them right by their sides! The reason I became a normal fan after being a sasaeng was because Jongin Oppaã… ã…  EXO would frown whenever they see me because I keep following them around, but oddly even though they frowned at me, I was still happy. Last time, I was spending the night, in front of their dorm, but Jongin Oppa, who looked like if you just touched him he would cry, said to me while close to tears “Please don’t do this. This is hard on us..â€. When he said this I felt like I was going to cry. Also, because of Jongin Oppa’s face expression, it hit me I asked myself “what is this I’m doing right now?†and regretted “is this what a fan should do?â€. So the day right after that, I quit my sasaeng actions. Then I happened to go to their fan signing. Before this, when I went to fansignings, since the EXO members seen me many times, they would just sign and would give me short answers without smiling. But went to this fansigning, I told Jongin Oppa “Oppa, I’m not going to sasaeng anymore. I’m sorry… I’ll only support you besides you diligently!†Then he smiled at me and told me that I thought about it well. He told me to study hard and he smiled at me brightly. I was really happy.. That’s why now, even when there is a official broadcasting, although I can’t go to every single one, I would only go when I have time. In other words, I became a normal fan! Ah… But how should I end this..? 

Ah, and to all those disrespectful people who are committing acts of sasaengs… You’ll probably read this and curse at me saying I was a sasaeng, so why are you acting like this. But when I saw the oppas, they really looked like they were having a hard time. Even though, we’re (sasaengs) they would worry that we’ll get hurt, they can’t get angry because their image might turn bad. Since I did all kinds of stuff of sasaeng actions, so I know but while you’re a sasaeng, just looking at them and following them around made me happy. But now that I think about it, I wonder why I did those childish things. At first, when I quit being a sasaeng, it was awkward because I didn’t do the things I used to. But go to a fansigning and tell them that you won’t commit actions of sasaengs and look at the Oppas’ faces and look how they treat you. Seriously, let’s stop making things hard for them. While being a sasaeng, I’ve noticed that there were many middle schoolers… Snap out of it and let’s diligently stand besides them and support them. Let’s stop making it hard for them..


EXO Saranghaja! “

Source: NatePann
Translation credit: babododioh

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That's nice that she was able to turn her ways around, but it's too bad that there are so many others who don't go through that same transformation. She said it herself that there was a time that even she felt happy when they were frowning, so I'm pretty sure there are those out there who are permanently unaffected and even happy when they see that or even worse.

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I don't believe this story for several reasons, but it's a nice attempt at getting real sasaengs to step back, self-reflect and if possible, truly understand  how their actions are affecting Exo negatively.

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why the fack is it so easy for people to follow these kids around


there's a whole sasaeng culture developed so deeply that idols, stalkers, and people around them are able to witness long/short-term danger.. at least this girl had the sense to put two and two together and realize how destructive her behavior was to them and herself, but even when idols seldom acknowledge anti-sasaeng sentiment, there are *still* too many sociopathic cults out there... I feel like there should be an even higher authority managing this shit; middle schoolers.. really? 

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Many middle-schoolers.... >.>  Of course, middle-schoolers can be up to... 15 in SK, but ugh. >.>


"went in front to EXO’s dorm and I would even spend the night there."

She means outside the dorm, not inside it, right?...Right?

Anyway I hope more sasaengs see the light.


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