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Sunny has short hair ?


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if this true, then 4 short + 4 long

Who is the other one?


And Taeyeon's supposed buzz cut on the side of her hair

Fans met TaeNy in Apgujeong today.. And S/he said that Taeyeon hair isn't half shaved.. It's light blonde with pink streak in the tips..

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Please god no..... that short hair blonde faze thing during The Boys was cute at first.... but then it got messy and not cute so quickly and then IGAB happened and everything went to hell...... Long haired Sunny >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Same. It looked amazing at first but I think we all got sick of it after awhile. I feel the same way about Taeyeon with bangs they looks hot for the first month but then they look less appealing every week more and more
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