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[Marie Claire:KRN] Jessica talks about SNSD, Blanc & Eclare, and her new life


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this was fun to read 


"I can’t forever remain a happy little girl."


the idol life is hard pretending to be bright and smiley all the time , i enjoy jessica the Woman more now knowing that she really behaving like her true self and being in the spotlight when she actually feels more comfortable  !!



she really has plans to study !! hope she gets a chance to learn more and improve !!



"i enjoyed the time i spent with the members"

to bitter OT8 fans or whatever ,don't dout her love and dedication to snsd ever again 

we don't know what happened


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I guess she hasn't seen SNSD's latest editorials. Specially Fany's. lol but good for her she's actually using pen and paper and sketching like a mad woman. That's where all starts. ^_^


EDIT: I'm not sure why people are hitting the down button but for designers sketching like a mad person is something good. Just to clarify. That was meant to be a compliment not a shade.

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“If I was still a SNSD member, I wouldn’t have been able to do this shoot. Idol groups have to always be happy. They have to be kind, and pure, and bright. But I’m already 27 years old. I can’t forever remain a happy little girl. Someone might think after seeing these pictures, ‘Now that she’s out of SNSD, she’s taking off her clothes.’ But I’m not a little girl anymore. I think it’s okay for me to portray Jessica as a woman. Since I debuted when I was 19 years old, there are times all the restrictions and limitations can get irritating. Now, I can make all my own decisions. It wasn’t so bad deciding to come to this photoshoot all by myself.â€



you go gurl :ilove:

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When I look at the bigger picture, I think it’s better to be more picky with what you clear up than clearing everything up.â€



I’m a bit embarrassed and burdened to hold the titles of ‘representative’ and ‘CEO’. There are times when I also feel sorry that because my name, other people’s efforts get ignored.â€


I've always love it when she speaks.. she's very smart and calm yet humbling all at the same time...

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Yassss @ Sica spilling the tea. My respect for her is literally on a high pedestal now (not like it hasn't been prior.) She sounds so intrigued and interested in what she's currently engaging in. I'm so glad that she can finally be truly happy with her life. :rlytearpls:

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