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myoui mina 。⋆୨୧˚ 𝚃𝚆𝙸𝙲𝙴'𝚜 ⸢ 𝐌𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐢 𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐀 ⸥ 𝙾𝚏𝚏𝚒𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚕 𝚃𝚑𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍 ˚୨୧⋆。


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  1. 1. Which nickname do you like best?

  2. 2. What do you want to be our FANDOM NAME?

  3. 3. Are you a fanboy or fangirl

  4. 4. What is your favorite Mina pairing in Twice? Only choose one hahaha

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Name/Nickname you go by: Yen
Gender: Female
Age: 22
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Sixteen
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: NO. 1
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her personality, looks & talents <3
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiNayeon & MiTzu
Other comments: I love you penguin <3 


Name/Nickname you go by: Isaac/Blue
Gender: Male
Age: 24 
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: I discovered her through an appreciation thread, then started to watch Sixteen and now here I am, in it for good :D
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: My Bae
What makes you interested in Mina?: Tbh, I couldn't really pinpoint the exact reasons why I felt confusingly interested in Mina over many "more outstanding" rookies at that time. It just happened. If I had to pick one particular moment it would be when JYP did a roll call of the Sixteen candidates. When he got to her and they started to converse, she just had this shy and mellow look on her face in which I found extremely adorable. It's weird, but that's that. Of course, the Drunk in Love performance was what sealed my fate lol
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiTzu
Other comments: Mina really turned my 2015 right side up. Her mere existence makes me so happy. Never change please 


Name/Nickname you go by: Eaze/Z/Zee
Gender: Alpha Male
Age: 23
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: SIXTEEN
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: Is this even a question? 1!!!!!11!!!!
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her elegance, smile, personality. I can go on and on...
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiNayeon!
Other comments: Marry me  


Name/Nickname you go by: Rhe
Gender: Female
Age: 21
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: From Twice teaser picture and showcase pic when i mistaken her as tzuyu lol
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: 1. always.
What makes you interested in Mina?: her visual at first but her personality really entertain me, her awkwardness, boringness, cuteness etc feels like when you stanning her you'll get surprise everyday but better not hope too much lol
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Minayeon > 2Na> Michaeng> secretly Mitzu
Other comments: "The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference" - Mina's favorite quote (My fav as well)

⥠Salty Potatoh

Name/Nickname you go by: Salty or Potatoh
Gender: Female
Age: 21
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Sixteen
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: She is off the scale because she is the love of my life, my brightest star to my moon, my sun to my earth, welp she is just my whole universe and my BABY!
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her aura, her quietness, her lowkey 4D, her elegant feel, her soft way of talking, her gaze, her passion, when she dance, or sing and she simply just being adorable fluff!
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: ... not really have one yet, but one day~ for now is SaltyxMina
Other comments: She is the first and my last girl crush I will ever have in this idol industry, she is the angel descended down to Earth to save my soul from the inner evil me   


Name/Nickname you go by: Naikai
Gender: Female
Age: 16
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Sixteen
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: Of course, first. 
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her. 
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Michae
Other comments: Mina made me cry. Like those ugly whale crying.


Name/Nickname you go by: Hiku
Gender: Male
Age: 18
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Twice MV Ooh Aah
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: Actually I don't know :(, I am beginning to like Chaeyoung now
What makes you interested in Mina?: Visual, laziness, charisma, dancing, mysterious
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiChaeyoung
Other comments:    

⥠Case closed

Name/Nickname you go by:Case closed
How did you discover Twice/Mina?:SIXTEEN,JYPN
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1 with no one else close
What makes you interested in Mina?:i dont know i just feel like stanning her 24/7
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP:Minayeon,michaeng &2na
Other comments:Am a very sane 'girl' 


Name/Nickname you go by: Paruru
Gender: Female
Age: 20
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Sixteen + Yen ;D
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: Shared number one spot with Sana~
What makes you interested in Mina?: What doesn't, tbh. She's such a  loveable cutiepie ♥
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: 2NA
Other comments: I need to post here more often... >-<


Name/Nickname you go by: Juhyun
Gender: Female
Age: 22
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: I watched one of Twice's live stages of Ooh Aah out of boredom and noticed this GORGEOUS girl that I'd literally never seen in the group. I HAD TO FIND OUT WHO SHE WAS. After some searching I found out her name was Mina and...the rest is history.
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1!!
What makes you interested in Mina?: I thought she was so uniquely gorgeous and I wanted to see more of her. So I went and watched clips of Twice only to find that she hardly speaks or stands out at all. But every time she speaks or does anything at all she has this amazing aura and I just couldn't quit this weird mysterious dork so here I am.
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiMo? I don't know anything about Twice OTP's so far so I don't know. But Momo is my second fave so naturally I like them together.
Other comments: MINA IS BAE. I hope she'll open up more in the future and showcase her unique self. She's so shy and reserved but I saw this clip where she beatboxed for a few seconds and I was just blown away. Like girl what else are you hiding under your sleeve      


Name/Nickname you go by: mina-chan
Gender: Female
Age: 18
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: sixteen!
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: 1st always and forever  
What makes you interested in Mina?: everything! visual + personality = perfection
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: michae > minayeon > momi > 2na
Other comments: mina + ketchup is the realest otp    


Name/Nickname you go by: MaryC (but you can call me Mary)
How did you discover TWICE/Mina:Like Ohh Ahh live performance
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?:First 
What makes you interested in Mina:The fact that she can do ballet,her voice,her face and her quiet personality among other qualities
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP:Mina and Chaeyoung (i believe its called Minchae)
Other comments:Well I hope she shines a lot....and does all her fans proud....Mina Fighting!!!!


Name/Nickname you go by: my username's saekokuga but I'm actually more known as Moon.
Gender: female
Age: 18
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Ooh-Ahh MV + Mina dancing 24 hours on ASC
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1 
What makes you interested in Mina?: at first her mysterious and elegant aura, now her entire existence she's just so adorkable, she def slapped me with a reverse charm
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: i always said MiChaeng... but 2Na is fighting for first place again (very aggressively)
Other comments: everything about her is unrealistically flawless. I took art lessons briefly when I was younger and Mina is basically sculpted 


Name/Nickname you go by: lostxkitten / lost
Gender: Male
Age: 21
How did you discover Twice/Mina?:  Sixteen
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1 
What makes you interested in Mina?: everything
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiChaeng
Other comments: Mina is bae


Name/Nickname you go by: Nicolas
How did you discover TWICE/Mina: I kinda joined the bandwagon after they released Like Ooh Ahh but i was kinda following them since SIXTEEN
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?:First 
What makes you interested in Mina:Her sexy and cute appearance despite being composed and quiet her entire life XD
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP:MiChaeng but Minayeon and 2Na are close 
Other comments: P.S: Mina's so weird and fun sometimes but i still prefer her composed and cool character


Name/Nickname you go by: ketchupenguin
Gender: Female
Age: 22
How did you discover TWICE/Mina: SIXTEEN
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: First 
What makes you interested in Mina: Her face, voice, awkwardness, shyness, cuteness, sexyness.. I love everything about her    
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiChaeng, MiTzu, Minayeon 
Other comments: Mina why're you so pretty 


Name/Nickname you go by : Schatz
Gender : Male
Age:  20
How did you discover Twice/Mina ? : Sixteen
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking ? : no. 2 right after nayeon :')
What makes you interested in Mina ? : her calm & shy 'image ?' idk what's the word xD', her beautiful looks & her lovely charms & personality <3 her clumsy side :p, her precious smile <3, her adorable love towards ketchup xD, basically i just love her :') 
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP : Minayeon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  :')
Other comments : mina is weird! (in a positive & lovely way) xD, also my birthday is 5 days before mina's :')  *my birthday is on 19th march* *i know it's not something that actually worth to brag since it's not exactly the same date but idk somehow i felt proud & happy x'D* also i'll buy more heinz ketcup in the future xD


Name/Nickname you go by: Purin
Gender: Female
Age: 20
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Running into the OOH-AAH MV on the side bar when I was watching Red Velvet's Dumb Dumb
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: This question is so hard for me because I want to put Tzuyu, Chaeyoung and Mina all at #1 but ever since Chaeyoung's V-APP happened I think I'm going to have to put Mina at 2 for now.
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her vocal color, visuals, aura, and personality. Girl is so awkward and embarrassing sometimes and it makes me love her so much! I'm pretty embarrassing and awkward myself so it really helps me relate to her! Even though she has that kind of personality, I just find it so amazing she can pull of the dark/sexy look so well! Also lets not forget about her side profile...
It's the best side profile I've ever seen in my life! Mina also has potential to become both a unique and great vocalist if she continues to build her technique and confidence. I'm really anticipating how she will turn out in the future.
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiChaeng!!!
Other comments: Mina is everything that I wanted to be. I'm super jealous of her. Even if it's just a dream, I hope that one day I can wake up as Mina!


Name/Nickname you go by: Favely
Gender: Female
Age: 21
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Twice Tv 2 and randomly coming across a youtube clip of her drunk in love performance (and I was hooked)
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: 1. numero uno.
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her sexiness slayed me but then her gummy smile and awkward yet adorable aegyo resurrected me
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MINAYEONN! I also like MiMo and 2Na (and MiTzu visually ofc)
Other comments: I did not think that I would have another ultimate bias after Jessica left SNSD yet Mina appeared and took my soul. I think I'm forever doomed to stan 9 member groups...ot9. Mina Myoui this adorable ketchup loving penguin made me make an acc on here (was totally just planning to forever lurk).


Name/Nickname you go by: Just call me breadstal
Gender: Female
Age: 17
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: I knew her from Sixteen but all these appreciation thread made me more intrested and I decided to check more about her lol
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: I don't really stan Twice at least yet, I like some members tho Mina is totally my number one~
What makes you interested in Mina?: She's really beautiful and I really like all-rounded people like her; she's good at dancing, singing and her looks are great. I love idols with personality like her as well, she seems quiet, shy and her looks are really icy (like my ultimate bias) but in reality she's dork lol
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Mina with Chaeyoung and Nayeon, I guess (because they're my others faves from Twice).
Other comments: I'm not sure in which level I will stan her (lmao) but she seems like talented, kind and genuine person so yeah. I will follow her more closely now and support her!


Name/Nickname you go by: koala~
Gender: female 
Age: 20
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: my younger brother sent me a link to the first episode of SIXTEEN and I haven't looked backe since lol
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: Mina is number 1 even though TWICE make it so hard to have a bias
What makes you interested in Mina?: her face lol she just so good looking and that fact that she can't keep her tongue in her mouth lol its just so cute. Her expressions are on point. Her singing voice is so pretty.  
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: minaxchaeyoung but JiMi is getting close to over taking it. 
Other comments: I've been stalking this thread for a while, I forgot who it was that liked Jessica because they have great taste. I love Jessica too <3 and mina filled the kpop whole in my heart when she left GG. 


Name/Nickname you go by: aonrockshit
Gender: Male
Age: 21
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: I watched sixteen parody. I think it was fun so i was started follow TWICE
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: She is my No.1   
What makes you interested in Mina?: Everything 
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Minayeon
Other comments: Love U Mina-Chan


Name/Nickname you go by: Nayeoniee
Gender: Male
Age: 20
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Twice MV (Long story short, they brought me back into kpop )
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: 3
What makes you interested in Mina?: Everything about her I guess
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiNayeon
Other comments: -


Name/Nickname you go by: Wing
Gender: F
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: From Sixteen Era. I knew Sana from Got7 mv hence I decided to watch Sixteen, but then fell for Mina since her ballet performance.
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: First, first and first
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her awkwardness? Her hidden 4D. Her Smile. Her eyes 
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: 2na and Minayeon
Other comments: As I mentioned before I have been stalking this thread for a really long time, but I was just too lazy to voice out. Now I feel like I need more people to chat with me about this girl and I think it's a good choice to know new people haha


Name/Nickname you go by: Haru
Gender: Male
Age: 14
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: I was looking for other girl groups to stan out of the current 2NE1 and Red velvet, then found out JYP's new girl group was debuting. I happened to stumble in their thread the day teasers started, and was amazed at all of the girls. I went back into the thread the following day and saw that the group pic was released, Mina looked so confident and gorgeous. I followed them a long after and completely stanned after I saw their individual vid teasers and pics, I remember watching Mina's in awe! Ever since, the whole J-trinity has been battling to make it to #1. Sana has been there forever, now Mina and Sana share the crown. Momo sitting in 2nd. I LOVE MINA!!
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her calmness, her dorkiness, her visuals, her Japanese background, her ballet, her love for ketchup, her penguin-ness. Everything!
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: J-Trinity, Minayeon and 2Na.
Other comments: I LOVE MINA! 


Name/Nickname you go by: Rin/rinnlakkuma
Gender: Yeoja
Age: 22
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: SIXTEEN - OH
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: 1st
What makes you interested in Mina?: Personality (we have the same personality) + Kpop fangirl relate! Zehahaha. We have a lot in common really. My nickname is also Minaaa xD
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Yoda! and Sana (low key 2Na shipper)
Other comments: I love Heinz ketchup now lol

⥠Damaged Lady

Name/Nickname you go by: Pepper/Damaged Lady
Gender: Female
Age: 14
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: When TWICE debuted (I didn't watch Sixteen, but now I wish I did!)
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: 1st
What makes you interested in Mina?: She stood out to me in the MV for a few reasons; she reminded me a bit of Wendy (one of my ultimate biases) and also, she was the one wearing my favourite outfit lol (I'm always drawn to members wearing darker clothes). I really like her personality because she is quiet but actually really dorky, which is kind of like me in real life. She is also really talented and dedicated
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: 2Na + Michaeng
Other comments: I read almost all of what is posted in this thread but I almost never comment because I don't know what to say lol sorry


Name/Nickname you go by: Lonelysica, Jessica is fine.
Gender: Female
Age: 20
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: I was into lovelyz at the time, sort of searching for a new group to fangirl over. I was on youtube and came across sixteen and it made me curious. Anyways I didn't really get into Twice until Chae's solo v, I postponed Twice for Lovelyz and I regret not getting into them earlier. Twice has changed my life, I never did as much for other kpop groups that I have been doing for Twice.
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: Top tier; Numbero uno xD
What makes you interested in Mina?: We share a bit of the sane personality, and I've notice quite alot of similarities except her life probably was 10 times as better than mine.
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiChaeng forever.
Other comments: Let Minari rise this comeback! ^-^ 


Name/Nickname you go by: AC / Acey 
Gender: M
Age: 19
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: From a Weekly Idol episode and most importantly, Gfriend & Twice for GEE
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: First, of course <3
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her personality, she being a somehow quiet type, the way she speaks and her talents. Her ballet perf on sixteen got me. 
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiChaeng 
Other comments: Penguin is love. Ketchup for life. 


Name/Nickname you go by: Poom
Gender: M
Age: 17~
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: article about sixteen
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking? numero uno 
What makes you interested in Mina?: Personality and hobby wise we are quite similar, shes extremely charming and that gummy smile 
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Minayeon~
Other comments: I should go back to the lurker cave


Name/Nickname you go by: MELON
Gender: Female
Age: Too old for this. Really.
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: 'Cheer UP' MV
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking? NUMBER 1!!
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her anime schoolgirl look
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Uhhh.. I cannot answer this now. I think I have to watch SIXTEEN (that's the survival show, right?)
Other comments: I was once a lurker, just reading post here and there. Even my first 3 posts are one-liner. My UB is SNSD, but I'm willing to stan idols who catches my eyes~~ So here I am on MINA's thread. I'll be cheering her from now on~~


Name/Nickname: Idk, Michelle is okay, I think.
Gender: I'm a gurl LOL 
Age: 18 yo 
How did you discover Twice/Mina: Since I've always kinda liked JYP groups I got interested when the rumors of 6mix started. About Mina, she caught my attention with her ballet performance because I like ballet.
Where does Mina stand in your Twice bias list: Always 1st place along with Tzuyu since I wasn't never able to chose
What makes you interested in Mina? She has some kind of aura that just pulled my attention towards her naturally. And also she's really smart (I like smart people). I can say that the fact that she seemed really cold but turned out to be a cutie pie just made me love her more. I love to see that contrast between her elegant and calm appearance and her cute and dorky personality <3 and the fact that she improved so much since Sixteen era is maybe one of the main reasons that keeps me wanting to see her grow as an artist and human (almost the same that goes for my other bias, I like humble and hardworking people a lot) She's much more than just a pretty face so, I can't help but let my love for Mina keep growing
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiTzu Delusional much??
Other comments:... I don't know what to say right now

⥠Inkheart Lei

Name/Nickname you go by: Heart â¤
Gender: F
Age: 22
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Sixteen (but I became I fan of her after watching their Me Gustas Tu Perf)
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: No. 1
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her actress vibe, mysterious aura, resting mean face, cold stare, calmness, ELEGANCE and her personality.
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiTzu! ('Coz the YoonSic vibes are strong) but I also like MiNayeon (JeTi).
Other comments: I don't know if it's just me but I can see the JungSis vibes in Mina especially Krystal. They both have resting mean face, introvert, shy and quiet but they have a lot of aegyo. Their cold stare too though Krystal is scarier. Mina also have a lot of similarities with Jessica, their sergeant walk, they both love to sleep, spaces out a lot, they have their own world and they are both Aries. Anyways, I love Mina not because of her similarities with the Jung Sis. I hope Mina will shine more in the future. She's the type that will grow in you as the time goes by. 

⥠Panda Memong

Name/Nickname you go by: Yann
Gender: M
Age: 24
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Since Cheer up Promo - Twice private life
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: 1st !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What makes you interested in Mina?: At first her visual, then I discovered that everything is perfect in her 
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Mimo but I like all of them ^^
Other comments: Just realize, I am one of the oldest here xD


Name/Nickname you go by: TZUNDERE
Gender: Earthgender
Age: 11
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: I discovered Twice cause I can and so as Mina.
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: Uno
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her angelic voice and coy sexiness. 
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: OT9
Other comments: No comment. 

⥠chum chum

Name/Nickname you go by: michelle/chum?
Gender: f
Age: 21
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: friend linked me Ooh-Ahh and i got hooked
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1 ofc!!
What makes you interested in Mina?: magnetic and graceful aura, adorable smile, amazing dancer, calm and kind personality 
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Mina x Momo
Other comments: i love all twice members but mina is bae~


Name/Nickname you go by: amandalgh
Gender: F
Age: Too old for all this
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Cheer Up!! I was curious about the popularity of "ShaShaSha", watched the MV and became a fan!
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her elegance, her aura, her gummy smile
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Michaeng or Minayeon
Other comments:


Name/Nickname you go by: Sarah
Gender: F
Age: In my 20's, older than Mina. hahah :X  
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Saw them being written as the "visual" group on NB and allkpop when they were getting ready for "Ohh-Ahh." 
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1 since the beginning!!!!
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her amazing face; shy and introverted personality; her badass ballet training, and her overall elegant aura.  She just seems so classy. 
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Mina x Sana 
Other comments: 


Name/Nickname you go by: Dabac2000
Gender: F
Age: The twilight of my teens
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: From Sixteen
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1 lol
What makes you interested in Mina?: She has a graceful beauty and she's a penguin. From the moment I saw her Sixteen teaser she snatched my weaves.
Your favourite Mina's Twice OTP: Michaeng and 2Na or J-trinity
Other comments: I've thoroughly enjoyed lurking


Name/Nickname you go by: rick
Gender: male
Age: 18
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: by accident, actually I like jungyeon when I first saw twice. 
Then there was one moment when I watch EPL, Mina met a child and feel happy when she being called noona and her reaction when being teased by jihyo n chaeyoung was so cute
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1
What makes you interested in Mina?: everything
Your favourite Mina's Twice OTP: MiChaeng, JiMi, MiTzu
Other comments: Mina deserves more attention from JYP 


Name/Nickname you go by: Ana
Gender: female.png
Age: 21
How did you discover Twice/Mina? Clicking randomly on Sixteen performance on YT
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: 1st
What makes you interested in Mina?:
1. Her dancing. I couldn't stop replaying her Ooh Ahh ballet dance version when i first found it.
2. Mysterious aura, calm personality, and gummy smile. I'm gonna stop here for fear of sounding too cheesy
Your favourite Mina's Twice OTP: Mina x Jungyeon
Other comments: -


Name/Nickname you go by: Just call me anthony
Gender: male
Age: 20 years old
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Like Ooh-Aah was on my youtube trending and she is the only one that caught my eye!
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: number 1 of course ^^
What makes you interested in Mina?: She's so pretty and cute at the same time! She definitely every man's ideal type!
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Mitzu! Tzuyu already approved it


Name/Nickname you go by: Sus
Gender: Female
Age: 24
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Sixteen, her divine dance to Drunk In Love made me stan right away
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: First of course
What makes you interested in Mina?: She's the ojousama of my dreams; She's quiet, quirky, and excels in whatever she does
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiChaeng 
Other comments: Just when I thought no one can compete with Krystal's number 1 position as my bias, Mina comes and proves me wrong. Now they're both my #1 bias in kpop


Name/Nickname you go by: Azean
Gender: Male
Age: 28
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Twice is really my first kpop group that I love. Saw their LOA m/v on youtubers react when it showed up in my feed. I fell for them instantly. Since then, I've tried to keep up with all their reality shows/radio appearances/variety/etc etc. Mina has always stood out to me. Be it her quiet/shy personality, or the gummy smile that we all love, she's my ultimate bias.
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: 1
What makes you interested in Mina?: What's not to love?
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: 2na
Other comments: I feel that being a Twice fan on OH is scary. Every twice tag I visit is a cesspool of negativity. So I think I'll try to stick to the group thread/this one.


Name/Nickname you go by: Kidou
Gender: Female
Age: 23
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: From LOA MV, their song is very good, but I am less interested in TWICE because of Tzuyu's scandal and IU was very popular that time. I did not watch sixteen before.
Then when i watching produce 101, people say that Somi almost joined TWICE. I'm Curious. Googling. Found nine beautiful girls and I don't know why, my eyes locked on Mina 
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: 1
What makes you interested in Mina?: She makes me smile. hmm makes my heart beat faster. Eh? makes me forget that I'm a female. EHHHH????
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Hmmm... Michaeng >>>>2Na>Mimo>>>>>Jeongmi=Minayeon=Mitzu=Mihyo
Other comments: please accept me, kechups sunbaenim! Minayaaa~~~ Fighting!!!


Name/Nickname you go by: Sasumi
Gender: Female
Age: 19
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Saw Twice's teasers a week before their debut and decided to check Sixteen out. I fell for Mina ever since her ballet performance.
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1
What makes you interested in Mina?: At first, I was drawn in by her visual and aura. I found her really gorgeous in Sixteen. But it's her contrasting personality that made me really stan her. Onstage, she's an elegant black swan. But offstage, she becomes an adorably awkward penguin.
It continues to amaze me that she's really good at almost everything: singing, dancing, gaming, etc. Also her vocal tone is my favorite. In short, I just love everything about her.
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Mimo > Michaeng = Mitzu > 2na
Other comments: Mina, if you're ever reading this, I LOVE YOU


Name/Nickname you go by: KelvinxxKAWSxFUTURA
Gender: male
Age: 27
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: one day was bored and watch weekly idol and saw the debut of twice ~ straight forward fall in love with her !
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1
What makes you interested in Mina?: she so freaking pretty and cute and yet not fake ! she will awkward whenever do variety show ~~ and her chemisty with chaeyoung make me so much in love with her !! 
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Michaeng all the way ! 
Other comments:  Mina if one day you reading this ! please know that i will always support you ~~ and how do i get a mina badge ?? really want one lol !! 


Name/Nickname you go by: BigKid
Age: 23
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: I watched Sixteen and some Twice perfs here and there through my cousin's recommendation. But I didn't really get into them until recently when I started watching more of their shows and totally got whipped by the beauty that is Mina lol
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: Uno by far! 
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her visual not gonna lie. But slowly I've learned she is so much more than a pretty face. Why so perfect, Minari <3
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: I think Mimo for now since Momo is my 2nd bias. Minayeon is cute too. Mina harem ftw! 


Name/Nickname you go by: Mikoto
Gender: Male (hetero)
Age: 20 (in korea would be 21 haha)
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Youtube (I saw the LOA's thumbnail in the related videos dozens of times, but I just watched months later). 
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: She is my only bias.
What makes you interested in Mina?: I only noticed her when I was watching Sixteen. I'm an amateur novel writer and she reminds me (a lot) the female protagonist of my main book (in that sense, this is the first time I see a woman like that). And, of course, the ketchup stuff. I love Heinz too haha.
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Sorry, but I don't have interest in this kind of thing, haha


Name/Nickname you go by: You can either call me noode or Ana
Age: Twenty-one (I found out I was born the same day and year as Nayeon)
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: I found out about Twice right before debut. I've been a casual fan of their music, but I never knew much about the members. In irony, I know the bashing thread has a lot of anti Twice posts, but it was because of that thread that I became curious about the members and wanted to know more about them lol (who knew the bashing thread could actually create fans?)
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: I'm just getting to know about the members, but I think Mina and Tzuyu are both the top of my bias ranking in no particular order.
What makes you interested in Mina?: Like I mentioned before, she stood out to me once I saw her ballet performance
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: I'm not sure about this one. What are some popular OTPs?


Name/Nickname you go by: Chubbycheeks. LOL.
Gender: Female
Age: 23
How did you discover Twice/Mina?:Accidentally clicked on Ooh-ahh vid, got interested, watched sixteen, fell in love with Mina after drunk in love performance XD
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: Of course she's number one, always have and always will be my number one.
What makes you interested in Mina?: At first it was her aura, but as I got to watch more of her, I got attracted to how she was this cute,awkward,little penguin who's just so, I dunno she has that vibe where-in you just want to protect her Also I smile every time I see her. Must be LOVE. Also, I love her English speaking voice
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiNayeon all the way; I just love how they interact with each other, it's quite sweet, especially their hugs
Other comments: Oooooh, rinmomorin and I have the same screen lock. Ahahahahaha


Name/Nickname you go by: DropTheBeat
Gender: M
Age: 25
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Her Sixteen teaser videos
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: 1st 
What makes you interested in Mina?: I like her visual, when she performed Drunken In Love and most importantly, the fact she likes eating anything with ketchup.
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: it's a tie between MiChaeng, 2Na and MiMo


Name/Nickname you go by: SAYUNA
Gender: Girl
Age: mid-20's
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: I follow Jype trainees since 2013 (when I discover the trainees thread on this forum), so I knew the trainees (Nayeon etc.) but I didn't know Mina, the japanese trainees weren't known except for Sana when she join the 6mix line-up. So I got to know Mina when we have SIXTEEN teasers and I found her really pretty, I start to like her right from the first episode with her individual performance! I was surprised that there's such a pretty trainee in Jype that we never really saw before (except on 1-2 blurry pics) LOL.
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: She's 4th, but technically she is 2nd XD Because my top 3 are basically all my #1 LOL (yes I'm complicated) and Mina is just right after them, tbh I love her almost as much.
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her beauty, classy aura, when she does ballet, her cuteness, her dancing skills, her sweet singing voice, her adorable talking voice, her personnality, her random funny moments, when she moves like a penguin, her love for ketchup (LOL), her laugh/smile... really everything >w<
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiNayeon!!! One of my original OTP since SIXTEEN!!! After that is Sana-Mina!!!
Other comments: I think I've said everything LOL I just love Mina and I hope she (and TWICE) can find more and more success and get more fans and more love from the public!!! I'm sure Mina will keep shining in the future <3


Name/Nickname you go by: kenji
Gender: male
Age: 22
How did you discover Twice/Mina?:  i knew first tzuyu in twice hehehe~then i watched their variety shows and other performances, mina caught my attention first, i knew twice since their debut but i start to stan them after cheer up era 
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: she is my ultimate bias
What makes you interested in Mina? :her physical apperance at first, but her personality makes me love her more, my ideal girl is like her , seems reserved and family oriented she looks like a bright person and understanding one too
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP:  mitzu/ michaeng/ minayeon/2na hahaha i guess any pair as long as mina's pair
Other comments:twice is the first group i comment alot on this site cos once seems a unite fandom. am a multifandom hehehe~ but recently twice really caught me cos of the friendly fandom we have hehe~ waah , my babies are all pretty, i am older than all twice members and it's my first time to have dongsaengs idols. i used to call my biases a noonas hahaha am a sone and rv and twice bias hope that you wont bash me for being multifandom


Name/Nickname you go by: Tatsuyara
Gender: Male
Age: 15
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Through my friends
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: 1
What makes you interested in Mina?: She's so beautiful and her personality
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: 2NA
Other comments: How is anyone so beautiful?


Name/Nickname you go by: SETO
Gender: Female
Age: 23
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: I was always aware of sixteen but never got into it. I was excited for their debut and when I saw the legendary LOA dance break I knew I'd be a fan for life. But the first time Mina snatched my soul was when I started re-watching sixteen and came across her 'drunk in love' performance. I was never the same again. I saw that she was truly a star.
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: Her and Nayeon are literal equal. I call them Twin Bae.
What makes you interested in Mina?: Mina is very chic, yet goofy, corny, sweet and such a memorizing person. I can't really explain it but she has moments where she literally snatches me bald either because of a pose she did, a fierce look she gave, a funny joke no one else got but her or her ability to switch from cute, sexy, flirty and a diva.
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Minayeon!
Other comments: I love Mina! I need her to slay the industry.


Name/Nickname you go by: just call me omo hehe
Gender: male
Age: 19
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: TT mv, she's so pretty with pirate outfits
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1
What makes you interested in Mina?: elegant and weird (in positive way) at the same time and she's sooooo beautiful. 
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiChaeng, MiTzu, MiJung
Other comments: Mina-chan


Name/Nickname you go by: I guess cah is fine.
Gender: Female.
Age: 22.
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Well, I only started listening to kpop a couple of months ago so I kind of heard of everyone at once, but I guess the first thing I saw of them was Sixteen.
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: First.
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her personality, definitely. She seems the most like me, which I guess is a bit egocentric of me lol. I also really love the tone of her voice and her lowkey weirdness. Plus, just as someone who enjoys watching people not in a creepy way!, her interactions are always very interesting to me.
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: don't make me choose generally, MiMo, MiChaeng and MiNayeon but the other day MiHyo was making me very emotional for some reason so that's at the top for now. (not sure if the terms are correct, still getting the hang of things). 
Other comments: I lied, my number 1 Mina ship is actually Mina x Stuffed Penguins at Fansigns.


Name/Nickname you go by: minari22
Gender: Female
Age: I'm turning 19 next month
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Cheer up MV (the part "nado niga joha sangcheo ibeulkka bwa" made my heart doki doki)
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: Forever number 1! Sana is making me confused sometimes.
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her personality. She seems shy and mysterious the first time I saw her, but lately, she's becoming a dork and became weirder. What happened to her? Not that I don't like it. I'm just surprised because I never thought that side of her existed.
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Mina x harem but my top ship is MiNayeon. Recently, I like MiMo because of the kiss. haha
Other comments: Mina, please don't make me doubt myself. Stop turning me gay, I'm straight. lol

⥠4N 1N54N3 4ZN

Name/Nickname you go by: David (Dave's fine). Btw, for those wondering, 4N 1N54N3 4ZN is leet for An Insane Asian. Trying to think up a new username since this one seems to bother a few people lol.
Gender: M
Age: 29
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: The first time I watched/listened to Twice was on their Music Bank debut. They performed Do It Again and Like Ooh-Ahh. Tbh, I didn't really think much about Do It Again but I thought Like Ooh-Ahh sounded okay. I also noted that all the girls were very pretty, especially the girl with wine-coloured hair and the soft, soothing voice. After watching their debut performance on Inkigayo I became more curious about them so I went and checked out their MV. At this point, I couldn't tell if I liked the song or not. The whole colour pop genre was fairly new to me and I've been a kpop fan since SNSD debuted. The thing is I couldn't stop listening to the song either - it was so catchy!! Also, I recall replaying Mina's parts of the MV A LOT lol. Anyway, before I knew it, I had downloaded TSB off iTunes and added LOA to my gym playlist, downloaded V Live onto my iPhone and subscribed to their channel and started downloading and watching every TV show that had them on it.
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: 1st (obviously!)
What makes you interested in Mina?: 
- Her looks: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't first attracted to her because of her looks. She is absolutely gorgeous! I've stanned several female idols over the last decade and I have to say Mina is by far the most beautiful (IMO). This coupled with her natural elegance and gracefulness makes her a force to be reckoned with when it comes to visuals.
- Her intelligence: Although it may not be noticeable to someone who is new to Twice, Mina is actually very observant and quick-witted. Also, I've noticed on a number of occasions that she seems to be good at identifying problems or noticing when something is out of place. Tbh, it wouldn't surprise me if Mina has a relatively high IQ.
- Her work ethic. As we all know, before Sixteen, Mina had only been a trainee for just over a year. Despite this and the language barrier, she still performed strongly in many of the challenges. And since their debut, Mina's skills have improved a lot, especially her vocals and many Onces recognise this.
- Her shyness: Truth be told, I've always been attracted to girls who are shy and quiet. I'm pretty shy and quiet myself and I find females who are loud to be, for lack of a better word, intimidating and less approachable (I apologise if this offends anyone). I find Mina's shyness to be incredibly cute, especially when she has an embarrassing moment, and looks away with her trademark gummy smile.
- Her penguin/Black Swan personality: Even though I like Mina because of her shyness and timidness, it's always refreshing to see the confident side of her come out, usually during performances. That said, I hope her shyness and timidness remains a big part of her. 
- Her love for video games: Seriously, I don't know any guy who would dislike Mina because of her love for video games. 
- Her athleticism: Sport and exercise are a HUGE part of my life and, to be honest, I've always liked girls who have an affinity for them as well.
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: I like all Mina pairings but if I had to decide on one, I'd probably flip a coin on MiChaeng and MinaHyo.
Other comments: Sorry that it took so long for me to do this. Also, thanks heaps to everyone who visited the Mina Appreciation Thread I created for Twice's 1st anniversary. Really appreciate the support.


Name/Nickname you go by: å—.ç‘œ or you can call short form name LCS
Gender: male
Age: 30
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: From youtube recommandation video,thanks to Tzuyu. 
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: 2 she can be 1 sometime. Dont ask why. 
What makes you interested in Mina?: I bet a lot of people will say her beauty. But not me,i will say Her smile. I always prefer a beautiful/happy smile from a girl anyday.
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: Mitzu. Their interaction is just..erm....er.....idk how to explain.
Other comments: Mina-ya. Be happy and smile more. 


Name/Nickname you go by: Gaiasking
Gender: M
Age: 21
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: This part is a little funny. I'm a huge E-girls fan and one day (here in OH by coincidence) I found out about E-girls's Kaede doing a 'shy shy shy' thing. Found it a little interesting and decided to search more about it. That's when I discovered Sana's Follow Me cover and thought that it was a bit cute and tried to search more informations about the group. With that, I discovered that the group had 3 japanese members and found it a little bit unusual, searching more videos of Twice. That's when I watched LOA MV and fell in love with Twice, first because of the visuals, second because of the addicting song (exactly the meaning of the group lol). Becoming Mina's fan was natural since becoming an ONCE.
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1
What makes you interested in Mina?: There're a lot of reasons. Since the post will become huge if I explain every single one of them, I'll just explain the main ones.
Her visuals: When I watched Twice's live performances (for any reason, didn't thought that Mina was gourgeous from the MVs. With just the MVs, I just found Tzuyu being increadibly beautiful), I became astonished by the visual impact of Twice,  specially Mina's. When she's wearing curl hairs (I think that's the correct definition of her hairstyle. Being a man, I don't know many things about fashion xD) I need to calm down myself a lot of times. Nowadays, I think that every single part of her is beautiful/cute, with her being one of the most beautiful/cutest girl that I've ever seen.
Her personality: I have a thing for shy and calm girls for any unknown reason. With that, it was natural that I became interested in Mina's personality of not appearing too much and not trying hard for attention, just helping on the backside and being cute. Adding to that, I think that Mina is very elegant and ladylike, which I'm very fond of. 
Her love for games: Being a huge gamer, it's natural that I love girls that like games.
Her intelligence and work ethics: When I'm watching Twice appearences on variety shows, I  see everytime that Mina is always trying to read the situation and deciding how to act to not disturb the mood and help the others members. This 'work group' and 'collective' behavior makes me cheer a lot for Mina (maybe that's because of her Japanese culture, but whatever)
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: I'm not the type to cheer for pairings (sorry about that xD), but I think that MiMo is little cute
Other comments: Thanks everyone who had read this post 'till the end and sorry for not being too concise. I know a little of Japanese, so if anyone wants help on translation of Twice's Japanese speaches or posts, just ask me and I'll help if I can!


Name/Nickname you go by: trifolium
Gender: Female
Age: 28
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: I knew about Sixteen through Kpop blogs/forums, but didn't watch the whole show at that time (just some performance cuts). I was very interested because there were Japanese trainees and I hadn't heard of any Japanese Kpop idols before. I started becoming a fan after watching Sana and Mina's Twice TV1 episode, and Twice's debut plus Twice TV2 made them my new favorite group. I didn't have a bias at first, but Mina started standing out to me by the end of LOA promotions. After Cheer Up was released I knew for sure she was my bias!
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?: #1
What makes you interested in Mina?: Idk, I always have a hard explaining why I like something, but I like everything about Mina! Her quiet personality, elegant aura, passion for performing, cute smile and voice, etc. I also relate to her personality the most out of all the Twice members.
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: I like them all, but lately my favorites are JeongMi and MiMo.
Other comments: Thank you to everyone who keeps this thread updated!


Name/Nickname : Underground
Age: 19
How did you discover Twice/Mina?:
This was long story, please don't judge me.
I never want to know about kpop, bcs I have friends who was kpop addict and her style is not my style. Then someday, we hangout together on last November after my birthday and it was rainy day in noon so we decide to wait in coffeeshop. When she makes order, I'm waiting on our seat and I seen outside the window (I feel melankolist these day), then suddenly I heard music player playing "nado niga joha sangcheo ibeulkka bwa" and I feel nostalgic with these song and music part and the voice of the singer just too sweet and soothing, so much sweetness in the song, I adore the voice and its keep stuck on my head. When we finish our time, I keep singing those song part on my mind then I decide to ask my friend and she give me the answer it was "Twice - Cheerup". In early Desember when I have 1 weeks break for exams, I remember the song so I decide to discover "Cheerup Twice" on youtube, I have no impression with the song (but every Mina part always got my attention *after I know Twice) then these "nado niga joha sangcheo ibeulkka bwa" part is playing and I got goosebumps when I see who was singing (my reaction was OMG this girl who sing that song? OMG she was beautiful, she have really nice voice, I love her voice and why she is so beautiful?, Who is she?) then I discover Twice member and I found her name was Myoui Mina and I already falling in love with her at that time. The rest was history because Mina voice greet me into new Music (Kpop) I don't discover Kpop in general I just support Twice and I will never try to be more crazy than I was doing now, but I open minded for everything outside my comfort zone now.
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?
I have no idea about bias concept, but yeah I am Myoui Mina Fans. Another Twice Member was equal I like.
What makes you interested in Mina?:
First of all, I falling in love with her voice bcs I never find female singer with these kind of sweet and soothing voice. I often found with male singer who has bass and sweet voice but never for female bcs female singer always tend to shoot their notes sometimes and make the moment gone(just my opinion) thats why I rarely have favorite female singer. Then I discover her more and I was falling in love with her beauty, She was beautiful and I kinda have similiar vibe with her and I feel something big on her. Unfortunately, I want to know her more and more, so then I realise that I already falling in love really in love with her. We have same birth year, we have same personality and sensitivity, I feel like I know her bcs I see myself on her. Mina already owning my soft spot heart. I think it was why I interested on her.
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP:
I don't know about OTP or etc but I have seen MiDoor OTP it was great pictures. But someday, I see Mina on Stairs picture and I'm falling in love with all the picts I think MiStairs was my OTP but I need another picture for reference, please let me know if you have MinaStairs picture. And I love her moles. MiMoles OTP(?)
Other comments:
What you want for other comments?
Haha joking, I will write my wish for her. Myoui Mina, I hope you have a chance to hold your Solo Concert in the future (Japan ? *hope). I will make sure to attend your concert in the future. You said that you love perform, You love for being able on stage and gain energy from fans and give energy for fans. I hope you can enjoy yourself and make sure to hold everything on your side with heart. I will wait till your time coming, lets make it true. Ameen. I seriously never do anything like this to show my expression toward artist that I like. I feel crazy, "you must know that your unperfect part just makes you perfect", I like your voice, I like your dance style, I like your soul, I like your beauty, I want to see you on your own stage. When this time comes true I know that we will be woman who has been mature and we will know how this world comes and gone with us, how they play with us and I will make sure that I am ready to meet and greet you. Myoui Mina you really makes me comes this far I will never regret to know you. Let enjoy our life.


Name/Nickname: Wiz or my username, please.
Gender: 100% Female
Age: 17
How did I discover Mina: I first watched a video on YouTube about top Kpop OTPs, and she was in two of them. I found her quiet, seriousness both captivating, enchanting and sexy. 
Where does she stand on my bias list: #1 of course!
What makes me interested in Mina: As I mentioned, she's calm, collected, and has many talented. Plus she's easily one of the prettiest Kpop girls I've seen, maybe even "the" prettiest. I also love how smart she is, and her INFJ personality. Her voice is heaven to my ears. 
Favourite OTP: MiTzu or MiHyo, as they aren't very popular, but I like the gentle vibes from both.


Name: Xavier
Gender: Male
Age: 20(International)
How did you discover Twice/Mina? Originally I discovered TWICE through articles of Tzuyu around late 2015. Then I decided to find out more about them and watched LOA MV. The first two members that caught my eyes was Momo and Tzuyu. Then I bought the Mwave Story Begins signed album. That's when I decided to watch all the Sixteen episodes to study them. Through the episodes, I learn more about Mina and fell in love with her. I want to write more, but I'm afraid it'll be too long.
Mina is my ultimate bias in TWICE and KPOP!
Mina have a really unique and special charm! I would say everything about her makes me feel interested, but if I have to give reasons it would be because she's really down-to-earth, humble and also works really hard. Also despite their busy schedule, Mina always smile and tries her best to communicate with her fans. Her gummy smile is so genuine and can easily warm even the coldest heart!
My favorite OTP would have to be MiTzu! They are sometimes also known as the awkward couple, but I always see how Minari view Tzuyu as mature and their interactions always makes me happy!


Name/Nickname you go by:burenbayar
How did you discover Twice/Mina?:during the 16 i rooted apink (still my favs) so i always check those blogs sites that related to kpop and you all know that 16 was big noisy ... there are tons of related post running all over the place and that makes me want to check whose those people, why people are so "noisy" about them etc. First it was Momo the girl whom i interest more but ever since that Touchdown performance Mina climbed my ub list once for all 
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking? ultimate first 
What makes you interested in Mina?:i said above Touchdown per was the a "thing" ... on that frankly Mina's abs of justice snatched my mind and makes me want to know anything related to her ... some time passed i learned about her much ... as more i knew about her gives me more reasons to love her ... i just love her bcoz simply she is Mina
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP:MiChaeng
Other comments:i just wish nothing but nice to her ... hoping someday saw her in real life and took her autograph will kinda enough for me 
PS: not a native in english so sorry for not knowing many "meaningful" words

⥠U e n o

Name/Nickname you go by:Ueno
How did you discover Twice/Mina?:i saw TWICE(트와ì´ìŠ¤) SPECIAL VIDEO 'I' MINA in my Recommended Videos on Youtube
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?:#1 my Ult Bias 
What makes you interested in Mina?:Her being uniquely gorgeous,personality,her weirdness and everything about her
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP:MiNayeon and MiChaeng


Name/Nickname you go by: Dee
Gender: Male
How did you discover Twice/Mina?: Knowing bros, where she dance ballet to kim yongchul song "ring"
Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking? #1 and not gonna change
What makes you interested in Mina?: Her personality (kinda similiar to me), Gummy smile, Elegance-ness, her awkward yet funny movement, her penguin walk (she is basically a penguin xD),she is a homebody and a gamer (me too, what a coincidence) 
Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP: MiChaeng & JeongMi which is rising lately
Other comment: I hope someday I can meet you and ask for your autograph and maybe selca together (I know its too much but a man can dream high, right? xD). Sorry for my bad english, since english is not my native languange

P.S. If you want to be added on the list kindly fill up this form and send it to me via PM~

Name/Nickname you go by:Gender:Age:How did you discover Twice/Mina?:Where does Mina stand on your Twice bias ranking?What makes you interested in Mina?:Your favorite Mina's Twice OTP:
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Source: teamtwice
Translated by _tomato0210


             A girl with a calm personality and feminine looks, Mina flew from Osaka to Seoul with an 11-year long dream of becoming a Kpop star over a ballet dancer. She sometimes has an unexpected determination to do things or become really cordial with someone, and other times she has a positive and energetic drive towards her goals; she has gotten a lot of misunderstanding for being scary because she was so quiet. “Ballet became a habit for me since I started when I was so young. Thanks to a friend in middle school who liked Kpop, I danced to my first Kpop song. I was able to feel and practice the energy [from the dance]. After being casted to JYP and coming to Korea, I had to quit ballet, but I don’t regret that. I feel sad that I wasn’t able to graduate high school with my friends, but if I didn’t come to Korea back then, then I would not be here right now. I want to become like SISTAR sunbaenims. I want to gain that natural sexiness that beams out from their bodies. I also want to try a fansign! Because I get to do what I always saw in photos or on television.




tumblr_inline_mpedfqsfBF1qz4rgp.gif[Exhibit B]

 Fan Account Compilation - "Like OOH-AHH" Era
 Source: dodomomo222
Compiled by Ballerina Mina @ Weibo
Translated by MINAXMYOUI


1. Mina's recommended Movies, Dramas, Music
Movie: Harry Potter
Japanese Drama: SPEC
Japanese Song: Che'Nelle-Believe (Can't type the other 2)

2. Language

  • Mina actually have a lot of Kansai accent but when she & her mom met on 2015.11, her mom asked, "Since when your accent became so strong?"
  • Mina's favorite Japanese line is: "The opposite of love is not hate but disinterest!"
  • When MiSaMo are together, they talk with korean and japanese mixed. However, koreans can understand it too

3. Food
 Snacks / Refreshments, Americano
Dislike: Buckwheat & Natto
Scared of: eating Pupa
Way of eating sweet & sour pork: dip it into the sauce

4. Sleep

  • Mina always lie on the bed & fall asleep that way
  • There was once a time Mina was sleep talking & she told Momo in japanese: "Stop drinking Milk!" XD
  • Mina talk in Japanese & Korean mixed in her dreams. She once dreamt that her korean became really good.

5. Company
Mina was spotted when she was shopping with her mom. It was the last day of audition.
6. Mina Introduction/Facts

  • Mina walks with her leg pointing outwards. (due to ballet)
  • Mina is really good at controlling her emotions but is also a bright person
  • Mina's most confident body part is her collarbone
  • Mina relief stress by crying
  • Mina will sing Almost is Never Enough (Ariana Grande) when she goes to KTV
  • Mina will use her phone if she can't fall asleep
  • Mina is interestingly knows everyone's PS photos, including her own one (PS = PhotoShop)
  • Mina didn't have a lot of nicknames in Japan but when she came to Korea, her members gave her many nicknames
  • Mina loves to lie on her bed, if she can not wake up, she won't. Even if she doesn't feel like sleeping she will lie on her bed & stare at the ceiling
  • Mina's favorite ballet piece is "The Pirates"
  • Mina is not a bit confident about her small finger nails
  • Mina is afraid to sit on the canopy flyer but going to USS & play Harry Potter's 4D Forbidden Journey
  • Mina got into KPOP because of SNSD's Genie & started dancing SNSD songs with her friends
  • Mina after that likes CN Blue the most
  • Mina's friend flew from Japan to Korea to visit Mina on one of her fan meetings
  • Mina is the member that observes the best & is very smart
  • Mina once received a Heinz ketchup stuff toy as a present from a fan. Probably because she likes it a lot, she hugged the ketchup from the beginning till end & didn't let the manager take it away.

7. Dorm

  • Twice's dorm has 3 toilets
  • Mina, Jihyo, Nayeon & Sana lives in the biggest room according to Jungyeon, it is the messiest room. (via mama backstage interview)

8. Birthday

  • Mina gave Jungyeon a pair of socks during her birthday
  • Twice wanted to give Jungyeon a surprise on her birthday after she shower, they were waiting outside the toilet to surprise her. Who knows, Mina's phone rang as she received a message. Everyone thought the surprise was going to fail but luckily, jungyeon didn't hear it & the surprise was carried out successfully.

9. Color
Mina's favorite colors are Purple & Blue
10. Pet
Mina has a pet dog called Rey that is 10 years old. Mina is a bit worried about it since it's very old.
11. To TWICE

  • Mina calls Jungyeon, Momo & Sana unnie and address Jihyo as friends, but actually they call each other by their names frequently behind the scenes.
  • One time, Jihyo asked Mina what is she doing and she said she's listening to music, Jihyo didn't believe & went over only to realize that she's really listening to music & staring at the album cover.
  • Mina & Sana by the Japanese way of age calculation are the same age. So when Mina started calling Sana unnie, Sana felt very awkward & wish she stop calling her that.

12. Dating
Who would you date if you're a male?
Jungyeon: Mina
Mina: Chaeyoung
13. Shoe Size
Mina's shoe size is 39




tumblr_inline_mpedfqsfBF1qz4rgp.gif[Exhibit C]

Mina - GQ Magazine April 2016 Issue Interview

Translated by tzuyuism


1. Did you have anything you prepared before coming into today's photoshoot?
Magazine pictorials are different from CF Filmings. You can't make excessive poses. You have to go with the atmosphere. So I thought that I should just stand in front of the camera & let things come out naturally so it can appear like so.

2. You seem very natural when you move your body. Is it because you did ballet for a long time?
I think so too. But when I put my hands over my shoulder like before, one of my fingers was raised up. I think that it became a habit without me knowing.

3. Hasn't it been over 2 years since you stopped doing ballet in Japan & come over to Korea? Do you think you did right?
It was difficult but it was also fun. I think that I've changed a little too. There used to be the time that I didn't like being in front of people. I also didn't like public statements & such. But evr since I became interested in K-pop, I developed a want to stand on stage. While being a trainee, I thought to myself, "Do I really like this that I came over here to dance? That I'm singing?" but when I heard people saying they gained strength from seeing me dance & sing, it gives me more strength. It's fascinating. I was the one who watched people on stage but now I'm the one standing on stage. I think that's changed a lot.

4. Your expression seems very happy right now. Your eyelashes look as if they are pointing to the sky & your eyes are sparkling.
Is that so? When I'm on stage, I forget all about being tired. Ah, I like being on stage, I discovered that.

5. When you did ballet weren't you standing on stage? Is it very different?
Ballet has a story. Isn't is similar to a play? So rather than feeling like I'm enjoying it with the audience, it's more like I'm showing a story to the audience. As a singer on stage, I can have fun & enjoy it with fans.

6. Isn't showing yourself more fun than acting? How do you feel about being on your reality show <TWICE's Elegant Private Life>?
Watching the reality show, I thought that maybe we should protect ourselves a bit more. We are female idols, will that be okay? (laughs)

7. But it seems that Mina is the one whose image is being wrecked the least out of the nine.
Is that so? That's a relief.

8. You seem very relaxed & elegant.
I've heard many times that I'm quiet but there have been many times where I'll be in the back, not saying anything but doing weird stuff. I heard it from my fans. They even made a compilation video of those moments & showed it to me.

9. TWICE seems to be energetic. You guys laugh & shout & enjoy often. Isn't it hard for you, being on the more quiet side?
That's why I don't mind being just an observer. If we all just talked then there wouldn't be anyone to listen. I think that at least one person should be a listener.

10. Where does Mina think she's the prettiest?
I want to hear a lot that my side profile is pretty. My collarbones too.
11. Are you embarrassed?
I feel like I'm bragging. Since today's photoshoot was short, it's a shame. I kinda want to take more photos. Next time I want to do a photoshoot outdoors rather than a studio.




tumblr_inline_mpedfqsfBF1qz4rgp.gif[Exhibit D]

160324 MINA's Birthday Interview
Source: focus.kr

Translated by Mego for TWICE GLOBAL


1. What will you do for your birthday?
I think there’s something scheduled for it this year.
2. Your thoughts on your first birthday after debut?
A few days ago, the fans congratulated me with a surprise coffee car visit, and I was really delighted and touched. I even teared up a little. ^^;; It was amazing to be congratulated by so many people, and I felt all over again how much love we were receiving. That’s why I thought we have to work even harder.
3. How do you feel about getting older?
Each time I grow one year older, I think my anticipations rise for what could be awaiting ahead, and my wish to do better grows.
4. The words you want to hear the most on your birthday?
Because I’m so thankful to have my birthday remembered at all, just the word ‘congratulations’ lifts up my mood and makes me happier.
5. What kind of meaning does a birthday hold for you?
For me, every birthday feels like a new beginning. It makes me think about how I had lived up to now, and it’s a day where I look back. So it’s a day where I’m grateful to my family and everyone around me. My members, thank you! ^^
6. What was your taemong? [t/n: a dream a mother has after conception that is believed to tell a part of the baby’s fortune]
I had never heard of one in Japan ^^;; I’ll ask my parents the next time I meet them.
7. Your most memorable birthday?
Last year was my first birthday spent in Korea, and Sana and Momo unnie took care of it. It was my first birthday spent apart from my family, so I was really thankful to the unnies for looking after me.
8. The most special gift in your life?
When I was little I would go “I want this†and “I want that,†but as I grew older I just enjoyed eating with my family the most. I’m one year old as a TWICE member, so I’ll keep growing up really fast. ^^
9. If you’re given a break for your birthday, what would you want to do the most?
I would like to go see my family. I’ve really felt how precious they are after living apart from them. I want to tell them thank you and I love you!
10. What wish did you make on your birthday as a child? Did it come true?
When I was little, I wished for a puppy, and right now there’s one with my family in my home in Japan. I want to see the puppy and am always hoping for its health!
11. How do you imagine your birthdays ten years from now?
In ten years I’ll be thirty, and honestly I can’t imagine it, ha. I think I’ll be working hard on activities as I am now. ^^
12. Is there anyone you want to thank?
I think the number of people I want to thank became a lot bigger after debut. But the very first people I want to tell is my family who had raised me up to now.
13. Please say a word to your birthday self.
I hope as you age, your charms grow and you become prettier. Don’t forget how your heart was at the start, and please show yourself growing with an always thankful heart!




tumblr_inline_mpedfqsfBF1qz4rgp.gif[Exhibit E]

MINA - ELLE December 2016 issue

Translated by tzumato




Mina: "I didn't take many selcas a long time ago, but i try to do it more these days to show the fans my makeup. I think my greed (for selcas) has increased as I watched more fancams. I listen to it first then look at my (dancing). My mom likes to send me a lot of gifs & cuts. I did ballet for a long time so I have a bit of habits, "Why am I spreading my leg here, alone?" I try to find & fix things like that.
In the 2nd year from debut, we have gotten a lot closer & more comfortable. There are two beds placed next to each other in our room, and when Nayeon unnie rolls over from her bed to mine, it feels good.
When I'm with the members, I tend to be the calm one, and that's why fans call me "the calm one (in the back)". They always wonder if I'm doing something else at the back (laughs). So, I want to tell fans to try and find me. I also want to tell them that I'm doing well here."




tumblr_inline_mpedfqsfBF1qz4rgp.gif[Exhibit F]

Mina's TWICEzine Interview

Translated by jinchoumina


1. When you spent Christmas when you were young, was there a memorable episode you can remember?
It was around my 1st year in elementary school. My brother is very curt. He’s usually not much of a talker. But during Christmas, we have these Christmas stockings we do and hang at our house. Inside the Christmas stocking, there was a pencil and a small memo pad. So I wondered, ‘who could have put these in?’ and I found out that it was my brother who prepared and did it. I think my brother spent his allowance money just to get me a present. He only did it that one time! (laughs) That’s why I remember it the most. Also when I was young, I got this video game and my brother received a video game as well. We have this one massive television in the living room and my brother and I would have a competition as to who would get up early first to use the television and be able to play their own video game. That’s why on Christmas mornings, I am always up early!
2. If you become and try to be Santa Claus for one day, what would you like to try and do?
We have a lot of fans around the world. If I become Santa Claus, I want to go and see the fans everywhere.
3. Is there a Christmas present you would like to receive?
I want a closet. I need a chiffonier. Or I’ll pretend to give a gift to Momo-unni but I’ll use it instead. (laughs)
4. If you get given your last day-off for this year, what would you like to do?
I want to go on a trip with my members.
5. Seems like everyone wants to go on a trip.
Jihyo said the same? Jihyo always talks about it.
6. Hawaii?
That’s not bad. That sounds good! (laughs)
7. What did you find was the best and most disappointing thing that happened to you this year?
I thought that when we received the Daesang was really good. I thought, ‘Ah, there’s a lot of people who love us a lot’. I really had no other words to say but ‘thank you’. Most disappointing thing… the rhythmic gymnastics?
8. What are your New Year’s goals for this 2017?
I managed to get to try a lot of things in 2016, but even so, I think there is always something I could’ve done better. There hasn’t been a time where I was satisfied with my singing or my performance on stage. Though it’s hard to do something 100% perfectly, I hope to be able to do well and better in 2017 than this year. Ah, also, for next year, I want to try and fix my out-toe gait. There’s no exact date but just to reduce the angle even if only a little? (laughs)
9. How did you spend your 20th? Do you have any advice for Dahyun who is turning 20 this coming year?
When you become 20, nothing much changes but Dahyun will be turning 20 next year so I am looking forward to it. I would say, ‘Can Dahyun do sexy concepts now?’. Dahyun would wonder, ‘I’m an adult now, what should I do?’ and I would think, ‘Is there something she needs to prepare for?’ (Jeongyeon: Dahyun is really conservative! That’s why she doesn’t like clothes that have V-necks or clothes that expose your collarbones) That’s right. She keeps putting her clothes up. Her back can be seen anyway! (laughs) (Jeongyeon: But recently, Dahyun wore clothes that show your collarbones! So Dahyun was like, ‘I wear t-shirts that show your collarbones now.’ Haha). I think it’s unexpectedly fun to see Dahyun turn from a teenager to her twenties. ‘I’m now an adult!’ she would say. I spent my 20th without much change but I think Dahyun will be different. I’m looking forward to it.
10. You’re quite known for being good at video games, is there a game you’re playing lately?
The last game I played is <SUPERSTAR JYP NATION>. After that, I changed my phone so all my data from the game was gone. Also, we started our promotions straight away. I can’t use my computer for games so nowadays so I don’t play much.
11. When you were learning ballet, did you ever get the chance to perform for a Christmas or an end-of-year show?
I don’t remember performing for a show, but I remember going to see one. When I was on <SIXTEEN>, I showed a performance of <The Nutcracker>. The theme for that is about Christmas. The show done by the professional ballet dancers was about that and it was the first show I have seen. I can only do performances at the ballet academy recitals, and the one that I saw was from there too. But when I watched the performance, the set was so pretty and the outfits were all shiny!
12. How old were you then?
It was around my 2nd year of high school. When I watched it, it was so pretty! I still remember it so vividly. In the academy, they only do the 1st part and the 2nd part briefly, but the professional ballet dancers, from start to finish, managed to relay and connect the story well. It was so much fun seeing the stage change and progress. I think it was when I fell in love with performing.
13. In the Chuseok that just passed, when I watched your rhythmic gymnastics performance, I thought it was such a shame when you made a mistake.
The PD-nim thought so too. If I get given the chance again, without any regrets, I will have to try harder! When I was practicing it was hard and so I was able to eat everything that was delicious. The hula hoop was heavier than I thought too, so I gained a lot of muscles from it.
14. Besides the hula hoop, is there anything else you would like to try?
I want to try the ribbon but because the ribbon is long, apparently it needs a lot of strength from the arms. My arms are quite weak, so I think I might not be able to try the ribbon.
15. Before you debuted, when you had to rest, what type of things would you do?
It was still the same as before I debuted. I would stay in the dorm all day or I would go shopping. When I was a trainee during a day that it was snowing on winter, I have tried to walk all the way from the trainee dorms up to the COEX centre. I passed Sinnonhyeon, Gangnam and Sinsa-dong. I’ve also tried just walking all throughout the day. I must have been really bored.
16. Do you like walking?
No. As I was looking at the map on my phone, I kept walking continuously that I ended up all the way to Gangnam. But I really thought I was going to freeze to death then. Thinking about it now, I don’t know why I did it. I wasn’t even shopping but was just walking. ^^




tumblr_inline_mpedfqsfBF1qz4rgp.gif[Exhibit G]
Mina - High Cut 2016 Interview
Translated by tbansi1020


1. You recently tried to do Rhythmic Gymnastics at ISAC. You had previously done some ballet in the past, so I think this experience was a big help. How was rhythmic gymastics?
Many fans expected, but the result was disappointed. I did well when I rehearsed? But I made big mistake in main match. So, I was really flustered.
2. You performed with Momo at (Hit the Stage). How was feeling not TWICE but a Dancer?
I don't have a chance to show only dance after debut. I was a great experience because I can't show this dance as TWICE.
3. If you have a chance to have a solo stage, what do you want to show?
To enable to do confidently, I think I'd better to perform ballet.
4. You are called "Chemi Angel", you are known as a quiet & shy girl, what is your real character?
I'm quiet and shy compared to other members but I'm not really quiet (laughs) I'm shy of strangers.
5. I watched a video where your parents said that your Kansai dialect became heavy.
I sent a message to my mom a few days ago, I used heavy dialect. My mom said, "What do you mean?", I was shocked (laughs). My parents were surprised & said "Did you use dialect a lot?" when I speak in heavy dialect. When I often speak in standard language, Sana & Momo are ashamed (to say that). I didn't use dialect a lot, I think I've been around them for a long time that I grew in dialect.


tumblr_inline_mpedfqsfBF1qz4rgp.gif[Exhibit H]


Summer, Lovely Signal sent by Twice

Translated by illiy009


1. To TWICE, what producer JYP is? He is famous for giving good advices to the company artists. Do you have memorable any advices given by him?
I'm not sure if I can say this but he is really a father-like figure (to me). He bought us meal frequently and gave a lot of advices during teaching too.
2. Other than music, is there a hobby that you fell in love with recently?
I like clothes so whenever I have time, I will keep searching for clothes online. I am those kind who will search for "What new fashion is released this time", (instead of buying) I do eye shopping more. I like puzzle too. Not too long ago, I spent about 10 hours to complete our official goods poster puzzle.
(T/N: Eye shopping is Window shopping)
3. When do you feel "I'm happy because I'm a member of Twice", "Good job in becoming part of Twice"?
Every moment. It is impossible for me to perform alone on stage and it is only possible when the members are there together. I am really happy because we are very close to each other. I'm happy.
4. Say something to yourself and to the previous 'Once' who are always supporting you.
The happy moment will come even though we are suffering right now so let's work harder. Please look forward to us in the future too. Once, you are the one who created Twice. It may sound like a common phrase but (I would like to say) 'Because there is Once, there is Twice'.




tumblr_inline_mpedfqsfBF1qz4rgp.gif[Exhibit I]


Original interview credit to Doyon_27

Translated by Mina_Update


1. There are a lot of nicknames give to Twice by fans, which one is your favorite?
Tteudoongie pronunciation is cute too. But the combination of Twice and Sarangdoongie is the loveliest and I like it.
2. Adult Ceremony & Madonna's 4 Minutes are the stage with different atmosphere we've never seen before.
I don't usually have aegyo so sometimes it's more comfortable for me to be "cool" during pictorial shooting. During Sixteen I showed a lot of my sexy side, during Twice (I showed) cheerful side and therefore I want to try different concept during concert.
3. You suit the word "Cool" a lot. Is there a place in Seoul that you like a lot?
No matter how, Cheongdamdong is the place where I started my trainee life and there're a lot of memories. Every time my mom came, she'll say "We had meal together here when (we) first came to Seoul". This reminded me a lot of good memories when she said that.
4. If you have to choose only one precious memory in your life?
I really don't want to forget our first concert. I must not forget it. I cried a lot that day and it's not because of sadness but I was deeply touched.
5. What is the thing that's knocking on Mina's heart the most recently?
I like French Fries & Hamburger this kind of menu that will cause me to gain weight easily and it's hard for me to resist them. (Laughs) I need to resist during promotion but they (French Fries & Hamburger) keep "Knock Knock" on my heart.


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Hope she makes it in, she is gorgeous and very talented. I think her chances are good. :)

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Where is the princess love....  :._.: No updates from this thread.. Going to make this place my new home

EDIT: for those that don't know JYP has said that the trainees whom don't make it will be able to have a chance to debut in 2 years after the time therefore you could easily continue it if things go for the worse. 2 years isn't much

been waiting for my ultimate bias kpop group for over 3 years now so I'm able to deal with the pain if things turn out for the worse


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Updated the OP with some of my edited banners :) Let's all pray that she'll make it to Twice!  :ohbi:  :ohla:

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Updated the OP with some of my edited banners :) Let's all pray that she'll make it to Twice! :ohbi: :ohla:

Thanks you for updating it is so beautiful. :cry: remember to vote for her OK? Edited by Neo Galaxy

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I've become a huge of Mina (basically watched all 7 episodes in a couple of days to catch up). I hope JYP doesn't place a limit on the number of Japanese members in the group because I feel like Sana is a shoe-in at this point. Even though she doesn't have much training time at this point, that just means that she more potential. I really enjoyed her solo dancing performances so far, and with Momo and Eunseo gone, Mina's one of the stronger dancers left, so she's not just a visual and/or a foreigner to add to the group.

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