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♡ The Official Thread of TWICE's Chou Tzuyu ♡

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Tzuyu, the maknae along with Chaeyoung, would rather be complimented on her skills rather than her looks. Loving to dance and sing, she caught the opportunity and bravely made her way to Korea all the way from Taiwan. “It’s been about three years since I arrived in Korea. JYP [scouts] found their way to the dance academy I was learning at. It was amusing at first because these things only happened on television. It was tough for me because I came to Korea not knowing any Korean. I felt especially lonely when I missed my family or I came across a hard situation that I had to deal with alone. There was one time when I felt sad when the company presidents scolded me because I couldn’t order chicken and beef properly due to my accent! But, now that I debuted after so much waiting, the only thing I have in mind is to show people what Twice really is. All I wish for is to be able to constantly show better performances.


Translated by:_tomato0210








Q: What do you want your name to be related to when it's searched up on the Internet?


A: 'TWICE.' I like it when [my name] is always attached to my team name.


Translated by: _tzumato






Q: Mina, Sana, Momo, and Tzuyu’s appearance on My Little Television reaffirmed TWICE’s place as the trend. But a live broadcast must have not been easy for you as foreigners.


Tzuyu: Learning about Korea’s culture during the broadcast was really fun. I especially remember putting on the hanbok with Mina, Sana, and Momo at the end.


Q: Tell us about any role models the members have.


Tzuyu: We want to last a long, long time like g.o.d.


Translated by Mego for TWICE GLOBAL






Q: How is your posture so upright all day?

A: When I was young, I used to slouch. Whenever I used to do that, my dad would come and straighten my back/waist. He told me that, that was how my body line would look pretty and that was how to get confidence [in my body], so that's when I started to care about it. When I'm filming. I'm pretending to have confidence.


Q. But you know that you're pretty, right?

A. A woman with confidence is pretty. But I want to be prettier. Park Jinyoung PD-nim said that it is not only important to have a pretty appearance but to have a healthy mind as well. I have to focus on it more.


Q: Wasn't there a time you wanted to collapse? (Mental/Physical)

A: I think I a m free. (Movement and mind wise)


Q: You seem like a person with no flaws.

A: Do I look like that? When my friends first see me they say I look scary. But if I get closer to them I really am not. I'm really talkative too.


Q: Are there any parts to your physical appearance that you don't like?

A: No. My mother and father worked hard to give birth to me like this. Haha.


Q: How about if you are compared to Seolhyun? You both are models for different mobile communications companies.

A: I've met Seolhyun sunbaenim a few times, and whenever I see her pictures, I think, "So my body looks pretty if I make this pose." I learn by seeing [them]. But I think everyone's charm is different, so I don't think there is a need to compare.


Q: What is in your room?

A: My puppy plushie and face masks. Also cream that I put on my face, and manicure.


Q: You're the member who sleeps the most, but I also heard you are the most diligent/hard-working member. You always stretch when you come home, too.

A: It's a habit. My mother tends to take care of many things. So she always recommends things like [face] cream. I can't not use it.


Q: Do you look like your mother?

A: I look a little bit like my father, but I hear a lot of people say that I look like my mother.


Q: Is your nickname "Yoda" because your ears are pointy?

A: Yes[My members] say that I look like Yoda when I flip my hair back and my ears show.


Q: Normally, if a female idol has pointy ears, she's called an elf.

A: An elf? I didn't even know what Yoda was at first. So I looked it up, and even in my eyes I look like [Yoda].


Q: You don't seem to have much intonation when you speak. As if you're trying not to show your feelings on purpose.

A: I tend to not show my feelings in front of people. All members have cried in front of the camera, but I have not.


Q: You didn't even cry during the rigorous "Sixteen."

A: Right. But when I call with my mother, I cry easily.


Q: So you usually just hold it in?

A: I'm not used to crying in place with a lot of people. I either cry alone in my room or while I'm talking with my mother.


Q:When you speak in your native tongue versus Korean, are you different person?

A: I'm the same. [People] say that the way I talk sounds foolish; before I came to Korea and even after I came to Korea.


Q: Aren't they just jealous?

A: Nah. Oh, I did hear this once: "Tzuyu isn't that pretty." Everyone thinks differently, so I don't really pay attention.


Q: If you were to express yourself in one phrase?

A: Mood.


Translated by: _tzumato

Source: TTF

Original Source: GQ Korea



[E]HIGH CUT VOL. 173 - MAY 2016



Q: Then who is first in seniority? (Check the link for the full TWICE interview)


JY: (pointing towards Tzuyu) She speaks very bluntly. She doesn't do it on purpose. it's because she learned Korean very "stiffly." So she speaks like an unnie.


NY: I think it's because she struggled with Korean when she was a trainee. (laughs)


TZ: When I'm with my Taiwanese friends, they say the way I talk sound foolish.


NY: So you're a fool there but you're a stubborn unnie here? (laughs)


Q: Tzuyu became a high school student in Korea. How is your high school lifestyle?


TZ: It hasn't been long since I attended school, but the teachers take good care of me and my classmates greet me well. It's fun. I like my school lifestyle.


JY: It must be very tiring for her, but she wakes up early and goes to school well. If I ask her if she isn't tired, she responds by saying she has to work hard because she is still a new student.


NY: (to Tzuyu) Do the younger ones listen to you well? You're the unnie, you have to show leadership, (laughs) You have to be the class president.


TZ: (stiffens) I can't be class president. Maybe vice president...?


Q: You are at an age where you must want to date, but JYP has a 3-year dating restriction.


TZ: We need more sleeping time than dating. (laughs)


Q: What will Twice be like in 5 years?


TZ: I hope my Korean will improve a lot.


Translated by: tzumato







What would be the motive to endure even with those hardships?


Tzuyu My parents always gave me good advices when I wanted to give up.


It’s going to be very fun living in dorm with 9 members together. It’s always loud and not having any moment of loneliness.


Tzuyu I am sharing room with Dahyun and Chaeyoung who needs to go to school. I am usually the one who is early-bird the most, so I wake up others when I am up first. 


With having this much great teamwork members, we are going to point each other members and have a special time for compliments.


Tzuyu I also think, leader’s responsibility is great, who always manage and take care of members.


Twice is in 6th month since debut. You guys must have lot of things to do, what kind of goals are you guys planning to do?


Tzuyu I want to do voluntary work for charity with all members. 


Translated by: yulek






Q: You become a newly visual center. Some people said that you will succeed as Suzy and Seolhyun. What do you think about it?


A: I don't think so. I really thank to say like that. Because each of our members has their own charm, I think everyone is the visual center.


Q: You tried archery at ISAC. Your pose and fluttering hair was hot topic even before broadcast, and you got a nickname "elf". It was really hot in overseas too.


A: I saw that photo. My friends and mom sent me. In fact, it was my mistake. I must tie up my hair... the bow hit my hair. As a result, I got 0 score.


Q: Do you improve your archery skills?


A: I practiced a lot because of <ISAC>, and I practiced a lot due to <Cool Kiz on the Block> too. I think my skill more developed than ISAC. A teacher also said that I gained strength and gave compliment. These days, I'm interested in archery, so I want to come out <ISAC> again.


Q: You are staying in Korea for over 3 years. When you came out at <Please take care of my refrigerator>, you ate the food from your country and cried. When do you miss them?


A: When I don't have schedule? When I don't have any work, I think about my family a lot. So I do video call with them.


Q: Seems like you are so close to Chaeyoung who is 'school meal' member.


A: we sometimes do shopping together. But, we always spend together, so we don't talk any special things.


Translated by: tbansi1020












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Fan Form: If you wish to be added, please fill this in and post it here or PM it to me. Thanks! smile.png 

Name/Nickname:Gender:How Did You Discover Tzuyu?:What Makes You Stan Tzuyu?:Which Twice OTPs Do You Ship Tzuyu With?:Misc. Info: 





Name/Nickname: Lei/Chewie2
Gender: Chewie
How Did You Discover Tzuyu?: After Sixteen Hush performance
What Makes You Stan Tzuyu?: She's a child that needs to be protected in a foreign land.
Which Twice OTPs Do You Ship Tzuyu With?: JeongTzu, My Family Trinity 2YeonTzu
Misc. Info: Let's be friends, I don't bite...








Name/Nickname: llamaswag
Gender: female
How Did You Discover Tzuyu?: Sixteen
What Makes You Stan Tzuyu?: Her bright, pure dimple smile that I thought I saw an angel in Sixteen that make me weak. I just want to protect this little angel!!
As I'm digging deeper, I also admire a lot of qualities about her such as her braveness to chase her dream in such a young age (I can't even sleep over at my friends house with 5minute walking distance around that age cuz I missed my family. I tried once and I'm ended up walking back home at night lol. But here Tzuyu literally live in different country with language barrier at 13 like WOW) although with secure family financial. Tzuyu is extremely self discipline and in control both physically and mentally (which I'm lacking), her ambition to improve her skills and give it all in every performances which what I'm always like about an idol (more than just talent), a child that try to look brave, serious and mature all the time for her age so she won't worry others but at the end of the day, she is just an honest, pure and little mischievous young girl. Tzuyu is an idol that I both want to protect and learn/admire from (she has lots of qualities that I tried to enhance but couldn't achieve).
Which Twice OTPs Do You Ship Tzuyu With?: ChaeYu, Jeongtzu, Jitzu, Mitzu, Tzumo (in that order lol)
Misc. Info: I'm proud to be part of Chewies fandom!! 








Name/Nickname: OnceBittenTwiceShy

Gender: Female

How Did You Discover Tzuyu?: I listened to kpop on and off for many years, but I think I was watching another group's video when a clip about Tzuyu and Twice's Sixteen days popped up. I'm glad I clicked on that random video because I was able to witness Tzuyu and Twice's journey from LOA to now.  

What Makes You Stan Tzuyu?: There's probably a million reasons why I stan this girl. laugh.png But what I love most about her is that she's humble, courageous, kind, and hard-working.  I cry when she cries and laugh when she laughs. I've never really cared that much about other idols. There are certain things that she experienced or is experiencing that I can relate to. I'm older than Tzuyu, but she inspires me to work hard to achieve my dreams too.  

Which Twice OTPs Do You Ship Tzuyu With?: Hard question...I ship her with all the members? But I guess my favs are JeongTzu and ChaeYu.

Misc. Info: Sorry I wrote too much. TMI ahmagahplz.png






Name/Nickname: Tzundere/Chewie3/Romess/Ho3
Gender: Female
How Did You Discover Tzuyu?: What do you mean how? I was destined to meet Tzuyu.
What Makes You Stan Tzuyu?: What made me stan her - This -> www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC4n5B-dy50. It was love at first sight for me. Her cuteness overload and pabo-ness. Not to mention she's also an angel sent from above.
Which Twice OTPs Do You Ship Tzuyu With?: SaTzu 5ever ♥
Misc. Info: What is this katie?






Name/Nickname: Katie/Chewie1/Tzuyuarm
Gender: Female
How Did You Discover Tzuyu?: I discovered Tzuyu when my cousin showed me the individual teaser vids for Sixteen. At the time I only watched like four teasers lol (she liked Mina and Momo so I basically just watched what she linked). I didn't know about Tzuyu at all until I watched the first episode when it aired. I then noticed Tzuyu when the camera kept filming her to show her reaction. Tbh her Honey Trap performance was so short I think I missed it when the episode aired, I only remember seeing the iconic ending to the perf lol. But I fell for Tzuyu when the Minor team was waiting to board the van/bus to go back to the Minor dorm. It was a dark and windy day, Tzuyu shivered in the cold while she was still wearing her performance outfit. Her tumtum was exposed and poor baby didn't have a jacket to cover herself. After that episode I became a fan of Tzuyu.
What Makes You Stan Tzuyu?: Everything about her
Which Twice OTPs Do You Ship Tzuyu With?: The Family (2Yeon + Baby Tzu) and ChaeYu
Misc. Info: My other ultimate bias is Jessica Jung.



Tzuyu's Bride




Name/Nickname: Tyuyu's

Gender: Female

How Did You Discover Tzuyu?: I discovered her from the opening of Sixteen. 


Which Twice OTPs Do You Ship Tzuyu With?: ChaeTzu and SaTzu.

Misc. Info: I can draw, and I want to go to a Twice concert or fansign one day!




tzuyu_walking doll




Name/Nickname: Polar
Gender: Female
How Did You Discover Tzuyu?: youtube
What Makes You Stan Tzuyu?: All of hers
Which Twice OTPs Do You Ship Tzuyu With?: No 








Name/Nickname: VTzu

Gender: Female

How Did You Discover Tzuyu?: I knew about her from the flag scandal and felt so bad for her TT it made me start paying attention to her and Twice. In TT, I thought Tzuyu had the prettiest costume and she really stood out and I started liking Twice! 😄

What Makes You Stan Tzuyu?: I love how pretty she is but her savage personality made her stand out to me and she's so cute XD

Which Twice OTPs Do You Ship Tzuyu With?: TzuDa is my OTP ><, but I also like SaTzu, JiTzu, TzuMo and SaTzuDa!

Misc. Info: Besides Tzuyu, I also like Dahyun and Sana the most! 😄






Name/Nickname: Zai-nu
Gender: F
How Did You Discover Tzuyu?: Sixteen
What Makes You Stan Tzuyu?: I was cheering for her all the way through Sixteen. She was so pretty. Her baseball pics probably started my hardcore fangirling.
Which Twice OTPs Do You Ship Tzuyu With?: EVERYONE. MoTzu, ChaeTzu, SaTzu, JungTzu, JiTzu, MiTzu...etc.
Misc. Info: Mostly lurks on this thread. So many delightful videos and pictures!





Don't hate me on this laugh.png



 - She cried when the food given made her miss her mom and when the presenter asks her if she misses her mom.

» x She cried before Twice's comeback stage for "Cheer Up" on M Countdown because they were too tired. She was the first member to cry before all members cried together. 


 - During filming of "Signal" MV, she cried because the director lied that they're going to leave the rabbit (from the teaser) in the wild on its own. (I'm soft) 


 - On 2nd day of Twiceland encore concert - when she was giving an ending speech and thanking her parents for coming to their concert.



Old Polls Archive

Poll 1-1 | Poll 1-2





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Why can't they all debut together? Do a EXO but without the lawsuits. Its a pity some will have to wait until 2017 for a debut, as I bet some won't stay for 2017....


I think all of them are great.  :meow:

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she's very pretty! I'm looking forward to see what she brings to the show

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she's so pretty but i wished they had went with her english name for an easy to remember and pronounce name >.<

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She's like Fei 2.0.


Bye Fei


She does Give Fei vibe but that Tzuyu and Fei is Fei…



Why can't they all debut together? Do a EXO but without the lawsuits. Its a pity some will have to wait until 2017 for a debut, as I bet some won't stay for 2017....


I think all of them are great. :meow:

I am sure they will wait… Some of them have to debut in 2017 due to age… Some of them are younger than 15… thus carried for to 2017… along with the eliminated contestant..


It’s a win win though.. All of them under JYPE and yep.. I hope none will drop out too



She's fucking pretty but don't speak korean very well

maybe in 2 years is best for her :3 :lol:

She’s been a trainee under JYPE for quite long.. I think they made her speak mandarin in purpose to confuse fans…


she's so pretty but i wished they had went with her english name for an easy to remember and pronounce name >.<

Her english name is Sally Chou. Chinese is Tzuyu.. Korean is Jjeuwi..(due to pronunciation)


AND YES BROTHERS AND SISTER. TOGETHER WE UNITE AND SUPPORT TZUYU.. I will try to find how to vote for Tzuyu tho. LOL



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she's really pretty, I wish she can make it... damn JYP!!

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so wait .   .   .

is tzuyu able to speak english?? like fluently and such or does she simply have an english name?

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so wait . . .

is tzuyu able to speak english?? like fluently and such or does she simply have an english name?

We are not sure about that…YET.. Just wait for may 5 to arrive so we can know about Tzuyu.. I think she can speak English.. as well as Korean..



BTW guys, please upload more pictures of Tzuyu or any info of Tzuyu here.. You can spazz about Tzuyu here too :D


I am calling myself a Tzuyian… :hurr:

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She really is the prettiest of them all. Her face is a face of an actress and she is even prettier without make.up  :ahmagah:  

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