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[CJ E&M x YG] Official 'WE BROKE UP' thread {EPISODE 1 AND 2 OUT + SUBS}

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♤ O F F I C I A L W E B R O K E U P T H R E A D ♤












♤Episodes [sUBBED]















♤General information



We broke up
is a romantic comedy music drama based on a Naver webtoon of the same name. It is CJ Et &M and YG first collaboration for a web drama. Its is scheduled to start filming in April and broadcasrted in June.
The lead actors are confirmed to be Sandara Park and Kang Seungyoon.


Ji Won Young
is an aspiring musician and the lead singer of a band while
No Woo Ri
works at a fashion company. The two met at one of
Won Young
's gigs and their relationship blossomed. Soon, they agreed to live together. Things got complicated when they both decided to break up.


Due to complications with the security deposit and the loan on the apartment, the two have no choice but to keep living together as roommates until the contract is up and when they're financially able to leave..."
























will portray Noh Woo Ri who is an optimistic and bright female preparing to get a job in fashion.

















will act as Ji Won Young who is an indie band vocalist and works part-time jobs all night long.














SeungHyun will be record producer Yoon Ni Na
















KiYong will be Seo Hyun Woo who was classmates with Ji Won Young and is a singer in a rival band. He will be Dara's boyfriend.







2015/04/09 Seungyoon, Dara, Kang Seunghyun, Jang Kiyong for webdrama "We Broke Up"

2015/04/22 SEUNGYOON & Dara webdrama "We Broke Up" First Script Reading

2015/04/23 First script reading




♤Script reading pictures































♤Filming site pictures


































The director of successful web drama “
Love Cells
Kim Yong Wan
will be working on this web drama as well.



The drama will be uploaded on CJ E&M’s YouTube channel (
) and the digital platforms of YG and its affiliate model agency, YG Kplus, starting in early June







* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *





source: soompi, @chrissy96_



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♤ O F F I C I A L W E B R O K E U P T H R E A D ♤                     ♤Episodes [sUBBED]                             ♤General information     We bro

i hope no kissing or bed scene... it just feel awkward 

Yaaasss x'D I'll watch this mainly for Seungyoon because I like him

can't wait to see it,already counting the days till Nami webdrama and now this!so Hyun Woo will be her co-worker and new boyfriend 

such a pretty couple our leads  :lub:  hope the episodes will be longer,maybe more than 10 minutes,asking not much!!! :happy:

Yoon is just perfect for the role :chu:

must confess i'm waiting to see Yoon char. scenes with the Producer,are darn funny,hope they include it...still don't think the guy is the hero friend at least in the webtoon they weren't

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I'm thinking there's a very high likelyhood Yoon will sing the OST in this drama  :ahmagah:

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There's a bed scene too.  It's a flashback.

if they follow somehow the webtoon both will have kisses and with other people,her char. will get a new boyfriend her co-worker while the Producer makes the move on him so they will kiss no? :hurr:  only if the director takes all of them out 

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Yay thank you for making this thread! *follows* :chu:

I read the first 2 chapters and I totally imagined the characters to be yoon and dara :hurr:

Each chapter is so short. I want more~ Hopefully they will continue to translate it!

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Yay thank you for making this thread! *follows* :chu:

I read the first 2 chapters and I totally imagined the characters to be yoon and dara :hurr:

Each chapter is so short. I want more~ Hopefully they will continue to translate it!

i will wait for drama to be aired first...i try to avoid spoilers...from the looks of main characters i can see yoon and dara resemblance.. :hurr: ...the side characters are also hot! seems yg and cjm are having a good relationship... :hurr:

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Regarding the possible soundtrack for this web drama:


What do you hope it will feature?

a) All new songs

b) KSY covering the web comic OST

c) YGE recycling "It Rains," "Wild & Young," and "Stealer" as well as WINNER's discography

d) a mix of all of the above

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