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g.o.d 1999 goodbye stage/CLEO debut stage Music Camp 19990605(MBC kpop history)

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            Last article of the MBC kpop history series, I talked about 1999 Jinusean goodbye stage:http://onehallyu.com/topic/149883-jinusean-goodbye-stage-mbc-music-camp-19990529mbc-kpop-history/



             Here is the full lineup of Music Camp 19990605

             1 EVE - Come On (Rock)

             2 Lim Chang Jung - Gone With The Wind (Dance)

             3 Kwon Jin Won - Happy Birthday to You (Ballad)

             4 CLEO - Good Time (Idol group/Dance)                  Debut Stage

             5 Jung Jae-hyung - Resignation (Ballad)

             6 Shinhwa - T.O.P (Idol Group/Dance)

             7 g.o.d - To My Mother(Idol Group/Ballad)               goodbye Stage

             8 g.o.d -  Observation(Idol Group/Dance)                 goodbye Stage

             9 g.o.d - Wait For Me(Idol Group/Ballad)                   goodbye Stage

             10 T.T.MA - My Baby ! (Idol Group/Dance)

             11 CLON - Love and Soul (Hip Hop/Dance)

             12  Fin K.L - Eternal Love( Idol Group/Dance)


            Today, I will talk about g.o.d's 1999 promotion goodbye stage. When g.o.d debuted at 1999 with their very first album Chapter One, they quickly became one of the most popular kpop boy group at that time along with H.O.T and Sechs Kies because of  their touching single "To My Mother", that was the kpop song everyone knows in Korea back then. At early June, it comes to the end of their promotion, and MBC Music Camp host a goodbye stage just for legendary boy group g.o.d at that time.



kpop past legend g.o.d (I know they still exist now)



                g.o.d interview at 1999




                g.o.d goodbye stage full performance



               This is the original g.o.d back in 1999, at the end of their good stage from left to right: Yoon Kye-sang, Danny Ahn, Kim Tae Woo(lead singer), Joon Park, Son Ho Young,

               they were the most famous kpop idol group at the first half of year 1999.....



















                CLEO(í´ë ˆì˜¤)  was a 3 member kpop  girl group popular from late 90s to early 2000s. CLEO stands for "Come,Listen Everyone.". The group was formed amidst the immense success of girl groups S.E.S, Fin K.L and Baby Vox, and could easily be labeled a “follower†girl group. However, the girls did manage to gain high levels of popularity in their own way. All three members had solid singing abilities and beauty, and were skilled in dance as well. What made them especially different from other groups was their notably mature image, which appealed more to young men than it did to boys. Their debut album was a hit, and their pure image was enough to reel in many fans.

                I don't explain them in details, please see their official Thread here:http://onehallyu.com/topic/35517-cleo%ED%81%B4%EB%A0%88%EC%98%A4-official-threadold-school-kpop/





                  Introduce new kpop girl group CLEO




                  CLEO debut stage at Music Camp 19990605








               Besides g.o.d and CLEO, Shinhwa and Fin K.L are also very popular at that time, here is their performance at Music Camp 19990605


                Shinhwa performed T.O.P at MBC Music Camp 19990605



                Fin K.L performed Forever Love at MBC Music Camp 19990605



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