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Tteona Oneul Bame

♔ The Official Emperor of China ♔ KRIS WU 吴亦凡 Thread ♔ TESTING is out now!!! ♔

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♔ List of Kris Wu's Achievements 


♔ Magazine Covers 






1 - Esquire: December 2014

2 - SE Weekly: January 2015

3 - Beijing Youth Weekly: February 2015

4 - Blog Weekly: February 2015

5 - Easy Magazine: February 2015

6 - Yoka Fashion: February 2015

7 - Modern Music Field: February 2015

8 - Harper’s Bazaar: February 2015

9 - Vogue China: July 2015

10 - Mint Edition UK: Autumn 2015

11 - L’Officiel Hommes: August 2015

12 - Femina: August 2015

13 - Blog Weekly: August 2015

14 - POP: August 2015

15 - In Shanghai: August 2015

16 - EASY: August 2015

17 - Beijing Youth Weekly: August 2015

18 - Mint Edition: September 2015

19 - Grazia: October 2015

20 - Marie Claire: October 2015

21 - Rayli: October 2015

22. Grazia: October 2015

23 - Trends Health: November 2015

24 - Portrait Magazine: December 2015

25 - YOHO!: December 2015

26 - E Weekly: December 2015

27 - Ä°n Shangai: December 2015

28 - Esquire: January 2016

29 - Cosmopolitan: January 2016

30 - Bazaar Men 2016

31 - Esquire January 2016

32 - Grazia: February 2016

33 - People (renwu)

34 -  Portrait: April 2016

35 - SIZE Trends & Lifestyle: March 2016

36 - SEWeekly: June 2016

37 - Lifestyle: July 2016

38 - Vogue Me: October 2016

39 - YOHO! Girl: September 2016

40 - GQ: October 2016

41 - YOHO!Trends: October 2016

42 - T Mag: October 2016

43 - SIZE Trends & Lifestyle: October 2016

44 - Feature in Marie Claire

45 - Bazaar November 2016

46 - ELLE Men December 2016

47 - L'Officiel Hommes February 2017

48 - ELLE May 2017

49 - Esquire September 2017

50 - Bazaar November 2017

51 - T Magazine: December 2017

52 - Vogue Me: June 2018

53 - GQ China July 2018

54 - Flaunt Magazine: August 2018

55 - TMRW

56 - Harper's BAZAAR China December 2018

57 - CLASH March 2019

58 - Harper's Bazaar July 2019

59 - Vietnam Bazaar August 2020






 Kris is the youngest person (born after 1985) to appear on the cover of Esquire
Kris was the 2014 Newcomer of the Year (Esquire)

Kris was the first male celebrity on the cover of main Vogue

 Kris was the youngest person (born after 1985) to appear on the cover of Harper's Bazaar China

 Kris was the youngest person (born after 1985) to appear on the cover of L'Officiel Hommes

 Kris was the first male Chinese celebrity on the cover of Marie Claire

 Trends Heath November 2015 Issue was a Special Kris Wu birthday double cover

 Double cover for December 2015 Issue of YOHO Trends

 Kris is the first and only person born after 1990 to be on Portrait’s Faces of the Year list

 Kris is the youngest person (born after 1985) to appear on the cover of Portrait


-Notes Credit (2015-2016) : Wuyifankris

♔ CFs/Endorsements 





1 - Tencent Yingyongbao

2 - Tong Yi Red Iced Tea

3 - Mengniu Naite

4 - Mengniu Deluxe 

5 - iFeng News App

6 - Yoho

7 - Mengniu Frozen Yogurt

8 - Tencent WeFire

9 - Beats by Dre

10 - Maybelline BB Cushion

11 - Adidas Originals

12 - Lancome

13 - Roseonly

14 - Dell

15 - Saky

16 - BUDLIGHT Mixxtail 



19 - Mercedes-benz smart 

20 - Super Gırl Show

21 - Lays

22 - Ray Ban

23 - Bvlgari

24 - Huawei Honor

25 - Mercury

26 - American Express I.T  Cashback Card

27 - World of Sword mobile game

28 - YOHO!Buy

29 - Under Garden (UDGD)

30 - Burberry

31 - Saky G2s Electronic Toothbrush CF

32 - Yoyi-C (Cultured Milk Drink)

33 - LIMA Electric Motorcycle

34 - McDonald's

35 - Xiaomi X5

36 - Nongfu Spring’s TEA PAI

37 - Mengniu SuiBian Ice Cream

38- Chivas Regal

39 - Louis Vuitton





 Ambassador Notes 


♔ Kris is the XPS Product Ambassador for DELL.


♔ Kris is the Global Ambassador for Huwei Honor.


♔ Kris is the Mobile Phone Game Ambassador for WeFire and World of Sword


♔ Kris is also the Ambassador for Sohu News.


♔ Kris is the Brand Ambassador for Adidas Originals in the China RegionMercury Household Textiles, Saky Oral Care, and Lay's Chips.


♔ Kris is the First Brand Ambassador (Collective) for YOHO, MIXXTAIL Cocktail, Mengui Naite Milk, and Mengniu Dilanshengxue Ice Cream.


♔ Kris is the Product Ambassador for Maybelline BB Cream, and Tongyi Iced Tea (Red Tea and Green Tea).


♔ Kris, the Global Brand Ambassador, was the first Non-English Ambassador for Burberry.


♔ Kris was also the first Asian Brand Ambassador for Bvlgari.


♔ Kris is the first China Brand Ambassador for Mercedes-Benz Smart Forfour.


♔ Kris was the first Chinese Ambassador for Ray-Ban.


♔ Kris also is the creative director of fashion conglomerate I.T Group and the first global ambassador for I.T BrandKris was also appointed as I.T Chief Design Advisor & was Art Director for UNDER GARDEN's debut look book.


♔ Kris has also become the first Chinese Ambassador appointed as Jr. NBA Leadership Council Member.

♔ After being the first Asian in Beats by Dre for their #StraightOtta Campaign in 2015, Kris became the Beats Global Brand Ambassador in 2017.
♔ Kris was the Super Bowl LII Ambassador for NFL China
-Notes Credit (2015-2016) Wuyifankris
Kris is the Global Ambassador for Chivas Regal.
Kris is the Brand Ambassador for Louis Vuitton.
Kris is the Brand Ambassador for Master Kong Iced Red Tea.
"Deserve" (With Travis Scott) reached #2 on the US ITunes chart after two hours and #1 after 3 hours, making Kris the first Chinese artist to achieve this feat.
Kris Wu became the first Chinese Artist to rank on the Billboard Hot 100, ranking at #73 with "Like That".
"Testing" became the fastest EP in 2020 to achieve Triple Platinum Status and the first and fastest Mandarin EP to achieve Diamond Status on QQ Music



Somewhere Only We Know - Lead 

Mr. Six - Supporting 

The Mermaid - Cameo 

So Young 2: Never Gone - Lead 

Sweet Sixteen - Lead

L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties - Lead

Journey to the West 2 - Lead 

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets - Supporting

XXX: Return of Xander Cage - Supporting 

Europe Raiders - Second Lead









Most Fashionable Asian Idol Of The Year (Sohu Fashion Awards 2014)

Asian Fashion Icon Of The Year 

Outstanding Youth Award (Sina 15th Anniversary)

Best Male Actor Of The Year:《Mr Six》(Sina Weibo Night 2015)

Best New Actor (3rd China International Film Festival London 2015)

Most Popular Male Celebrity (Asian Influence Awards Oriental Ceremony 2015)

​Silver Screen Idol Award (NetEase Attitude Awards 2015)

Most Popular New Actor (19th Shanghai International Film Festival 2016)

Best Actor Nominated

Most Influential Internet Male God

Idol With Most Attitude On The Silver Screen

Weibo King 2015 (Sina Annual Awards 2015)

Strongest New Mainland China Actor (Sina Annual Awards 2015)

Mainland China Actor Of The Year 2016 (Global Mobile Internet Conference GMIC X Awards)

Newcomer with the Most Media Attention 

Most Outstanding Idol Award 

Youth Ambassador Award 

Best Broadcast Song Of The Year: ã€ŠBad Girl》

Most Influential Male Singer Of The Year

Best Actor at Tokyo International Film Festival CFW Gold Crane Awards 2016《Somewhere Only We Know》

Most Popular Male Singer (Migu Music Awards 2016)

Top 10 Song Of The Year 2016: ã€ŠJuly》(Migu Music Awards 2016)

Celebrity Of The Year (Tencent White Paper 2016)

Male Artist Of The Year  (Migu Music Awards 2017)

Artist Of The Year With The Highest Appeal  (Migu Music Awards 2017)

Top 10 Songs Of The Year 2017:《6》 (Migu Music Awards 2017)

Popular Male Star of the Year (Sohu Fashion Awards 2017)

Weibo Most Influential Musician of the Year (Weibo Award Ceremony 2017) 

Outstanding Young Actor Award (Flowers of May/CCTV May 4th Gala 2018)

Best Production For Record (Non-Classical):《6》(CMA 2nd CMIC Music Awards 2018)

Fan Favorite New Artist: (MMVA Awards 2018)*

Scream Male Artist Special Award (iQiyi Scream Night 2019)



*The Fan Favorite New Artist Award marks Kris' first North American Award






-List Credit: Mcran


♔ Social Media Accounts 


Instagram: galaxy_fanfan (previous name, now Private)/KrisWu

Weibo:  @Mr_凡先生的微博_微博

Youtube: KrisWu Official

Facebook: KrisWuGalaxy

Twitter: @KrisWu

musical.ly: kriswu_1106  

Official Website: KrisWuOfficial





~Messages From Meigeni~





"I promise I'll stay by your side" - Vivian_FanFan

"I have died everyday waiting for you. Darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more." - Makebelieveup

"No matter how long and how hard the road is, we will always walk beside you. You are not alone anymore, Scorpio boy!" - Jebin

"Whether it be to a basketball court or to the opposite end of the galaxy, we are always here with you. Stay strong, our dragon. With You Forever. <3" - Maryan

"I might have to wait, I will never give up, I guess it is half timing, and the other half is luck. Wherever you are, whenever it’s right, You will come out Wu Yifan, smiling so bright." - Alice Deana Isaac

"Even when times are tough you can always feel better knowing that we'll always be by your side dragon. We're in it together. We really love you" - Ailee

"Don't worry, whatever happens, we will always be your #1 fan" - YaniBear

"If it is really hard just look up to the sky, your supporters are there because if you are the Galaxy then we are the stars. Even if a star leaves the Galaxy a new star will be born" - Edina

"Whether we are separated by oceans, time, or space, I'll stand with you through the good and bad forever. This is my promise to you" -








*This is the TEXT SUMMARY of the information in the Celebrity Basketball Appearances Section of the Thread for my own purposes should I ever need to re-do the chart posted above. Please disregard the information posted here, as it is already posted in depth in the above section*


Celebrity Basketball Appearances 


ALL-STAR GAME 2016: Kris Wu was invited to and participated in the 2016 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game as a part of All-Star Weekend in Toronto, playing for the Canadian Team, which won the game with a score of  74 - 64 against Team USA. 




 6 points

7 rebounds


ALL-STAR GAME 2017: Kris Wu was once again invited to participate in the 2017 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game in New Orleans, Louisiana, playing for the East Team. As with the year before, Kris' team won the game with a score of 192 - 182.




 3 points

3 rebounds
1 block shot
1 assist
ALL-STAR GAME 2018: Kris Wu was invited for the 3rd time to the 2018 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game, playing for Team Lakers. Team Lakers lost 75-66, making it Kris' first time on the losing team.



2 points

7 rebounds
2 block shot
1 assist

TENCENT ALL-STAR GAME 2016On September 10th, 2016, Kris Wu participated in Tencent All Star Basketball Game in Shanghai. Kris played on the Red Team and he reunited again with Tracy McGrady after the NBA Celebrity Game in Toronto the previous February, on separate teams. His goal was to score 10 points, which he surpassed. The Red Team lost 83-84 to The Blue Team. This game is the best scoring game of Kris' All-Star Game career.




15 points

14 rebounds





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Mrs. Galaxy











 Kris Related Badges 


♔  Kris Fan ♔



♔ OTPs♔”













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Photo compilations courtesy of makebelieveup


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Kawaii is so 2012. He's a thug with overflowing swag now ~

Thug with overflowing swag is Xiumin

Kawaii is Kris

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You've got the names mixed up here.

Shine bright shine far! Be a star! Where u live where u are! Be a star!!


Okay I'm gone now <3

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Boo Lin! Those are my gifs and are therefore relevant!!

It's been a year since "that time"  :sad:

you know i wasnt there for "that time" :sad:

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you know i wasnt there for "that time" :sad:

:sad: It's ok, I channeled some penguin feels when he looked into my eyes  :ilove:  



His cute ear sticking out  :ilove:

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:sad: It's ok, I channeled some penguin feels when he looked into my eyes  :ilove:  



His cute ear sticking out  :ilove:

:ilove: :ilove:



He looks so cute with beanies :megusta:

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