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✦ Gfriend's Clumsy Leader: Sowon, The Official Thread ✦

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Trained under DSP Media  Trained with DSP Trainees Chaekyung and Somin & April's Chaewon  Role model is SHINHWA  Once went to North Korea in 5th Grade  Dislikes Ballads & prefers anything



 Trained under DSP Media

 Trained with DSP Trainees Chaekyung and Somin & April's Chaewon

 Role model is SHINHWA

 Once went to North Korea in 5th Grade

 Dislikes Ballads & prefers anything with a good beat

 When she was a trainee, a leg muscle ripped and she had to go to the hospital

 During Glass Bead promotions, she had an eye problem and had to get surgery

 Her charm point are her eyes and legs

 Her roomate in the dorm is Yerin

 Along with SinB, she's the member who learns the choreography fastest

 Interested in joining We Got Married

 She wants to act as a villain

 Sowon's legs alone are 105 cm

 Her mother's name is Kim Hyo Joo

 Ideal type: Men that don't look at other girls, understanding & is helpful

 Ideal man: Park Hae-jin

 She wants to get married at 30 years old

 Childhood dream: singer

 She doesn't mind age difference in relationship

 49kg was her skinniest weight

 She says she is introvert and is difficult for her to make friends

 She wanted to clean the kitchen when she was drunk

 She is close to Pristin's Nayoung and Twice's Nayeon
 She is also friends with KARD's Jseph

 Won the bronze medal for Woman 400m relay along with Yerin, Yuju and SinB at 2017 ISAC 



Attended 150319 Claire's Celebrity Party

Attended 150323 Seoul Fashion Week (with SinB)

MC for a segment in KBS2 MV Bank Stardust (with Yuju)

150815 SBS Power FM Park Sohyun’s Love Game (with Yerin)

Attended 150918 'Envy Lip Potion' Event (With Yerin and SinB)

My Little Television Ep.41 & 42 (with Yerin)

'Marie Claire' magazine 2016 March issue (with SinB)

Special Stage "Gee" for SBS Inkigayo (with Yerin, Yuju, SinB & TWICE Jihyo, Nayeon, Jungyeon, Dahyun, Tzuyu)

Special MC for 160626 SBS Inkigayo (with Yuju)

(Samsung Card) Holgabun Night Market : GFRIEND's Fun Games (with Eunha and SinB)

Trick & True Ep. 15 (with Yerin and Eunha)

170407 Lipstick Prince (with Yerin)





Starred in Rainbow's 'To Me' & 'Tell Me Tell Me' Music Videos

Starred in AJAX's Making the Star


Twitter: @kimsojeong_com :: site

Twitter: @some1kr :: site
Twitter: @goodperson95 :: site

Twitter: @951207com_ :: site
Twitter: @wishful_1207 :: site
Twitter: @sowonname1207

Twitter: @GiraffeSowon 

Twitter: @19951207net
Twitter: @GF_Grapher
Twitter: @valuable_wish

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Full list cfs (with Gfriend):

Akii Classic (Shoe)

Hosigi Doomari Chicken (Chicken)
Celebon Collagen Essence Mask (Cosmetic)
Nexon Elsword (Game)
OGPlanet Lost Saga (Game)
Yonsei Dairy's Juice (Beverage)
Nowcom Tales Runner (Game)
Inven Icarus 2.0 (Game)
Nexon Sudden Attack (Game)
Com2Us Pro Baseball for Manager Live (Game)
ABCMart Nuovo (Shoe)
Swatch Colorful Campaign (Watch)
Samsonite American Tourister (Luggage Bag) 
Etude House Lip Tints (Cosmetic)
Redbull Eyewear (Eyewear)
SMART Uniform (Clothes)
Nexon Tera (Game)
Lotte Waterpark (Water Park)
Samsung Card (Card)
Clinique Lip Pop Matter (Cosmetic)
Olive Young Anna Sui Romantica (Perfume)
Poolus App (Phone Application)
Pokemon XY&Z (Movie)



Full list of magazines (with Gfriend):

Marie Claire (x3)
Star 1
Arena (x2)
(A magazine with Chinese (?) title)
Oh Boy
Dazed Magazine
Maps Magazine
10+ Star Magazine
The Star


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