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The Official Mental and Physical Health Support Thread [PLEASE READ OP]

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i have to give a 10 minute presentation in front of my psychology class this afternoon

i have chronic anxiety

its not for another like 5 hours and i'm already shaking and sweating

i told the group im presenting with about my anxiety so they said i can say the shortest part but it's just the actual standing up in front of the class that i find the worst

I know this feeling, during my 3 years of study i had just so many group projects and présentation dat i though i would die. 

It was a big class so it was even worser, but with the time i tried the most possible to focus on what i was talking and not on what was around me, look only the audience from time to time if it block u, focus on your speech.

You know almost all are feeling uneasy like you and the other parts are bored as hell from all dis so dw, and hey your not alone ur team is with you to catch up if needed smile.png

I rmb when we had to do individual présentation and the teacher asked who wanted to go i always tried to go first.

Can look akward for someone who is scarred but i prefered it to be behind me the fastest as possible haha

Fighting its just a quick moment â¤ï¸

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So here's a follow up to my last post. Hiding it because it may be disturbing to some, so everyone can decide for themselves if they want to read it or not.



The last few days were horrible. My depression got to a point where i just wanted to end it all. I won't go into detail about it for obvious reasons, but i've had everything planned and was ready to go. I've decided to listen to my favorite songs one last time while thinking it all through, and i'm glad i did because it gave me enough time to realize that going out this way is not what i want and probably won't change the way i feel anyway. If anything, things would just get worse.


I'm not sure how it even came this far. I've always ruled out suicide as a solution for myself. I guess i just did the mistake to let every single issue pile up in my mind and by the time i had found a new therapist, it had already thrown me over the edge. I'll talk about it with her next week, ironically on one of my biggest idols birthday who recently lost his battle to this very same illness, but i've decided to share it here aswell in hopes that it may get someone else to think twice about this decision, and simply because opening up in this forum has had some kind of positive effect for me in the past.



What you have write really touched me, i havent backtrack ancient posts so i dont know what have lead you to such a decision to want to end everything for good but if you havent it might be because the force to continue is bigger in you. 

Are you alone ? Do you have family/friends around you ?

Its good you talk about it and even more with a therapist !!!

Myself i never suffered about depression or i never have really put a word on it for myself when i was really down.

But my big sister did and it was really bad, i rmb some scene that i will never be able to forget.

But i was here for her, and even today because she is still fragile.

Maybe someone around you would like to be that person for you, try to find force in someone else if you feel ur getting down, if you feel you might want to end everything, dont stay alone, if you dont have someone irl please come always here to share, just to say its a bad day, dont be alone. 

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Thanks for the encouraging words :)


Loneliness is probably my biggest issue, only got my brother here that i can't meet very often due to work, the rest of my family and friends all live anywhere but close. My social anxiety doesn't really help either. I've tried to build new contacts but i don't know, i always feel out of place wherever i go, even here on OH. But yeah i think you're right, even when my mind had given up already there was still something that kept me here, i'm just afraid even that will be gone at some point.


No i understand how u feel, sometimes its not easy to try to go in the middle of smtg that exist already, but its not out of the place to want to build smtg or made new friends, to want to share.

Express yourself more and dont let this feeling eat you, you have nothing to loose in trying to make new contacts :)

For the family part im bit like you too, i only have my sister and my godson near me, my brother is far away too but i try to enjoy the most possible when he is here and we pm often, just a little hello or a good night is fine already, meet him when u can :)

Never loose this little smtg please ♥ï¸

I add u as friend, if u need u can pm me, lol i just saw we are the same age haha

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I wanna not exist,even cant explain properly. Too afraid of being called an attention seeker bcz im actually always avoiding attention.



Hey why are u feeling like dis ? Smtg happened to you to express it now ?

Your not an attention seeker if  you feel bad and u search support, not at all, actually its a really good decision.

Dont stay alone, lots of persons in this place are here to listen to u if u need it. 

Nobody have the right to judge how u feel, and if someone do, its not a person to look at, dont u think ?


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I feel like my friends are tired of me,I can't stop being jealous and the friendship is hurting me rather than making me happy now. Instead of being happy I cried all time when talking to them and they weren't even saying bad things to me,welp they didn't see coz they are online friends. But still I am hurt as hell,can't breathe properly and i feel hangover TT



Your friends are special to you, why would they be tired of you?

Have they told you smtg in this way ? 

Your not feeling good with this situation and u might see it like dis but its just ur point of view, because its hurting you . 

Dont interpret, even more now that your emotions are running very high. 

Breath slowly,  try to order ur feelings, maybe dont talk to them right now if its hard and if it hurts you more then makes you happy.

What makes u jaleous in this relation ? Do you feel excluded at some points ?


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It's that sometimes I feel like the jokes or teasing that I do can be too much for them. Bcz for me it's this way. I'm sensitive and fragile as hell. No one would cry bcz of being teased (if it was irl I would just hide inside rather than cry tho lol I'm not that spoiled)


Plus it's that my friend found another friend and seems to love her more than he loves me TT


The other big problem is that talk abt sexual stuff and more hurts me to a certain high level bcz of a bad experience i had in early teenage days. I feel like a horrible human being to tell them not talk abt it. Like who am i to do that?


No, lots of poeple can be hurt when they are teased, depends the tease and if its often or not.

Your maybe not fragile to it normaly but u said it yourself, lately your hurt and its not like it should be.

If u think its the same for your friends and they dont like so much when y'all do jokes and tease each other why not say it, you can voice it.


You dont have to take it for yourself, between friends we can be open and say if smtg is hard or bothering.

The same goes for the subject, the sexual allusion.

It touch you particulary and makes you uneasy because its related in smtg hard in your memory (im really sorry for this part, if you want to talk about it you can pm me anytime)

But your friends know nothing about it, and maybe you dont want to tell them what hurts you but it will always be an incompréhension between you and them then.

You have the right to tell them your not good with subjects like this, everybody is différent at certain level, nobody have the same expérience, the same scars.


Your not an horrible human being at all, you have the right to say your not good, that you feel bad and if smtg disturb you.

But really, maybe try to have a more profond discussion with your friends, they care for you, you dont have to tell everything, but you cant let it stay like this, it hurts you too much.


Your friend found an other friend and your a bit jaleous because you think he loves her more ?

Hmm but you said it, its a new friend so it will be normal if they talk maybe a bit more, they dont know each other so well.

It doesnt means at all that he loves her more then you at all.

You can like/love a new person but you dont have to forget the others. A friend, a real friend will stay behind you no matter what.


And hey why not try to learn this new person yourself ?

To make her a friend too for you, sometimes you can have really good suprise in life, its just a question to let go a bit and open up smile.png


Thanks, you're too kind. I'll probably end up being too shy to message you out of nowhere, another big issue of me but maybe i can overcome that. And you can also message me if you ever need someone to talk smile.png

No need to be shy smile.png

And ty i take your words if i need to talk myself !!

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I have heard things like "you can't do anything", "no one will notice you", "you're eccentric" or told "no you have to do this or that"...since i was a kid. I didn't care about it at that time. But it has affected me from day to day. Now i'm struggling.



If you do, see, hear smtg all your childhood its normal that this speech is deep in you now, and dat it bridle you.

Why had your family, i guess its them, not more confidence in you ?

Maybe for a part it was because they were worried and i hope its this but in what you have write they took you really down.

Now you doubt of yourself and you are not good in your life, its totally normal.

But now,  you have to decide for yourself, to overcome this little by little.

Its really hard to try to cut with a part of your past but its a part that follow you and is only hurting you.

This struggle is not over but you have to take it on the other side, to tell yourself you want and u can !!!!

The only limit is you, you have to see where your force will lead you. 

Dont take the words of poeple hurting you for smtg writted in the marble, it will have importance only if you give it some.

Try to believe in you, you can do more then you will ever think, we all can ♥ï¸





Feels like I've been treated like shit lately, today being a shit day and that probably didn't help me. I usually just take it all upon myself and repress those feelings, but sometimes I wonder if people doesn't understand I have feeling too? I just smile and go on like nothing happened, like i'm fine being laugh at even when i'm serious about my problems, but just constantly and also being push-out because of it, cause i'm too different, cause i'm not taken seriously? I'm just tired of it.


I have been reaching for help before. A lot of really horrible things happened in my life and it's affecting my diligence as well. I lost someone who was very close to me, his funeral is soon... Because of that life/pause it created, I had to take care of everything, I have to deal with a bunch or school works that are long overdue in top of the one I have right now. I am stressed about my future and just too tired all the time cause i'm just too stressed, making me sleep a lot. Sleeping depress me, cause when I sleep I dream and I always remember my dreams. They are perfect and it makes it unbearable waking up everyday to see that everything was just the product of my imagination, that I have to wake up of bed...


I don't know if it's because i'm just highly disappointed with a lot of things recently, maybe people will think I overreact, but I just need a break of that constant messing around with me. I told them it was not ok, that it hurts me, that I hate being this pushed out. Yet, it will always stays like this. It's just horrible when you share those things and they act like nothing happened. That it's just a small phase, that it's OK. Not honey it's not. 


Anyway, I needed to share all of it cause it was eating me inside. I just don't know what I should do about it, just let it cold down or telling people that the jokes are making me feel like shit again and again just to be ignored the day after? I have absolutely 0 time to see someone, I don't think the person at my school is a proper therapist and I will probably need to pay to see one, which I just can't afford at the moment. 





Hey ma belle â¤ï¸

We talk lots already, i know how you are hurt and how its hard for you lately,  maybe you want to talk with someone else from here too.

We can talk anytime you know where iam, im always here for you, je suis avec toi ~


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