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The Official Sehun Thread | EXO's Maknae

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My dear, let Godhun save your soul :) This year is his year and you will end up with a new list :smile:


Btw I really want Exzime to be here to change the thread title and add the #SEHUNTAKEOVER2K15 thing there :horror:

he wants that number one spot real bad... i need to stop looking at him, but nooooooo cos i cannot get over on how delicious he looks from that teaser, even the thumbnail for it on youtube slayed me. I need to refrain myself from watching his teaser again 

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Finished crying, because of how flawless Sehun looked in his teaser and thought I would drop by.



One can never get enough of the Sebooty!


everytime I see my own sig I can help but stop and stare...


so for the sake of this page


Don't worry I do the same every time I like at it too.

I still don't comprehend how someone can be so handsome  :ilove:

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  • love changed the title to The Official Sehun Thread | EXO's Maknae

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