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[ENG SUB] Chinese Lyric Videos [10 Songs]

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Chinese Lyric Videos


The Subbing Team has returned, but this time with a new focus. We will be trying to share with everyone subbed music videos, and songs in general, that (usually) don't have subtitles with them. We hope you enjoy, and maybe find some new music you may like!


Please leave any comments and feedback on how to improve our subtitles below as well!


Click on the Song Name to go to the video! Currently all songs are on DailyMotion, and some may be re-uploaded to YouTube.


Songs have also been re-uploaded due to previous copyright issues, or due to editing purposes.



Huang Yali - 田园香 (Fragrance of Countryside)


Jane Huang - åªæ€•æƒ³å®¶ (Just Afraid of Being Homesick)


Jane Huang - ç„¡è²æŠ—è­° (Silent Protest)


Jess Lee - 煎熬 (Suffering)


JiaJia - 塵埃 (Dust)


Jolin Tsai - 第三人稱 (The Third Person and I)


Rainie Yang - 失忆的金鱼 (Amnesic Goldfish)


Rainie Yang - 点水 (Lightly Touching the Water)


Soft Lipa feat. Lala Hsu - 噓... (Shh...)


THEXIT – 大城市å°é›žè…¿ (Big City Small Drumsticks) (The Fighter Cover)

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